Wednesday, February 18, 2015

H&M Shopping List: Spring 2015

Hello guys! It's been a year since my last H&M shopping list post, so I thought it was about time to make another one. Today I'll share with you a few items I've noticed lately in H&M and on their website that I think deserve your attention. I love H&M lately, they've really stepped up their game, and they have a lot of cute stuff.
If you've missed the last H&M post, you can find it HERE.

On the photo above you can see two gorgeous bags (the black one is my absolute favorite). I love the intricate details, I love the shape: these are a dream to behold. They're so elegant and ladylike, I can't take my eyes off them. Stunning, right?

These two bags are also gorgeous, I especially love the cream and black combination. A pal of mine has the black one and it looks great in person. All great purchases, IMO. I bought an H&M bag last year (after avoiding them for a while), and it still looks brand new and it never broke (and I only thought it would last me 2 months). So, if you haven't given H&M bags a chance, you might want to reconsider.
These four bags look stunning, they give a 'very busy lady' vibe. However, they are a little too big for me, because I'm very short and skinny, and they look too big when I wear them. But they're so pretty to look at.
These two weekend bags are my favorites lately. You can find them in the men's section. They look stunning, the color combination is great, and they look both casual and stylish. I am obsessed with them. Lately I've been on the hunt for the perfect weekend bag, and these two are on the top of my list.
These three bags are not as fun looking as the other two. These are more 'gym' bags. I think the blue one is my favorite, though.
Oh My God! The panda backpack is the cutest thing EVER. I. must. get. it. It's been years since I've worn a backpack, but it does come in handy to have one. I have one backpack, but it's huge, and I recently realized I need a smaller backpack, just for a few things. I'm gonna get the panda, he's the cutest! The other two are men's backpacks, but they look so good, I'm loving the design.
These pencil cases have been around for a while. At first I didn't like them because they seemed too small. But they're actually really great, that is, if you only need a little storage room. They fit just a few pencils (or eyeliner and lipstick), but they're handy and the quality is really good. The gold one isn't my cup of tea, but I spotted the first two in the store and the details on them are very ornate. Highly recommend these.
These are your average pencil cases, quite large. I've got the 'diamond' one and let me tell you - it fits a lot of stuff. It's practical and sturdy. This is a great makeup bag if you are packing a lot of items. These are also great as actual pencil cases for school (that's what they're actually for). They are not stiff, so they'll fold and won't hold up as much space in your purse - this is great for me, since I don't like stiff pencil cases.
I am loving these make up bags, especially the one with the lips. The're very cute and are shorter in length so they're great for carrying makeup and making sure it doesn't jumble inside the bag. Well, I think they're adorable.
A few more makeup bags here. I recently got a new everyday bag, and it's a lot bigger and looser, so I need a few make up bags to keep all my items organized. I love the first one - it's soft and tiny. I also love the second one, however it's very stiff so I'm not sure it fits my current needs. The cream one is maybe best suited for travelling.
Lately H&M has had a wide selection of make up bags, so you should go and check them out. The last one is supposed to be a purse, but it's too tiny for me to be a purse - but it's so much fun, right? I love the cute designs, everything looks so adorable!
These glasses cases are the best. I have one from last year and they're very sturdy, they're easy to close (and open) and they keep your glasses safe. Also, the inside is soft so your glasses won't suffer any scratches. I highly recommend them, one of my best purchases.
We're moving on to jewelry. The last few months I've been obsessed with huge necklaces, especially gold ones, which is the reason why I'm loving this one above. I know some people think of them as tacky, but I am literally obsessed. I think they look great.
If you've missed my last post where I talk about some H&M jewelry, click HERE.
Lately I've been very happy with H&M's jewelry selection, they have a lot of fun statement and everyday necklaces. Also, whenever I go to a wedding, I always see lots of girls wearing a simple dress topped with a huge statement necklace from H&M - and they look stunning. BTW, this floral necklace is adorable, and it's the perfect shade for summer.
I already got a 'Karma' necklace from H&M (just one ring), but when I saw these I knew I had to find them. These are great for everyday, especially in the summer when you don't want to wear too much (or too heavy) jewelry.
In the photo above you can see a few light-weight necklaces that caught my eye. I have been obsessed with these. They have a much wider selection of jewelry than let's say 5 years ago, so you should go to their stores and check it out.
I think you might know by now I am in love with H&M rings. What makes me very happy is that the rings are divided by size, and they have XS and S. Like I said, I have very tiny and skinny hands, so a regular size might only fit my thumb. H&M rings are suited for my skinny hands, which is why I've been wearing them so much lately. They have a lot of fun designs.
A few bracelets here. I've been ignoring bracelets in the last few years, and have only been wearing a watch. So I think the time has come to go back to them. I guess it's difficult to find bracelets that would fit me, because of my very skinny hands.
In the H&M store near me (Zagreb, Cvjetni) they have a HUGE selection of earrings - for every day, special occasion, etc. However, not so many photos on the website. So, keep in mind there are a lot more to be found in stores. I found these colorful earrings in store, and I wanted to get them, but they were robbed! Mean bitches would steal a pair from each pack! That gets me so angry. Who are these disgusting people??!! Anyways, hopefully I'll find some in store that have all the earrings in the pack intact, so I can get them. To all the nasty brats who steal H&M jewelry: seriously, STOP, you're disgusting.
So we're back to make up. I've already said how much I adore my H&M Mini Kabuki brush (HERE), but I still did not get the big version. I think I'll finally cave in soon. As for the second brush in the photo, it looks so cute (great design), but I'm not sure what I'd use it for. It almost seems useless (sorry, cute brush).
So many cute (and great quality make up brushes) can be found in H&M stores these days. The BB cream 'stippling' brushes caught my eye, since they're the shape that can be difficult to find for a reasonable/cheap price. Considering the fact that my mini Kabuki brush survived many washings and didn't lose a single hair, I think I'm ready to give these guys a try.
I'm loving these blush and bronzer packaging, they're great to give as presents. I've seen these in a few positive reviews, so they caught my eye. I just think they're not very handy for travelling, since they do take up a lot of space. I already did a post on H&M cosmetics before it even arrived to Croatia, check it out HERE.
These lipstick packs are my favorite to give as presents, especially to little girls that are just starting with make up. I don't think I'd get them for myself, but they make great presents. I love the see-through packaging as well.
Moving on to shoes. I think H&M has great designs, however the quality isn't very good (well, the quality is in accordance with the price). However, sometimes one of these catches my attention - like the nude heels or the sailor loafers. I'd love to get them, HOWEVER, H&M does not make shoes for skinny women. What I mean is, they're all too wide for my shoe size, so a skinny foot keeps falling out of them. Sadness. Also, they have cute sneakers, but in my experience, the soles are too stiff so they're not very healthy to walk in.
Cutest socks ever, right? They don't sock, LOL. I love H&M socks, I just wish they didn't put a white pair in every pack (white socks really sock, LOL). In my experience, H&M socks tend to shrink a lot in a few washes. So, I always buy way bigger than what I actually need. I'm a 38, so I purchase 42. If I buy 35-38 size, then in a few weeks they'll shrink to a size 32 and it will be difficult to even put them on, let alone be comfortable in them. Too bad they shrink so much, because the designs are so cute. Do your H&M socks shrink? Maybe I'm washing them wrong?
I do not wear sunglasses, unfortunately so. I stopped wearing contacts and am only wearing glasses now, so I can't wear sunglasses. However, these designs are too cute for words! They're so retro-chic - yummy!
I found the pink heart H&M key chain I've been looking for, and I'm very happy with it. In my last few visits to H&M, I noticed they have a lot of key chains - big, small, fun, classy... If you need a cute key chain, you now know where you can find one!
You know I can't say no to pandas (who can?). I needed an eye mask this past winter - my neighbor put out these really hideous Christmas lights, and my entire room was lit up the entire night. And the lights would change pace, so sometimes they'd even wake me up. Yeah, they're douches. Anyways, I learned a lesson: eye masks come in handy. The hair bow, well, I'd only wear it while cleaning my face, I don't think I'd wear it outside (well, maybe if I was younger).
And last, but not least, a few items for classy guys. I love the straps, I think they look awesome on people. As far as the bow tie goes, I don't like to see it on men, but I am beyond convinced it would look adorable on my cat. So I'm getting one for my Schnoops <3 Hopefully he'll forgive me for torturing him. ;)

Well that's it for today's post. Have you been browsing through H&M's website? See anything you like? Let me know in the comments, and don't forget to follow me on all my social media (links are on the right). Have a great day, 

love, J.

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  1. I like H&M too. Love the first two bags, they look classy and elegant and that lace effect makes it more special!

    1. I know, those really are bags to be cherised. And you don't see such gorgeous bags that often <3


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