Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sunset Ombre With Dots

This is an update to a look I posted yesterday. Link to that post is HERE, where you can find all the info on the products used. The dotting is done by essence's Stampy polish in black.
I do a lot of dotted looks, especially dotted ombre. I just enjoy them so much. What do you think about them ? Would you wear them?

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sunset Ombre

My original plan was to do an ombre look with dotting on it (that post is coming tomorrow). I thought I might do black dots on these nails and then paint the thumb black with dots of these four colors. Well I did that - and it looked horrible. Yikes! So I present to you this ombre, the infamous thumb excluded. ;)
The red shade is by Maybelline, no.75. Awesome texture, the new COLORAMA line is amazing! 
Ring finger is by essence, from the old collection. Just a classic carrot shade.
Middle finger is by Deborah Milano, Pret A Porter, 19 Sombrero Tan. Great quality polishes.
The yellow is by Maybelline but it's from the old mini colorama collection - I'm so grateful that they've changed the formula, the old collection was not good. Not good at all. Strange bottles as well.

Come back tomorrow to check out the dotted version ;)

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hand Products I've Been Using

 Happy Sunday! I thought I might write a quick post about some products I've been using on my hands.
  • essence studio nails nail cuticle softener pen - I've been using this for quite some time now and I just adore it. I put it on my cuticles before I got to bed and also during the day. Really hydrates my skin and absorbs quickly, leaving it soft. It's really helped me with dry skin around the nails. This is one of the cheapest and best products I've ever bought. I think essence is coming out with a new nail cuticle softener pen soon, so I'll be sure to check that one out as well, I hope it's as brilliant as this one.  
  • Olival olovka za jačanje noktiju - This is a croatian product I've been trying out and the reason I haven't been painting my nails so often. It's a nail hardening pen. Does it work? Yes. Is it a hassle? Yes. It leaves a very shiny layer on your nails that doesn't absorb quickly. It has a scent that doesn't appeal to me, and despite what it says on the box, it is quite oily. However, I cannot deny that my nails are CRAZY STRONG right now. I just wish this product would absorb quicker.
  • Organic Vitamin E Super Hydrating Cream - Amongst other things, this product can be used on very dry skin. For some reason my hands were very dry a few months ago, and this baby saved me. I LOVE the scent, it absorbs so quickly, and you see results straight away. A LIFE SAVER. If you've got very dry skin, I totally recommend this. Here's a link to their SITE where you can read more about this line.
  • Balea Melkfett Ringelblume - This is an ointment made from the flower Marigold ('Neven' in croatian). I dont like this flower because I dont like the smell of it, but that is a matter of personal taste, since most people I know do love this smell. I've been using this before I go to bed (because it's too oily to be used during the day). I put it all over my hands, massage it well, then put on my cotton gloves and go to bed. When I wake up, my skin is soft, moisturized and looks so healthy. Really great product, and cheap too, but you cant really use it during the day if you plan on using your hands, so it's best as an over-night moisturizer.
  • Hipp Zartcreme - I was in a shop at the register and this young mother was in front of me and I saw this cute cream she was purchasing, so naturally I went to the baby part of the store and got one for myself. I really didn't expect to use it, I bought it because of the cute packaging (I know, I'm weak haha) and it was less than 1 euro. But this turned out to be such a great product. The smell is so amazing (all baby products smell great, right?). I use it during the day when my hands feel very dry and I am working so I need something that isn't oily. This will absorb in a matter of seconds, and I feel like I've injected water under my skin. Brilliant.
So, have you tried any of these products? Did you like them? Anything you might recommend me ? :)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Red And Bronze For Elegance

Happy Tuesday! Here is a look I feel is perfect to wear with a little black dress, when you want a little splash of color. The shades are:  Maybelline COLORAMA, shade no. 75 (red). This shade is just gorgeous. This is the first Maybelline polish from the new collection that I've tried out - they're on sale now, so I suppose I'll stock up! The formula is great, it's fast drying, and the color is really vibrant. This baby is a favorite of mine! The golden shade (well, I used to call it 'gold', but now I see it's more of a copper or bronze) is by Catrice, shade no. 460 'In The Bronx'. I have this polish for a year, this is the first time I wore it, but it won me over, it looks gorgeous in direct sunlight. What do you girls have on your nails when you're wearing a little black dress? I usually always end up wearing red nails for a formal occasion...
Until next time, have a great summer ! ;)
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