Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sunset Ombre

My original plan was to do an ombre look with dotting on it (that post is coming tomorrow). I thought I might do black dots on these nails and then paint the thumb black with dots of these four colors. Well I did that - and it looked horrible. Yikes! So I present to you this ombre, the infamous thumb excluded. ;)
The red shade is by Maybelline, no.75. Awesome texture, the new COLORAMA line is amazing! 
Ring finger is by essence, from the old collection. Just a classic carrot shade.
Middle finger is by Deborah Milano, Pret A Porter, 19 Sombrero Tan. Great quality polishes.
The yellow is by Maybelline but it's from the old mini colorama collection - I'm so grateful that they've changed the formula, the old collection was not good. Not good at all. Strange bottles as well.

Come back tomorrow to check out the dotted version ;)


  1. deborah lak je prekrasan, bas me zanima kako ce izgledati sa tockicama

    1. taj deborah lak bih čak mogla i potrošiti, često ga koristim, jednostavno mi je predivan


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