Thursday, February 6, 2014

H&M Accessories Shopping List

Happy Thor's Day! When I prepare to go to H&M, I usually browse through their website, and then go in prepared. Do you do this? Do you create a shopping-list? Or do you just browse through the store? Anyways, I thought this might be a fun post - so here is a quick post featuring the adorable accessories from H&M. Links to the products below the photos. Let me know what you like the most!
6-pack rings        4-pack rings
5-pack rings GOLD SILVER
16-pack rings GOLD SILVER
 16-pack rings GOLD SILVER
3-pack finger tip rings 
 Short necklace Short necklace Pendant necklace
   4-pack earrings    Triangle Earrings     Earrings with ear cuffs
4-pack bracelets - these even fit my tiny hands
Love Keyring     Black keyring - Can't find these in Croatia, so if you spot them, let me know.
Belt - adorable, right?
***Photos from the H&M website


  1. I have a few favorites, I have to look up for them in our stores!

    1. H&M has really stepped up their game and has really cute accessories available.


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