Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Discussion: H&M Cosmetics

Happy Wednesday! So I was browsing through the H&M website, and came across the 'Cosmetics'. Some of the products from this post can be seen on the croatian H&M website, so I recently went to an H&M near me (Croatia), and I could not find these products. Is H&M cosmetics finally available in Croatia? Or not? I know you can find them in Austria or Germany, not sure about Slovenia. Anyways, let me know if you notice any of these in Zagreb, because some of these products look so good. Here is the photo-cluttered post that is the cuteness of H&M cosmetics (all the prices are really affordable, of course).
You know I am an absolute eyeshadow palette junkie, and these look so cute. They are only 40kn, which puts them in the range of Catrice eyeshadow palettes. Not sure about pigmentation, but they really are eye-candies. I honestly love them. They're adorable. The photo below shows the kind of palette I do not like:
The colors are BLAH, and I do not like the design. Smaller is better, I guess.

These eyelashes look really good to me, good length, and might be fun (they do not seem re-usable though). They're only 30kn, so that's a great price. I'd love to try them out.
Now, these blushes are 30kn, and they seem really amazing. I was able to find a review on them, and they seem to have a good texture. I love the first one the best (there should be a fourth color available as well, but can't find a photo of it). You get more than 7g of product. This seems like a really sweet deal.
H&M matte lipsticks...not sure what to think...are they chalky or not? Easy to apply? Difficult to say. The packaging could be nicer (not an eye-candy at all). 
The non-matte lipsticks offer a larger selection of shades, some are really cute. Anyone tried them yet?
These lip tints and lip glosses are so adorable - now that's the kind of cute packaging I love. Would you agree. The lip tints are on my to-buy list, they seem so cute.
And these lip pens I think might be the best choice of the lip products - I see myself getting these rather than the lipsticks...
The nail polish bottles I really like, because I am not enjoying the H&M bottle design for a long time. They seem really depressing, but these are cute. I wonder if there are more colors available. Overall, H&M nail polishes are OK to me, usually the ones I have are 2-coaters, but surprisingly last a long time, and do not chip so easily.
Needless to say, I am in love with the creamy brushes. Especially the kabuki one. They look really cute. I guess I'll have to see them in store to be able to tell, but as far as quality goes, I think they might be in the range of Essence brushes. The black-brown brushes are not for me, and they seem to me to be harsh (while the creamy ones seem soft). It would be great if any of these were good, because we could all use good tools that don't cost a fortune.
Ok, and the last thing - the make-up bags. The creamy-blush-vanilla one is just the perfect one for me. The design is fabulous, just the kind of product I want to have in my purse. The pink one is also cute, and I could use it for my clutches. Seriously, I am drooling over these.

But sadly, haven't seen any of these products in Croatia yet. Have you seen them? Do you get any H&M make-up when you go to other european countries? Or do you stay away from H&M cosmetics? Let me know, and thanks for stopping by!

***All the photos are from the H&M WEBSITE.


  1. Kod mene u Rijeci nema, nazalost :/, ali ima u Italiji. Za Trst nisam sigurna jer tamo nisam obracala paznju, ali u Tiare centru u Villesseu ima. Ne bas puno ali ima. :)

    1. I mi bi ih trebali dobiti, ako može u ostatku Europe, onda neka bude i kod nas. ;)

  2. Bas danas sam i ja uocila dio sa kozmetikom na njihovom site-u i pomislila isto pitanje. U Zadru takodjer nisam vidjala. Ali bi bilo stvarno super da dobijemo i kozmetiku.


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