Saturday, June 14, 2014

Review: Hm Mini Kabuki Brush

This would be a great little product, if only the bristles were softer. :(
Type of product: Kabuki brush, mini-sized, synthetic bristles
Brand: H&M
Product name: Mini Kabuki Brush (Selected, Kabuki Brush by H&M)
Price: 29.90 kn
Rating: 6/10
Would I repurchase: I'm not sure; I like the size of the brush, but I don't like how it feels when it touches my skin.
My opinion: H&M has quite a few brushes in their collection now, but what caught my eye were the two kabuki brushes: a regular and a mini-sized one. I did not purchase the regular size because I already have a similar kabuki brush (LOOK by Bipa in the photo below), and these two seemed similar in size. The H&M kabuki brush is double the price, so I'll pass (because instead I'll just buy two brushes from Bipa, they're great). Now, let's talk about this mini kabuki brush: the size of this brush is perfect for me (I have a small head, and the kabuki brush by Bipa is sometimes too large for me). The problem with this brush is the quality of the bristles (or lack of it). Though on the H&M website it says the bristles are soft, they really are not. I have my fair share of cheap brushes (essence, Bipa, etc.), and I've never had this problem. Though the brush seems soft when you pull it over your hand, once it's used on your face it's not the same. What happens is that you feel a mild burning sensation - it's nothing drastic, and it doesn't cause redness, but it's something to consider. The problem is amplified if you're in a hurry and are moving the brush faster. I've washed this brush and no hairs have fallen out, and the drying time is pretty good actually. I use this brush to apply setting powder (you can also use it for blush, bronzer, etc). The brush picks up product well, and doesn't pick up too much.  I like the color of the brush (it looks very elegant) and it fits well in my hand. The precision it gives you is very good for a Kabuki brush (it's quite dense, more than the LOOK by Bipa brush, for instance).
Conclusion: This is a cute little product, it's the perfect size for what I need, the only downside is that the bristles can be a bit harsh to the face - but nothing drastic. I do not think I'll be getting the larger version of this brush.
This product is for you if: If you need a small kabuki brush that's cheap but performs well, and don't mind mild discomfort.
You should avoid this product if: If you are looking for a brush with very soft bristles.
Size comparison photo:
Have you tried any tools by H&M? I also have their beauty sponge. I bought this product in the H&M store in Cvjetni, Zagreb, but it seems they are sold out within days. The price of this product is good, but, like I said, I have other cheap brushes, and I've never had any of them ''burn'' me. Has this ever happened to you? Anyways, see you guys soon, 

xoxo, Jelena

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