Saturday, June 28, 2014

Why you too should unsubscribe from CTFxC

UPDATE, March 2017
In the process of deleting. It's been a long time, and this channel is long dead. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Avon Products Reviews, May 2014

Hey guys! In this post I'll talk about a few random Avon purchases. I've been trying these products out for a while and am done testing them, so here you can find out how I feel about them. If you're an Avon addict like me, jump on in!

Avon naturals, Hair Care, Conditioning Balm, Almond & Avocado

Monday, June 16, 2014

Review And Comparison: HM Make-up sponge

Though the shape of this sponge is practical, you're in for a disappointment if you expect a lot from this product. 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Review: Hm Mini Kabuki Brush

This would be a great little product, if only the bristles were softer. :(
Type of product: Kabuki brush, mini-sized, synthetic bristles
Brand: H&M
Product name: Mini Kabuki Brush (Selected, Kabuki Brush by H&M)
Price: 29.90 kn
Rating: 6/10
Would I repurchase: I'm not sure; I like the size of the brush, but I don't like how it feels when it touches my skin.
My opinion: H&M has quite a few brushes in their collection now, but what caught my eye were the two kabuki brushes: a regular and a mini-sized one. I did not purchase the regular size because I already have a similar kabuki brush (LOOK by Bipa in the photo below), and these two seemed similar in size. The H&M kabuki brush is double the price, so I'll pass (because instead I'll just buy two brushes from Bipa, they're great). Now, let's talk about this mini kabuki brush: the size of this brush is perfect for me (I have a small head, and the kabuki brush by Bipa is sometimes too large for me). The problem with this brush is the quality of the bristles (or lack of it). Though on the H&M website it says the bristles are soft, they really are not. I have my fair share of cheap brushes (essence, Bipa, etc.), and I've never had this problem. Though the brush seems soft when you pull it over your hand, once it's used on your face it's not the same. What happens is that you feel a mild burning sensation - it's nothing drastic, and it doesn't cause redness, but it's something to consider. The problem is amplified if you're in a hurry and are moving the brush faster. I've washed this brush and no hairs have fallen out, and the drying time is pretty good actually. I use this brush to apply setting powder (you can also use it for blush, bronzer, etc). The brush picks up product well, and doesn't pick up too much.  I like the color of the brush (it looks very elegant) and it fits well in my hand. The precision it gives you is very good for a Kabuki brush (it's quite dense, more than the LOOK by Bipa brush, for instance).
Conclusion: This is a cute little product, it's the perfect size for what I need, the only downside is that the bristles can be a bit harsh to the face - but nothing drastic. I do not think I'll be getting the larger version of this brush.
This product is for you if: If you need a small kabuki brush that's cheap but performs well, and don't mind mild discomfort.
You should avoid this product if: If you are looking for a brush with very soft bristles.
Size comparison photo:
Have you tried any tools by H&M? I also have their beauty sponge. I bought this product in the H&M store in Cvjetni, Zagreb, but it seems they are sold out within days. The price of this product is good, but, like I said, I have other cheap brushes, and I've never had any of them ''burn'' me. Has this ever happened to you? Anyways, see you guys soon, 

xoxo, Jelena

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Nail Look: Black Nail Fluff Powder

Hey guys! I love velvet nail powders, and to have one in black is a must have. This is one of my favorite nail products, it looks and feels amazing, and it lasts a very long time (a week straight, with only tip wear)! So here's a quick summary of the products I used in this look:

2 x Revlon nail polish, 999 'Blackest Black': I used this product as a base for the nail fluff. I do not like this polish because it's a little watery, but it's a great base for nail powder.
Nail Art Fluff from KKCenterHk, N.NAIL Lovely Villus Nail Art Decorations-Black [NNAIL-DRN852]: How I used this product: I applied 2 coats of nail polish, and while the polish was still wet, I dipped my nail into the pot of nail powder. I then pressed the powder into place with my finger. After a few minutes (this dries very fast), I brushed off the extra product, and I was done. This lasted for so long - 7 days, and the hairs did not fall out, and I didn't get any bald spots. All in all, I'm in love with this product. Price: 2.50 $ Rating: 10/10
Link for the black nail fluff I used: CLICK HERE
Link for the nail fluff in many different colors: CLICK HERE

Other nails:
Avon, Nail experts, Peeling and brittleness solver: This nail base prolongs my manicure, but it doesn't nourish my nails in the long run (it actually dries them). Price: 30 kn
Eveline, miniMAX, no. 496: I love nude shades, this shade is the shade of coffee (with lots of milk), but in the sun it shows that it has a pink undertone. This shade goes lovely with my skin tone. The polish is a one-coater, it covers all with one swipe of the brush. The texture is creamy and shiny, and it dries very fast. It's the perfect polish. If you're looking for a pretty nude shade, this is for you. Price: 11 kn 10/10
Essence, nail art, stampy polish, 002 stamp me! black (matt): I used this polish to dot the nails, it's great for this because the difference of the two polishes (1 shiny, 1 matte) gives it that extra wow. Price: 14 kn
Essence, nail art, express dry drops: This is my trusty helper whenever I paint my nails. Loving it! Price: 17 kn
What do you think of this look? Are you in love with nude nails as well?

xoxo, Jelena

***KKCenterHk has sent me the black nail powder for reviewing purposes.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Essence, Hello Rosy: Simple Nail Look

Hey everyone! :) Here's a quick nail look that I often wear - it's a great look for the summer.
Products used:
Avon, Nail experts, Peeling and brittleness solver, nail base: When I'd wear this pink sand textured polish without this nail base, my nails would chip quickly. This base helps my manicure last longer, and my nails do not peel when I wear it. HOWEVER, once I take off this nail base, my nails are very dry and they peel a lot more than before using this product. So I would not recommend it, though it prolongs my manicure. It's fast drying. Price is 30 kn.

Essence, colour&go, sparkle sand effect nail polish, no. 182 'Hello Rosy': All essence's sand texture nail polishes are a lot of fun to use and wear, and this is a shade I like very much. Two thin coats cover all. I wear this look a lot. You need a base coat underneath to make this polish last longer. It's fast drying. I think I would have liked this polish better if it was just the pink polish, without the red glitter in it, but somehow it works and my nails look very cute. I'm so happy essence has these polishes in their range. Price: 14 kn.

Essence, Nail art, Express dry drops: I use this all the time, to make sure my nails dry quickly. It's one of my favorite products, I highly recommend it. Price: 17 kn
I'm loving all these sandy polishes by essence - they're so much fun to wear (though it's a little tricky to remove them). I hope you guys are enjoying this sunny weather, until the next post,

love, Jelena

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Favorite Hair Removal Products - by Cupko

Happy weekend! Today I have for you a quick post showing you my two favorite hair removal products. I always go back to these products, I've been using them for a long time, and I just adore them.

Upper lip (moustache) hair removal product:
Product name: Cupko, Face Depilatory Set, for sensitive skin  
Type of product: Facial hair removal wax strips
Brand: Cupko
Price: 29 kn
Where to purchase: croatian stores
Rating: 10/10
Would I repurchase: Yes, I have repurchased many times.
How to use: I use this product only on my upper lip. Here is what I do (the product comes with detailed instructions, so if you don't know what to do, you're safe): First I wash my face with a mild soap that leaves my skin clean and removes all the oil. I make sure my upper lip is dry. Then I take a wax strip (two wax strips are pressed together - this one strip (made of two parts) is enough for one waxing) and heat it with a blowdryer (you can also rub it between your hands, but I prefer this method). I separate the two wax strips, picking up one strip. I apply half of the strip to the outer corner of my right upper lip, and once I've pressed it against my skin, I pull my skin (making sure that it's tight and straight), and in a swift motion I pull the strip (you always want to pull towards the nose). I now take the second half of this strip and repeat this process on the other part on my right upper lip - this time the part from the middle of the lips until my nose - and pull. Then I pick up the second wax strip and repeat the process on the left part of my upper lip. The reason I pull 4 times instead of 2 times is that it's easier to make sure my skin is tight and that there are no mistakes (you can cause irritation if your skin is not tight when you pull the wax strip). After this process I use oil to remove wax residue, then I wash my face with a mild soap again, and then I put Cupko Aloe Vera gel to prevent blemishes or breakouts. I usually do this before bedtime. My skin recovers quickly - I have no redness or any burning sensation. I do not recommend saving the strips for future uses, because you want to always use a clean wax strip, to prevent problems that might be caused by bacteria. So throw them away after a single use.
My opinion: I love this product - it's quick, easy and does the job. This product is great for me. Results last me 4 weeks.
This product is for you if: You need to remove hair from your upper lip and can handle a little bit of pain for beauty.
You should avoid this product if: You can't handle (quick, fast disappearing) pain or can't pull the strips quickly. This product requires a fast hand and no hesitation (some would say - no mercy haha).
Hair bleaching product:
Product name: Cupko, Hair Bleaching Cream, for sensitive skin 
Type of product: Hair bleaching cream (for arms)
Brand: Cupko
Price: 34 kn
Where to purchase: croatian stores
Rating: 10/10
Would I repurchase: I have repurchased many times.
How to use: I use this product to lighten/bleach the hairs on my arms - this product makes them invisible. So, I start off by making sure I have my phone, or a clock near me. Then I make sure my sleeves are rolled up high and that I'm not wearing any of my favorite shirts, etc. Then I wash my arms and dry them. I mix the two ingredients (the instructions are inside the packaging) - it's important to stir them well, the ratio between the ingredients doesn't have to be exactly precise. The mixing of the ingredients takes about 2 minutes. Then I apply the cream to my arms, making sure I coat my arms in all directions. After this I just wait 10 minutes. However, after 5 minutes have passed, usually I will swipe the cream in the opposite direction, just to make sure every hair has been coated. After the full 10 minutes have passed, I just wash off the product - first using only water, later with soap, and I gently dab my skin until it's dry. I finish off by applying skin lotion or aloe vera gel.
My opinion: I love this product. I do not have very hairy arms (not as bas as I've seen them), but my arms look so much better after using this product. It's quick and easy, makes my hairs light and thin, and it has long-lasting results (I'm calculating in weeks). This product does not dry out my skin or make it red. I have noticed no short-term or long-term consequences on my skin (but make sure not to rub your skin or scratch it immediately after using this product, it will be sensitive). This product is not just for a single use, you can use it many times before you run out of it. Since I think it's not healthy to wax your arms, I use this method.
This product is for you if: If you have hairy arms (or very dark arm hair) and are looking to fix this problem quickly and without too much hassle.
You should avoid this product if: If you can't handle fumes (the kind you get from hair colour), or if the chemicals usually found in hair colors bother you. If you're using this product for the first time, I would recommend doing the allergy test, especially if you do not dye your hair. 
I hope you've enjoyed this post. Cupko's products are very popular in Croatia, and no wonder - they are brilliant. I have been a faithful customer for many years now. Do you use any of these products? Are you happy with them? Let me know, thanks for stopping by, and don't forget to follow me, 

lots of love, Jelena

Monday, June 2, 2014

Essence Longlasting Lipsticks: Comparison Swatches

Hello everyone and happy Monday! I reviewed all these lipsticks individually, but I thought I might post these comparison swatches. All links to the individual reviews of these products are listed below.

Brand: essence
Product name: Longlasting Lipstick
08 Colour Crush: LINK
13 Love Me: LINK
11 Nude Love: LINK
Type of product: creamy, semi-sheer lipsticks
Price: 20,90 kn
Where to purchase: essence stands (Muller, DM, Kozmo)

Have you purchased any of these lipsticks, or some other shades from this range? Do you like them? I don't know if I'll get any more, let me know if you have some recommendations. Thanks for stopping by, and don't forget to follow me.

Love, Jelena

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