Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Jumping Juniper - Lush Shampoo Review

Hey, let's talk about my favorite shampoo. It's 'JUMPING JUNIPER' by LUSH. I have a very oily scalp, and before I discovered this product, if I'd wash my hair in the evening, the next morning it did not look fresh/clean. But with this shampoo my hair looks clean for 2 full days (a big deal for me). It really is a miracle product - it prolongs the time I can go without washing my hair and my hair stays oil-free MUCH longer. No other shampoo does this for me. The first time I bought this product, it lasted me about 6 months (amazing, right!), but that time I really took care of how I store it. This time around, I did not pay much attention to storage and it lasted me only 2,5 months. What I recommend is keeping it in a box (I did not buy the Lush tin box for shampoos, I just use a plastic soap-bar box), and only keeping it in the shower while washing your hair. After using it, I'd let it air dry and then store it in the box - this helped me make the product last longer. Here is what LUSH says about this shampoo: ''Wet both hair and the shampoo bar. Glide the shampoo bar down the length of your hair about three times (right, left and back). Work into a lather and rinse thoroughly. Follow with LUSH conditioner if needed. Keep your solid shampoo in a cool, dry place between uses; we recommend using a LUSH shampoo bar tin.''. I've used liquid shampoo all my life, so I had doubts about shampoo in a bar - but it foams up so fast and so well, it's very easy to use. Personally, I absolutely detest lavender and I hate the smell of it, but it's workable, even for me. If you enjoy lavender, this is for you. As far as the ingredients go, you can check them out here: croatian or english. Oh, the reason my photo of this shampoo is light/white purple, and everywhere else it's dark-purple it's because this is what it looks like before you use it. Once wet, it turns into the gorgeous purple. Price of products is about 69 kn.
I hope this review was helpful. I really had a great experience with this product, and it made my hair work with me (and not against me), and made my hair look not-oily. So I do recommend it if you too have oily scalp and oily hair. As far as other Lush products go, I've tried out Godiva shampoo, which is the best smelling hair product for me, but it does nothing for my oily hair, so I do avoid it now (insert tears). I have also heard amazing things about the 'Soak And Float' shampoo which fights dandruff, but it depends can you handle the smell or not. I might get it for someone else. Since I've used up my 'Jumping Juniper', I'll have to go to Lush and get it again, but I might try a soap or two. Or that famous 'Lemony Flutter' that everyone has been raving about - I wonder if it's as good as I heard. Any recommendations? What do you think about Lush products? 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Essence Sale - What I Got - Part Two

I went back for more essence goodies (LINK to my first essence post), I've been bad, LOL. Because I fell in love with the first two pigments I got (numbers 13 and 20), I got a lot more - and I'm obsessed - they're fun to play with, and they're just breathtakingly beautiful. The price of all items on sale is 9.99kn, and you can get them at DM in Croatia (later probably at Kozmo and Muller as well). A quick description of individual pigment shades:
01 studio 54 - Tiny glitter particles, doesn't blend into the skin, more difficult to apply than the others
02 smell the caramel - a gorgeous caramel-gold shade.
08 cop & copper - copper shade, easy application
06 WOW it's orange - coral-pink-orange. The name is misleading, it's a very pastel-like shade.
13 paparedzzi - not a fierce red, more of a pink-red, a mild red shade, still gorgeous.
03 box of chocolate - dark brown with sparkle
20 black sparrow - black with silver/blue undercolor
I applied all the pigments using this product:
Essence COLOUR ARTs Eye Base - I'm loving it, it's really great to use with pigments. I think this might become my new favorite the hell did I not notice it until now? I might buy one more, I'm that obsessed with it.
I also got these false lashes - I went to my local DM the first day of sale, and I thought they were sold out, but when I went back a week later, they found they had more lashes in their storage and they put them out. I'm happy I got them, since I really wanted to try them out, but aaaargh I'm so angry they didn't put all the items out at once. Sloppy. Anyways, I'm so excited about these, I'm going to have so much fun with them!
And I got Stay With Me longlasting lipglosss in 02 My Favorite Milkshake. The shade is gorgeous (very peachy), but it's very watery. Because I didn't wear lipgloss for a while it will take me some time to get used to the feeling. But I think it's a good product. The shade really is a great match for my light skin tone.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Studio Basics Concealer Brush Review

Happy weekend everyone! This brush is amazing! It's by STUDIO BASICS, and it's a concealer brush. I found it in Kozmo in Croatia (not sure in which stores it might be available in other countries). Price: only 28kn. This is one of my favorite brushes of all time. I've had it for about a year, and you can't see that on the brush - all the hairs are in place, and it's so easy to wash and maintain it. This brush  is firm enough to be a good tool for applying creamy concealer, yet it's so soft on the face. It's very precise, I use it under my eyes or for small flaws on my face. It's amazing with cream or liquid concealer. It blends the product so well into the skin. Seriously, I'm in love. I went to Kozmo last week, and they still have this brush available, but they also have one more concealer brush from this brand, which has a silver handle and brown hairs, and that one didn't seem half the quality of this one. So, beware. I've been checking out other concealer brushes, for instance Muller has a concealer brush (from their own brand) available, but that one seems like it's not firm enough, like it would move too much. This one is firm on the tip, and the flat sides are soft and great for blending. It's such a great product. I give it a 10/10
I found the photo above from Amazon, since I did not take a picture of the packaging, and obviously I threw it away. As for the other products by this brand, the other brushes available in my local Kozmo did not appeal to me. Have any of you tried these yet? 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Catrice Sale - What I Got

Catrice is having a sale right now and all items on sale cost the same: 16.99kn. A great price for some items, not a big leap for others (nail polishes etc.). Anyways, I got all three quattro eyeshadow palettes that are on sale. Swatches and photos below. Overall, this is a sweet deal. The color payoff is good, and the texture of the shadows is so soft and silky. You get matts and shimmers, these little palettes are amazing. If you like the shades, get them, they're awesome. The names are: 070 Mud Spencer & Corale Hill (the one with the beautiful coral shade), 090 Before Or After Eight? (the one with the blue/green shade), and 080 Yellow Submagreen (the one with the yellow shade). I love the one with the coral shade the best. What a great deal, right?
I also got a blush, 060 Rosewood Forest. Not sure if I like it. It's really dusty (look at the photo below, the product is a mess already, and I've only used it a few times), nowhere near as great texture as 'Pinkerbell'. But the price is good, and it seems to last a long time once applied. The shade is a bit dark, but if you like it, this too is a good deal. I wanted to try out this shade on me, since most my blushes are pink.
The brow pencil on sale is great, but it's too light brown for me, I'm too dark to get any use out of it. Some great lipsticks are on sale as well, but are all sold out already. Did you get anything?

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Essence Sale - What I Got

Happy Wednesday! So essence and Catrice are having a sale on some items right now, and I thought I might share with you some stuff I got. In Croatia, essence is on sale at DM, but last week still was not on sale in Kozmo or Muller (not sure if that's changed yet). All essence stuff on sale is 9.99kn. So let's get started - If you're wondering what is on that photo above, it's the combo of these products:
Sorry, I took the nail art decoration kits apart before taking a photo of them. I love the little mixing jars, and already had a few of them, they're great for glitter storage. Overall, I think these nail art kits are great and I will use them a lot. The mixing jars are just adorable and I recommend them - I've been using them for a lot of things, they're very handy and you can see what you have in them.
Now for the eyeshadows - I should say, I only buy essence eyeshadows on sales, never for regular price, I guess because I really don't need more eyeshadow, but a girl can't say no to a good sale LOL. The light eyeshadow on the left (58 cappuccino, please!) is from the current sale, the other two I got last time when essence had a sale, but I thought I might show them anyways, to give you an idea of what you're getting with this brand.
Essence eyeshadows are a great deal. I'm happy with them, and I find some gorgeous colors on sales. The ''cappuccino, please!'' will be a great highlight shade, but I had to go to four DM's to find one. Overall, these are good eyeshadows, they don't shed dust everywhere and the packaging is very sturdy, and the color payoff is good.
So now for the pigments - I got these two because I liked the shades, I'm not sure if I'll get any more, but these pigments really are pigmented (LOL). The swatches below are done with just a few drops of dust. The packaging is so tiny and cute, and the color payoff is sensational. I sincerely recommend them.
I also got the essence all about matt! fixing loose powder. I already have the compact version, but I got this one because everyone's been saying it's amazing. I'm not sure yet how I feel about this product since I've only been using it a short time, but it does make your skin matt. 
And I also got these - I always get essence's matt papers, but I don't like the packaging of these. I might move it to another box or something.
So that's it. Overall, the nail glitters are a great addition to my collection, and I've been really enjoying the eyeshadows and pigments - they really didn't disappoint. I think you can find really awesome products for an even better price than usual. Have you found anything good during this sale?

Monday, January 20, 2014

KKCenterHk N.NAIL Water Decals Review

Today I have a KKCenterHk product to present to you: N.NAIL Pink Rose Flower Nail Water Decals [NNAIL-WDHHG103].  You can check out this amazing product HERE. This is the first time I'm using water decals, and it's so easy. I cut the stickers out, removed the top foil and placed them in water for 10 minutes, and then I just applied them to my nails (more detailed instructions HERE). Using this product is similar to putting wet stickers on eggs on Easter. They're easy to use, and the effect is amazing. I applied top coat over them so they would last longer. They're very easy to remove. I now get why everyone loves water decals (it's so much better than stamping). This product is awesome, I recommend it. It's a 10/10.
The polishes I used for this look are by essence, and they're really old - like I said, I need to use up my old polishes, so I can buy new ones. As always, I used essence's Studio Nails High Gloss Top Sealer - one of my favorite products. It gives the nails amazing shine.
***KKCenterHk has sent the water decals to me for a review.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Me And My Lover And Heart Studs

Happy Friday! Here is an upgraded look of yesterday's post - click HERE to check out my review of this polish - it's essence's 156 'Me & My Lover'. The heart studs are from KKCenterHK (N.NAIL Studs Heart White 6mm Nail Art Decorations [NNAIL-DRN628]). To read more about the heart studs, and how I use them, click HERE, and click HERE to check out this product.
I liked this look so much better before I put glitter on the hearts - the gold glitter was a bad match for this look, I liked it so much better just simple, white, as they are. What do you think?

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