Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Catrice Matte Lipsticks Comparison

Hey! I thought I might show my Catrice Matte lipsticks side by side, so you have a better idea of what they all look like. Like I've said many times, I love matte or semi-matte Catrice lipsticks, you get a quality product for a great price (33kn). All these lipsticks offer great pigmentation, easy application and breathtaking color. Anyways, here are the links to the reviews of these lipsticks:
Josephine's Joy (from the 'Feathers and Pearls' limited edition collection) - HERE
Roaring Red  (from the 'Feathers and Pearls' limited edition collection) - HERE
ULTIMATE Colour Lipstick 260 It's A Matt World - HERE
ULTIMATE Colour Lipstick 250 Matt About Pink - HERE
I am hoping that the 'Feathers and Pearls' collection will be available at Dm or Kozmo stores later on, they always carry limited edition collections a few months after they were actually released. Fingers crossed! ;)

Catrice Josephine's Joy Lipstick Review

Happy last day of 2013! This lipstick is from a Limited Edition collection by Catrice called ''Feathers & Pearls'' - it's called 'Josephine's Joy'. I already got the eyeshadow palette and 'Roaring Red' lipstick from this collection - here are links for those posts: PALETTE and LIPSTICK. 'Roaring Red' was so amazing that I couldn't resist getting this one as well. I know this collection is almost completely gone from Muller stores, but it might be available later in some stores in Croatia that don't keep up with current collections. Anyways, even if you can't get it now, I wanted to say for the record that Catrice matte or semi-matte lipsticks are amazing and you should get them  - they will not disappoint. 
Review: This is a 10/10. Great texture, easy application, it's semi-matte, but seems completely matte, doesn't dry your lips or makes them look dry. Great pigmentation. This shade is very similar to 'Roaring Red', but this one is a bit darker and has a berry-shade to it. The packaging is beautifully designed and great quality. Price: 33kn. Honestly, I wanted to write this review a while ago, but I can't get good swatch pictures. So endure the horror below, in about 30 minutes I'll write another post where I compare my matte Catrice lipsticks, so there might be some better photos there. When I post it, I'll link it HERE.
Did you get anything from this collection? Or are you regretting not getting anything from this collection? I think this collection was one of their best designed yet. I'm just a sucker for cute packaging.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Catrice 'It's A Matt World' Lipstick Review

Hey! This week I'll post some lipstick reviews, and here's the first one. I already did a review of another Catrice Matt Lipstick,you can check it out HERE. I present to you Catrice ULTIMATE Colour Lipstick - 260 'It's A Matt World'. For some reason, it looks so orange-like on my swatches - it's really NOT ORANGE AT ALL. It's matt, and it's a bright classic red shade. I've had it for a while, I do prefer darker shades, but this one is a gorgeous classic red that's a must have in your collection. Application is easy, Catrice really provides us with great quality lipsticks. Because my pictures look so orange-like (the lipstick does have an orange undertone that is seen in bright sunlight, but in shade it's Rita-Hayworth-red), I give you a link to someone else's review that might show you (better than me) what this lipstick looks like: VERACAMILLA. I don't understand that language, but the girl's gorgeous, right? Overall, I am happy with this product and I am glad I got it. 
Lipstick Grade: 10/10 Price: 33kn.
***I have since written a Catrice matte lipsticks comparison post - the link is HERE.
Later this week I'll post a comparison of all my Catrice lipsticks, so that might give you a better idea what this one looks like. This lipstick is part of the standard range, so I guess you guys must have seen it or tried it out by now. What do you think?

Monday, December 23, 2013

Ombre Heart Studs from KKCenterHk

Happy Holidays! When I did a review of KKCenterHk N.NAIL Heart Studs in White - 6mm Nail Art Decorations [NNAIL-DRN628] (product LINK), I wrote that I chose the white studs because it will be easy to paint them into any shade I wanted. So here is a look I promised using those studs. You can check out my original review of the Heart Studs HERE.
This look was easy to achieve - first I had to bend the hearts so they would match my nail shape (piece of cake), then I painted the studs with nail polish. I waited about 5 minutes for them to dry, and then I applied them to my nails using nail glue. I love Ombre effect everywhere, and I had so much fun wearing this look.
Nail polishes used for this look:
Base - 2 coats of Catrice's Limited Edition Neo Geisha Collection - C01 Discreet Artist
Yellow Heart - smart girls get more, no. 36
Tangerine Heart - Deborah Milano, 19 Sombrero Tan
Orange Heart - Essence colour&go, old collection
Red Heart - Maybelline Colorama, no.75
Yes, the hearts can be re-used, but there's no need for that, since I still have a ton of them left. You really get a lot with one purchase. Anyways, I am so happy with this product and with the final look. Do you like this look?
***KKCenterHk has sent me the N.NAILS Heart Studs for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Review: Catrice Pinkadoxa Cream To Powder Blush

Hey everyone! Here's a quick swatch and review of one of Catrice's Limited Edition products from the Celtica collection: Cream To Powder Blush shade C01 Pinkadoxa. Quick word: It's awesome. It does exactly what the name says - goes from cream to powder. Easy to apply with your fingers, easy to blend. Great texture. Pigmentation is good, the shade is very soft, delicate pink so it doesn't look too heavy for my pale winter face. I can't think of anything bad to say about this product. There is also one more shade available, but this is more my cup of tea. Before this collection came out, I was excited about the nail flakes, but I took one look at them in the store and they looked nothing like the promo picture, so I didn't get them. This is my first cream blush and I have to say they're very easy to use. Price: 35kn. This is a 10/10.
Here's a link to what Catrice says about this product: HERE, and you can check out the entire collection HERE.
Sorry that the swatches are not much, the weather is bad, but I wanted to put this post out so you can go and get this blush before it's too late. This will be great for the winter, I'm so happy I decided to get it. What do you think about Celtica Limited Edition? 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Swatch And Review: Catrice Pinkerbell Blush

Hey everyone! I already talked about this amazing product HERE, but I failed to provide you guys with swatches. So, I thought I might write about this product again, now that I've been using it for a longer time, and also, give you a chance to see what this product looks like when used. It's Catrice's Defining Blush in shade 070 Pinkerbell.
The swatches were taken with different lighting, just to give you a chance to see the blush in every situation. I stand behind what I said:  it's the perfect pink blush. I've been using this product constantly ever since I got it. It has a great silky soft texture. Doesn't shed or leave a cloud of pink dust when used. You only need a quick swipe with a brush and you are ready to apply it (don't swipe your brush too much, because the pigmentation is great so you might over-apply). If you do over-apply, just swipe with a clean brush a few times and the problem will be fixed. The shade is bright pink, not hot-pink, gives my skin a bright, natural-like glow. Doesn't look fake or over-done. The packaging is so sturdy, this blush is great to carry with you, it will not break or crack, EVER. And it's so tiny it will fit in any purse (but you still get 5g of product). Price is around 33kn - the same price for all Catrice blushes
Catrice blushes have been amazing for me, I am so happy with this product. Did you get it ? Are you loving it as much as I am ?

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Nail Decorations In Offertissima

Hey ladies! I wanted to show you this great product so you can get it before it's too late. So I went to Offertissima again (I need help LOL), and I found this great nail decorations wheel with 300 pieces inside. Price: 10KN. Awesome, right? I bought some decorations from Essence a while ago and payed three times this price for much less product. Anyways, if you want to try out nail art, this might be a great way to get started and save some cash (so you can use it later on make-up haha). Sweet deal, right?

Monday, December 9, 2013

Summer Sunset Ombre Look

Happy Monday everyone! So I dug up these photos, I wore this look during the summer. Sunset Ombre is my favorite nail look. This would have looked so much better if I did some black stamping over it, but instead I put glitter on, and sort of ruined it. Here's a photo of that:
I like it better without the top coat. Anyways, the polishes I used are all unavailable (I'm trying to use up some of my older polishes), EXCEPT for the one on the pinky, which is Maybelline Colorama no.75 (amazing texture and color, I recommend this one). The winter is upon us, so it's time to do white-to-blue ombre looks. Do you wear Ombre nails at all? Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Moment Make Up Photo Spam

Happy Sunday everyone! I'm sure all girls in Croatia know that Moment make-up is available at Offertissima stores. As for the rest of Europe, I'm not sure where these are available. This is a cheap make-up collection coming from Spain. Nail polishes are 9kn, rest of the products usually 8-12kn (so between 1-2 euro). They've got some awesome glitter nail polishes. Overall, their quality is the same as the cheaper drugstore brands. Their packaging  is so cute, so I thought I might share this beauty. The polishes smell a bit, but the dry time is ok, so overall I'm happy with these. And now - the photo spam.
This make up brand does have other stuff available. They eyeshadows look cute, but I might try the Mate lipsticks. They're only 8kn. I might even get the black one. <3
Have you been to Offertissima? Sometimes they have really cute stuff, and really cheap. I've always stayed away from the make-up because I thought that if it's cheap, it has to suck. But really, it's only a little cheaper than essence, so I guess they're not that different, and I buy essence products all the time. What are your experiences with Moment make-up?
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