Tuesday, October 29, 2013

KKCenterHk Review: N.NAIL 2.5mm Circle Glitter In Gold

Happy Tuesday! Today I will talk about a KKCenterHk product: N.NAIL 2.5mm Circle Glitter in Gold (NNAIL-HSA1-2-5mm). Follow this LINK to go to their website for more info about this product.
I used nail glue to attach them so they were really well fixed. I'm really loving this product. They are really sparkly, so they glam up any look. On their website you have such a huge variety of colors to choose from, I chose gold because I love the sparkle. Here's a link so you can see all the shades available for this product: LINK. The circle glitter comes in a little container, and you're set for life. You get a ton of these, so they are a good investment. They're 2.5mm wide, so they didn't stick out. I'm wearing them here in a straight line, but you can just place them randomly (like bubbles), or cover your entire nail with them (for extra sparkle).
Here's what you get when you buy this, told you it's a lot of product. I like to play with it, it looks a tiny pot of gold!
The polish I'm wearing is by dm's brand S-he stylezone, shade 312, you can check it out on this LINK
*KKCenterHk has sent me this product for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Perfect Zombie Green

Happy Monday! I'm wearing a gorgeous mossy-green shade. When I put it on, I thought it was really the color of zombie's faces. So, yeah, it's great for Halloween. It's by dm's own brand, S-he stylezone, shade 312 (121/312). I got this polish a few months back because it was on discount, and I'm loving it. I'm wearing two coats because the texture is quite watery. It did not stain my nails. It dried super fast. Once it was dry, it had a beautiful smooth texture. The brush is a bit weird, but I was able to work with it. Recommendation: file the surface of your nails before application because, like I said, this polish is watery, so you want a perfect canvas.
Upgraded look will be up tomorrow ;) See you then. Don't forget to follow me - all the links are to the right.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Catrice Matt About Pink Lipstick Review

Happy Friday! Today I'll talk about a lipstick that's an absolute favorite of mine. It's Catrice's ULTIMATE Colour 250 Matt About Pink. Yes, it's a matte shade. Great texture. The color is what sold me. It's a bright coral-pink shade. Yes it is more of a 'summer shade', but I don't care, I'll wear it all the time. This baby is miles away from the horror that is the beautyUK matte lipstick I wrote about recently - Matt About Pink will give you no problems with the application, it just glides on smoothly, doesn't leave little parts of product everywhere. You have to love it. Catrice lipsticks have very sturdy packaging. This baby was super cheap (33kn I think), and so worth the money. This is one of my favorite Catrice products yet. You know that feeling when you fall in love with a lipstick? LOL Well that's how I feel.
***I have since written a Catrice matte lipsticks comparison post - the link is HERE.
Do you have this lipstick? Catrice has three matte lipsticks in their range, and I think I might pick them all up. A girl needs lipstick, right? ;) What do you think about Catrice matte lipsticks? 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

CATRICE Products I Am Waiting For

Hey everyone! Here's a quick post about some Catrice products that will be coming to the stores in the near future. I can't wait for them to get here because they're pretty awesome. Do you keep track of the products that will arrive, or do you like to be surprised in the store? Anyways, here is a quick look at some of the new products that caught my eye! ;)

Arts Collection

These three Eye and Face Palettes are just breathtaking. And Catrice has some great eyeshadows so I think these are a safe buy as far as quality goes. What really gets me are the beautifully designed boxes - stunning! My favorite is the one with the pink design. 
Click HERE to check out the entire collection. I'm not into the nail polishes from this collection.

Rocking Royals

These Velvet Metal Eyeshadows are so amazing! I love these two colors the most (the green and the blue that will also be available are just not for me). If I miss them I'll be so sad :( My favorite is Finally Crowned - it's the gold one.

I already have velvet nail powder, but not in this color hehe. This red is perfect for the approaching holiday season. And the bottle is so cute! Catrice really puts additional effort in the packaging.
Click HERE to check out all the products from this collection. Again, none of the nail polishes appeal to me.

Feathers & Pearls

OMG I don't even care if this palette doesn't swatch well or is not well pigmented. I am getting this because it's just so beautiful. There better not be only one left when I find it in store, I might poke someone's eye out trying to grab one of these!!! LOL And I can use all these colors! It's called Hollywood's Golden Age.
I think these false lashes are beautifully designed and I might wear them for New Year's Eve.
This Lipstick shade is called Josephine's Joy, and I'm interested in it because it says it has a semi-matte finish. Gorgeous color.

These Nail Sequins will be amazing for lots of looks, and will look great for New Year's Eve. I prefer the black ones. Again, adorable packaging
Click HERE for all the products, there are many more in this collection.

Are you excited about these? I am! Catrice will get me in trouble if they keep selling awesome products in adorable packaging. The sad part is, in the store where I buy these, they do not restock Limited Edition Collections. So if I'm a few days late, I might miss them. :( Hopefully that won't happen. You girls will let me know when these get to stores, right? ;)

*pictures borrowed from the CATRICE website, follow the three links in this post to check out the entire collections

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lipstick Review: BeautyUK 2 Candy

Happy Tuesday! Beauty UK products are available in Kozmo in Croatia, so I picked this one up - it's shade 2 Candy. It costs about 27kn. This is a matte neon Barbie pink shade. The color would be OK if the lipstick didn't have so many flaws. This lipstick is very drying, and difficult to apply. Do not even try to apply it without lip balm. It has a chalk-like texture once applied, and has a strange chemical/minty smell.  I am wearing it while I'm writing this, and I literally can't wait to take it off.
Overall, I am unhappy with this purchase, this product is unusable for me. I do not recommend buying it. Just to wear it you have to really prepare your lips well, and even then it will emphasize even the tiniest flaws. This product is a crazy shade that not everyone can pull off - it's more of a party-shade, not something you might wear to the office. There is a positive side - the packaging is very good and the product comes with a safety-seal, so you know no one's touched it before you (many products available in Europe don't come with a safety-seal, what a shame).
Notice the chalk-like texture:
As far as other BeautyUK products go, the eyeshadow palettes look really tempting but don't swatch very well. I think I might try out the eyebrow kit. Did you buy any beautyUK products already? How do you feel about them?

*Update: Did you know that the tiny colorful pot on top of the lipstick can come off and it's actually a lip gloss in the same shade as the lipstick? Still doesn't help with this shade because this product sucks, but thought I might say it, since I never would have figured this out in a million years had I not seen this in Lendoxia's blog. I know my opinion about this product isn't very flattering, but from what I hear, other lipstick shades from this brand (the ones that are not matte) are pretty good. But yeah, this particular shade SUCKS. Can't sugar-coat it. LOL

Sunday, October 6, 2013

KKCenterHk N.NAIL Heart Studs Review

Happy Sunday! Today I will talk about a KKCenterHk product - N.NAIL Studs Heart White 6mm Nail Art Decorations [NNAIL-DRN628]. You can find out more about this product on this LINK.

Before they arrived I read that some girls said they were too big and kept sticking out. Well, I didn't have this problem, and the reason is, YOU NEED TO BEND THEM. And that's so easy to do. I placed the stud on the edge of a table, and curved an edge (or both edges) of the stud using a ruler. Easy as pie. They fit perfectly, and you don't have to use a lot of force to bend them. And bending didn't damage them at all, so don't worry about that. ;)

I used nail glue to attach them, so they were fixed well. I wouldn't recommend using them without nail glue (for instance, just placing them on your nails while the polish is still wet) because I don't think they will stay in place. They are big so they need to be really well attached. Overall, I am happy with this product. I think they're great for a special occasion (prom or a wedding), but you can also use it to spice up a simple everyday look. Can you reuse the hearts? Yes, but there's no need to do that - there is a lot of them in the package so no need to save them (there were like 65 hearts in my package). If you like hearts, I'd say this is a great purchase.

I plan on doing more looks with these, because you can paint on the hearts, turning them into any color you want (which is why I chose the white hearts, they're a better canvas), or you can stamp on them. I'm having so much fun playing with these. Just a little tip - I would suggest bending them BEFORE you apply the polish. More of that to come in some future posts. UPDATE: Follow this link to check out more posts featuring these studs: LINK.
The polish I'm wearing is essence's 165 Here's My Number, follow this LINK to read more about it.
Have you tried any KKCenterHk products yet? Did you like them?
*KKCenterHk has sent the Heart Studs to me for a review

Friday, October 4, 2013

Here's My Number

Happy Friday! I'm wearing Essence's polish, shade 165 'Here's My Number'. It says on the polish that it has a 'sparkle sand effect', and it sure does! This polish is amazing. Beautiful texture and color, it's really breathtaking. I love wearing it. Even has great drying time. The downside is, this polish will last you 2-3 days, and then it will start chipping. Maybe it's just me, I've only worn it once. But I don't think you'll have this problem if you have shorter nails. Mine are longer so maybe that's the reason.
 I know a lot of you have already tried sand effect nail polish. Did you like it?
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