Thursday, September 26, 2013

Stamped Hearts

Happy Thor's Day! I'm wearing: two coats of Eveline MiniMax, shade 801. These polishes look great in the store, but I have not been enjoying them, their texture is very thick and they take a long time to dry. The stamping plate I used is by essence. This would be a nice look, but since I haven't been stamping for a while I forgot that you're supposed to wait a while before putting a top coat on. So that's the reason why my stamping is smudged. I don't think this would have happened had I waited longer.
Lately whenever I'd do stamping I would be so disappointed. Either the whole picture wouldn't transfer well, or I'd mess up and I wouldn't place the stamping on the same location on each nail so it would look lopsided. So in my opinion, stamping is difficult to work with IF you want or expect perfection. I see why there is a huge market for water decals. Those seem so much easier to work with. All in all I didn't enjoy this look - it doesn't match my personality. What are your experiences with stamping? Are you a stamping n00b too? ;)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Talking About Beauty Products, Volume 1

Hello all! I'd like to talk about a few beauty products I've been using lately. I'll get right to it since it will be a long post.
CATRICE Defining blush, 070 Pinkerbell
This product is a must have. It's a beautiful shade of pink; bright, but not hot pink. Application is a dream. I love Catrice blush and eyeshadow packaging - very sturdy, simple, classic. These 5g of product are just what every girl needs. It's the perfect pink blush and I'm so happy this product is available.
ALVERDE Naturkosmetik Schminkpalette, 10
Here is 5,4g of product that sucks. This was intended, I believe, to be used for children's Halloween face paint. The packaging is adorable and the shades looked so pigmented (they are not) that I decided to buy it. At least I can be happy I bought it on sale and not for the full price (not worth it). I guess you could use it as kid's face paint (beware, it will give them a sticky face and will get on everything) but not anything else. I would not repurchase, but it is pretty to look at. 
This palette contains shimmer and metallic shades. It would be worth so much more if the darker shades were matte. Hopefully Catrice will have more palettes in the future (because the eyeshadows are nice quality), but this palette is not for me. I've only been using the first shade as hightlighter under my brow, the other shades just don't suit me. The packaging is good, but if you're looking for an every day non-shimmery neutral palette, it's not for you. If you like neutral shades with a shimmer or metallic finish, then this would be a good purchase. I might use this when doing a glam-neutral look, but it's not what I was looking for to use every day. It's still a great product. The brush that came with it, I took out, I've got good brushes so I won't use it. I love eyeshadow palettes so I still like this product, but I'm being honest, I don't use the middle shades. At all.
When I saw this new line online before it came out, I was really excited. The new packaging was amazing, and the shades looked great. My mistake was that I thought the shades would be matte - they are NOT. I bought this one because I thought I still might like it even though it's not matte. I guess in the future I'll stick to matte. Essence has some other matte products that I enjoy very much. Overall, this is not for me, mostly because of the shade, which is not a good choice for me, but the great thing about this product is that the application is a dream. The more I have it, the more I use it. ;) I guess this one won me over slowly. Maybe I'll pick one more up from this line.....
What an AMAZING product - matte, super pigmented, just flawless. I am a bit sad that the other shades from this line don't appeal to me. The shade is kind of a crazy pink, so you have to decide if it's something you would wear. The only downside - these lipsticks can fall out of the case into the cap if you store them upside-down (so beware, and check them in the store). This is my favorite lipstick of the year - I LOVE IT!

I've been hearing great things about this brand, and I understand what everyone is talking about. They've got a lot of fun shades available, and the pigmentation is great. I've been enjoying this shade a lot. Seriously, these lipsticks are great quality for a very low price. I plan on going back for more shades.

A friend gave me this shade and it's so not for me. It's a cold, very bright shade with a shimmery-metalic finish. Not my cup of tea. The quality is still great, but out of all the shades they have, this isn't something I should be wearing. It visually shrinks my lips. Some women could pull this shade off, but I'm not one of them. I need more pinks and purples from this brand, not pearl-pink shades. I would not buy this shade for myself.

I've been using this shade so much that the number of the shade has worn off (I think it's 185). I just wanted to say how much I've been enjoying this lipstick. Such great quality (but you will need to re-apply after food or drink), and it feels so light when it's on my lips. I've been enjoying their nail polishes, and now I've discovered their lipsticks work great for me.  

Would not repurchase. Doesn't have good pigmentation, it seems almost watery. This shade is quite darker than what it might appear at first. Haven't been using it at all, whenever I put it on, I just take it off straight away. I guess this shade is just a bad match for me.
Let me know what you think about these products. And have a great weekend ;)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Coastal Scents 252 Ultimate Palette

Happy Wednesday! I wanted to talk about one of my favorite beauty purchases EVER. So I present to you the Coastal Scents 252 Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette. It is an amazing thing - 252 eyeshadows - gorgeous colors, mattes and shimmers inside. Let me just say - there is nothing bad that I can say about this palette - I can only say positive things. I bought this during one of their many sales, so I got the product for 14USD, but shipping ended up costing more than the product (but that does happen sometimes when sending things to Croatia), so I payed 200kn (35USD) for this product.
I couldn't be happier with this product. The pigmentation is awesome - there's a little swatch in this post (no primer, dry use)'s impossible to swatch them all. When I was purchasing it, my main concern was what if some of the eyeshadows crack or break during the transport - but nothing of the sort happened. Before I bought this product, I did read many reviews online, and in some of them they were saying that the eyeshadows are really tiny. When it arrived and I saw it for the first time, the eyeshadows did appear very small, but now when I look at it, I just don't see them as small at all. I mean, I don't think I could ever spend one of these eyeshadows, so...In retrospect, it does make sense that the eyeshadows are smaller because you have to fit 252 of them in there. ;)
Inside the palette there are 3 different plates: the first one contains yellows, oranges, reds, browns, and some really great shimmery gold and bronze ones(this is my favorite plate of the three).
The second plate contains greens and blues and some brown shades.
 And the third plate contains just a variety of things - here I use mostly browns and blacks.

The main reason I purchased this palette was that I wanted to have ''every color'' that I might ever need or want (so I can buy less eyeshadow). However, since purchasing this product, I have fallen in love with eyeshadows and I keep buying more of them (It's a trap! LOL). Seriously, I'd love to own every single palette that Coastal Scents has available. I know, I've got a problem ;)

Here you can read more about this product: HERE - here you can find much better photos and read other user reviews.
And HERE you can see some other eyeshadow palettes that they have available (so gorgeous, right?)

Do you own any eyeshadow palettes? Are you happy with them? Let me know what you think.
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