Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Colorful Clouds On Pink

Hello and happy Wednesday! Here is a fun summer look I wore. I am in love with this hot pink polish - it was sent to me by the lovely N@ILBOX, you can check out her blog HERE. This is my first Gabrini polish, I do know they're very popular here. The smell reminded me of nail polishes from my childhood (weird, right?). Anyways, I'm wearing 2 coats, but 1 is enough. Picture of other nail polishes used in the bottom of the post.
Polishes used: some old essence color&go (I figure I might use these until they expire), Deborah Milano, Eveline miniMAX shade no. 801 (this shade looks gorgeous, I havent worn it solo yet), and the Gabrini, shade no. 366. Are you enjoying the summer ?

Monday, July 15, 2013

Sweet As Candy And Dots

Happy Monday! This looks is so pretty and pink and cute! I forget sometimes how pretty baby pink can be. I'm wearing two coats of Essence's colour&go, shade 104 'Sweet As Candy'. Two coats look so pretty - but one coat also looks amazing, it looks so nude and barely there. I'd wear one coat for pure elegance. I know I'm getting so boring with the constant dotting, I just love how it looks, but seriously, I need to start trying out some new stuff.

Do you wear baby pinks during the summer? Or do you go for more crazy colors? Until the next post, xoxo

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sparkle Over Sponge

This was supposed to be a gradient, but what the hell happened? I know now what my mistake was, but I didn't want to let this look go to waste, so I threw some sparkle over it (because that's what you do, apparently, ha ha). Anyway, the black shade is Maybelline's 23 Dark Chocolate (no wonder this horrible watery polish is discontinued), the grey is Catrice 610 ASHley, and on the tips She's 121/115. The sparkle is Smart Girls Get More no. 138 (I think this was LE somewhere around Christmas). The red sparkle on the thumb is another old Maybelline, 54 Cherry Sweet (slowest drying polish EVER). So that's that, next gradient I know what to do (hopefully) so I don't need to 'fix' it afterwards.
I didn't really enjoy this look, even though the Smart Girls sparkle-polish is stunning. What do you think?

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Red Ombre With White Dots

If you want to see this look without the dots, follow this LINK. Picture of all the polishes used is at the end of the post (except for the thumb, which has been my cat's toy, apparently LOL). Anyway, I think my blue dotted ombre is still my favorite. I think the problem with this look is that I didn't use the super-white polish for dots, but a very peachy-white shade. Nevertheless it's always fun to wear a dotted ombre look. 
Are you all enjoying the summer? Until next time, xoxo

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Red Ombre

Because my blue ombre look turned out to be popular, I decided to re-create it using different colors (dotted version coming in the next post). My thumb has a cat scratch on it, so it's out of the pictures (sorry). From left to right, polishes used are: Catrice 360 Raspberry Fields Forever, Maybelline 150 Fruit Juice, Catrice 070 Caught On The Red Carpet, Maybelline 33 Berry Jam. All the polishes are from the old collections - I'm so behind on using my polishes, I have so many that I haven't tried yet, so I'm trying to use up my older stuff (wish me luck). I hope everyone can follow me fine on Bloglovin, but for the time being my Google Reader is working just fine(?!). Anyway, see you in the next post.
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