Saturday, March 30, 2013

Double Green

Hello all! Very simple look here: pinky and ringfinger: Catrice's 'It's Rambo No.5', the rest also Catrice's 'Sir! Yes, Sir!' (I believe both these polishes are now discontinued). Turned out a very military look. Two coats both, but I really dont like Rambo, it's too transparent for my taste. They both dry super fast. When I wore this look the weather was dark and gloomy, so this look was a perfect match. All in all, this is not one of my favorite looks, it makes my hands look...tired? LOL Anyway, see you all in the next post xoxo

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dragon Skin With Deborah Milano

Hey girls! I decided to do a very strange mix - a gold and silver look. I never mix these two colors together but the result ended up pretty awesome - it looks like dragon skin...well if anyone can pull this look off, a dragon would be able to hehe. I guess I always imagined dragons to have gold skin with silver scales... I used only Deborah Milano products for this look. The yellow is number 20 'Yellow Submarine'. I dont like this shade by itself because it doesnt match my skin tone well, but for this look it worked very well. I think this baby is from the old collection, so it's not in stores anymore. It's very sheer, and 2 coats will not cover everything but at least it's fast drying. It's got a very nice shimmer to it, almost hologram-like. The silver glitter cracking polish on top is number 03. I think the reason this looks great is because of the glitter-cracking polish. I did notice Deborah had other glitter-cracking shades (like purple) so I'll have to go and get them, since I now adore this look.
What do you think? Do you like this look? Do you mix gold and silver? Have you tried Deborah's glitter cracking polishes? I cant believe it took me so long to get on the cracking-polish train hehe Now I'm hooked....anyway, see you guys soon, have a great day! 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

La Roche-Posay Rouge Parfait

I got my hands on another La Roche-Posay nail polish and now there really is no doubt in my mind that this is just the best nail polish in the world. Everything is right with this brand - the application is amazing, one coat covers easy because they're very pigmented (I am wearing two coats on the photos, but there's no need for that as it looks the same as one coat). Dries very fast, stays on your nails for a week straight, the polish has an amazing shine to I said - these babies just dont seem to have a flaw. The shade I am wearing here is no.24 'Rouge Parfait'. It's a very classic, old-hollywood red. Sometimes on direct sunlight it can give a hint of an orange undertone, but really it's just the most beautiful red I've ever seen. As you can see I'm completely smitten. You can find out more about these in HERE. These things are worth their price, and if you have problems with weak nails or chipping, I heartily recommend trying these out, they have the most classic colors in the range. The stamping is from an old 'essence' stamping plate- it gives an edge to this look, since I dont like wearing plain nails much.
Have you tried La Roche-Posay nail polishes? Are you as happy with them as I am? 
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