Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cute and budget-friendly

Hello girls! So this look is the result of two polishes I bought on sale, both are by 'Essence', and reminded me once again why I love this brand. Surprisingly this proved to be a very durable look, lasting 7 days without a flaw (I was shocked too)...Even though the pictures dont really capture it, the sparkle was so amazing, I couldnt stop staring at my nails! Polishes used are: two coats of 'The Nude The Better' from the 'Season of Extremes' collection - I was fooled by the color in the bottle, on nails it's a really beautiful color; the glittery polish is 'Make It Golden' - damn I wish this was still available for purchase... :( This manicure reminded me I should do more 'nude' looks because they're just so elegant and cute.
And here's one before the glitter - the color is just so beautiful, a very gentle watered-down yellow....
As much as I love and adore 'Essence', the glitter was a nightmare to take off (to be fair that's the case with most glitter, right?), but also this look damaged my nails a lot...wear your base coats people! ;)
What are your experiences with 'essence', good or bad?

Friday, October 19, 2012

The Golden Triangles

Hey everyone! So I have this golden polish that I bought some time ago, and I decided to use it this week. It's 'Goldfinger' by Catrice. I applied two layers on my nails and....I hated it! It was streaky and it looked awful, so instead of deciding to take it off, I painted Catrice's 'Caught On The Red Carpet' over it - and the result was spectacular! The red polish was somewhat transparent (but gave even coverage with one coat) so you could see the golden shimmer underneath it - it gave a like-hologram effect....I was in love....what a surprise it was that something can go from awful to fantastic. I loved this look - I usually dont like to use scotch tape in my manicures, but this look was worth the trouble...what do you think - love it or hate it? 

I think I'll be wearing this again for Christmas - it looks like one of those ornaments I place on my tree ! ;)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

A little bit of sparkle goes a long way

Hey girls! So in my last post I spoke about how I wasnt too crazy about the last 'Smart girls get more' polish I tried out - well I got this new one and I'm back in love with them. At first I wore this look without the sparkle - see this photo:
..but then I looked at it and thought it needed something I did this simple gradient effect with the glittery polish and I loved it. The polishes used are: Maybelline mini Colorama -no.96, Party Blue (on the ring finger, I havent used Maybelline polishes for a while, but I have to take them out again, this color looked great!), Max Factor no.37 Prussian Blue - I think I'll be wearing this during the winter, I love wearing the darker colors during the cold weather....and the last one 'Smart girls get more', no. 40 - smart girls polishes are a bit watery which makes them PERFECT for gradient manicures...I have to get more of their sparkly ones....they look great layered over other colors... ;)
Anyway, hope you all are having a great time, I'll leave you with a few more pictures and I'll see you in the next post! ;)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Back to blogging with sparkly green ;)

Oh hello there! :) So what happened is one of my nails broke and I had to wait for it to grow back since I really dont like how my nails look short. But I'm back now with this look which really turned out to be nothing like what I expected it to be. It's no.44 by 'Smart Girls get more' (very popular in Croatia since they're really cheap) and in the bottle it looked a galaxy in a bottle...but when I put it on (I put two layers) it just did not give the same effect. It was more blue than green, and the shimmer wasnt as stunning as it had looked in the bottle. Personally, when it comes to 'Smart girls' polishes, I use them for gradient manicures (they're great for that). Maybe this would look better over some darker polish, I'll have to try that in the future. Now what I dont like about this polish is the streakiness - observe:
Anyway, hopefully I'll have some more fun looks this week, I miss doing gradients and stamping and water marble...I am really looking forward to this fall ;) See you in the next post! *hug*
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