Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hello autumn!

Hello everyone! It's time to get into the autumn mood, so I wore this lovely red look. The polish in the photo is by Eveline cosmetics, no.603. I got it at a croatian local store and this is the first one of these I've tried out - I was so pleasantly surprised! It's a beautiful color (it does have a shimmer to it), and it has AWESOME durability...I will definitively go back for more!! The one on the forefinger and the middle finger is by L'oreal, and it's (I only just figured this out while writing hehe) also no.603...oh the coincidence! It's back from before they redesigned the bottles. I find this L'oreal it to be a great autumn color, however the formula was a bit too thick for me, especially compared to Eveline, which was a breeze to paint on my nails. I still havent tried out the new L'oreal bottles so I cant wait to see what they're like compared to the old polishes.
Anyway, hope you all are having a great time this week, and I'll see you guys in the next post! *hug*

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Gradient Blue Sea

Hello lovely people! If you dont love gradient manicures, then you've never tried one out...they're so much fun and your nails look so wicked! This look was inspired by the sea and the was such a fun summer look..I wish I could have one more month of summer! Polishes used: the darkest color - Max Factor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish No.37 'Prussian Blue' (great great color, it's such a lovely dark blue), then Deborah Milano Pret A Porter No.29 'Blue Paradise', and the white on the tips - dm No.115 (since they redesigned the bottles some time ago, I have been in love with their polishes, I'm a sucker for great bottles!)
See you in the next post! ;)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sunset Clouds, The Lost Photos

Hello all!
I was going through my computer and I found these photos which I totally forgot I had! I wore my nails like this some time in July. There are three colors in there, though the orange on the yellow isnt too visible...I learned how to do this 'clouds' design from an awesome blogger called nailside...this was the first time I did this and I fell in love with it! It's super easy to do and it looks great....As for the polishes used, they yellow one is by 'Smart girls get more' no.36. Smart Girls is very popular in my country, they're very cheap and offer a wide variety of colors. This was my first time using one of their polishes and I wasnt too was just too watery...though I think it would work fine if I had put on one additional layer. I have more of their polishes, so I hope to have a better opinion of these as I start trying them out. The orange shade is Deborah 'Sombrero Tan' - love these polishes, and I have been obsessed with them this summer! The red one is again Catrice 'Bloody Mary To Go' - another shade I used waaay too much this summer....

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this look...I had a lot of fun wearing this! See you in the next post! ;)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Last days of the summer....

Hello all! ;) I cant believe summer is almost gone and I have to give up all my fun colors! I'm not ready yet, probably because I havent worn a lot of fun colors this summer....Anyway, the nail polish used here is by Deborah pret a porter collection, no.27 'Turquoise Fever'. I cant say enough amazing things about these polishes, the colors are so vibrant and the durability is great, and they're just PERFECT. Nothing left to say! I'm so glad I manged to score these babies on sale! I love a good bargain! Looking at these photos now, I dont understand why I didnt stamp this or upgrade it or something...I guess I was just so infatuated by this color I didnt want to put anything over it haha

Sending hugs to you guys, hope you're all well! Love, Jelena <3

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The hologram effect

I too decided to try out Max Factor's 'Fantasy Fire'. I've read some great reviews of this polish, and when I saw it in store, I had to have it! First I painted two layers of Essence's 'Passion for Fashion' - this color is difficult to describe, or capture on camera...though looking at it in the sunlight it's a very true purple, at times (I swear) it looked so blue to me...or maybe that's just me. :) Anyway, another Essence polish which I adore! ;) Here's a photo before the hologram polish:
So, what to say about Fantasy Fire? This look was amazing, I couldnt stop staring at my nails, the colors were fantastic! Even if you're a person who doesnt love sparkles, THIS polish you will love! However, after taking these pictures, I wore the Fantasy Fire one more time - I wanted to see it without the purple polish underneath. Learn from my mistake, it's not worth it! It took four layers just to cover it all, and the effect wasnt so great, it just turned out too light...I guess having the dark purple polish underneath the hologram really helped bring out a wider color diversity. I think in the future I will layer Fantasy Fire over more different polishes, to see the difference in effect. What I do have to say is, having four layers of Fantasy Fire alone, the durability of this polish was incredible - and it dried off quickly!
Until next time! *hugs*

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Inspiration From The Internet

So some time ago I saw a post that just blew my mind: it was by a blogger called 'Sweet Sugar', I'll link it here. Anyway, after seeing it I got so inspired I decided to try and re-create it. Well it turned out NOT to look much like the original...the colors I used are bolder, but I absolutely LOVED this look. It was a lot of work - first achieving the gradient effect, then stamping the flowers on...but I had a lot of fun creating this! :)
The colors used are: Deborah no.19 (I got almost the entire Deborah pret-a-porter previous collection because they were on sale for less than 1 euro a bottle - how awesome! & these are amazing quality polishes for the price), then an Essence orange (sorry dont know the name, it was before the new bottle design) and then Catrice 'Bloody Mary To Go'. Before this look I had only tried this gradient effect once, so I was surprised at how great it looked. As for the stamping plates, I only have Essence stamping plates and they're amazing for me - great price for a lot of fun designs. This one with the Hibiscus flower that I used I havent seen in store lately. I have it since last year so I'm not sure if it's still in store - Hibiscus is my favorite flower so I had to have it...
Summer is almost over, so I'm afraid I wont be able to get away with such bold colors anymore, so it's time to set my mind to Autumn! ;) Also, since I'm new here in Blog-Land, dont know if it's OK to say you tried to re-do someone else's look, hopefully miss Sweet Sugar doesnt mind, I frikkin' LOVE her! ;) Until next time, love, Jelena

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Golden-Black Gradient

So this was supposed to be a gradient glitter-effect on a black nail polish (though I'm not very sure the pictures do it justice). The black used here is Revlon no.999 Blackest Black - and, even though this is the third time I'm using this nail polish I only now noticed it isnt quite all black. Inside there are small blue particles - not blue glitter, just some sort of reflecting particles - personally I've only been able to see them when the nail polish is still wet, but once it would dry out, you cant really see it. It is a quite strong black, but my main problem with this polish is its tendency to create small bubbles of air...I actually painted it once, and when I notice the sheer volume of bubbles, decided to re-do it...and what do you know - bubbles again!!! I hate when that happens! Aaaargh!

As for the glittery golden polish, I used Essence no.67 - Make It Golden - the only reason I really did pick this up is because they were on sale (because Essence is changing the packaging of the bottles). After painting it on my nails I absolutely fell in love with it - inside there are three different kinds of glitter - two larger glitter pieces, and a very fine glittery dust which just took my breath away. I cant believe I never noticed this polish before! Anyway, the new Essence products are now in store and I have to say I'm not excited at all - I really dont like the new packaging :(
This manicure lasted me a very long time (quite surprising) and it looked amazing in real life (pictures didnt quite capture it). So in the future I plan on doing more glittery-gradient creations.
Until next time, love, Jelena. <3
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