Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Nail Look: Red Roses Water Decals

 Bright white nail polish combined with red roses creates one awesome nail look.
Products used:
Rose water decals: KKCenterHk, N.NAIL FOREVER LOVE Word And Rose Valentine's Day Decals [NNAIL-WDHHH060]
These water decals are amazing quality, they are strong and will not break or bend, and are very shiny. To use them, just cut out the desired piece, put it in water for 10 minutes, and once it slides off the paper, put it on your nail and secure with top coat. These rose water decals are my favorites, they're very effective and they look stunning. However, though they look amazing on white, the water decals are only made of red and green color, so if you were to place them on red nail polish, you wouldn't get the white lines that make these roses stand out. So, just wear them over white nail polish. I love the way these look, they're so 80s rock'n'roll. Rating: 10/10
Where to purchase this product: CLICK HERE
Other KKCenterHk products I've reviewed: CLICK HERE

Other products used:
Avon, Nail experts, Peeling and brittleness solver: dries my nails.
essence, nail art, stampy polish, 001 white: best to use this only for stamping, and not as nail polish.
Maybelline, Colorama, no.51: too watery and transparent, also slow drying (because you need 4 layers).
Maybelline, Colorama, Polka Dots, no.197: gorgeous, and goes with anything.
essence studio nails, top sealer: my favorite top coat.
Nail sugar pearls: Catrice limited edition, Candy Shock, shade 'Cotton Candy': they last for over 5 days, amazing, right?!
essence nail art, express dry drops
Are you guys into this look? Lately I've been into white nails, they look so chic. And they'll look even better once a get a little tan going. Thanks for stopping by, let me know what you think, and I'll see you soon,

Love, Jelena

***KKCenterHk has sent me the water decals for reviewing purposes.


  1. aaaa divno, jako mi se sviđaju :D

  2. super, sviđa mi se kombinacija u bijelom, baš je nekako svečana :D

    1. hvala, u zadnje vrijeme padam na bijele nokte, a prije su mi bili ružni, kao da nosim korektor hehe

  3. Fenomenalna manikura! <3 svaka čast na izradi i preciznosti ;)

    1. hvala, s naljepnicama je lako, uvijek izgledaju savršeno, dok se isto ne može reći kad sama nešto crtam ;)


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