Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Ultrathin Gold Nail Ornaments

Hello guys. I'm back with a nail look I enjoyed. This is the first time I'm trying out this type of nail decorations. If you're wondering how come my nails are so short, the reason is, well, my nails got so damaged that I had to take a break and just use treatments and wait until they get back to normal. But thing are getting better already.

Products used:
Red nail polish: Maybelline, mini colorama (old), no. 150
Gold glitter top coat: smart girls get more, no. 117
Top coat: Essence, studio nails, better than gel nails, top sealer - a great product for sealing in nail art.
Nail decorations: BornPretty, 30Pcs/set Ultrathin, Diamond Crown Cross Design Charming 3D Nail Art Decoration, no.16683 (pattern no.32)
Link for this product: CLICK HERE

This is the first time I'm trying out this type of nail decorations. They're very thin, and they're easily bendable, but they're firm enough and will not snap or break while bending. This is how I use this product: first I would bend the nail decorations to fit my nail shape (I do this before I've put any nail polish on). Then I apply two coats of nail polish, and I use tweezers to place the decoration onto my nail while the nail polish is still wet. After this I use a tool (or a toothpick) to push the decoration into place, making sure that no ends are sticking out. When the bottom polish is dry, I apply a top coat to seal everything into place. That's how I do it, maybe someone has a different method. This turned out to be very good and the decorations stayed in position for 4 days until I removed them. But it's important not to have any parts sticking out, so make sure you apply them correctly. The first time I tried them it didn't all go smoothly (photos below), but I soon got the hang of things and I figured out how this works. All in all, the decorations are fun, it's easy to learn how to use them, and I think they look really good on nails, they really stand out. ;)
This photo below with green nail polish shows the first time I tried these nail decorations, and it didn't turn out so well. I put too much nail polish of a bad texture, and then I pressed the decorations too hard, and then I absolutely ruined it with top coat. But now I know better. It can't all go perfect the first time, right? ;)
The green polish used here is Catrice's 'Run Forrest Run', I also used some old Maybelline and Essence glitter top coats. In this photo below you can see how the nail decorations arrived (also, notice how damaged my nails got from all the nail polish and not taking care of them *sadface*):
I really like how the red look turned out. These decorations look really good against a dark background and red shades, but they also go really well with nude or baby pink polishes. All in all, a fun product that I've enjoyed trying out. 
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Love, J.

***BornPretty has sent me these nail art decorations for reviewing purposes. All opinions stated are my own.


  1. Seeing your nails I realized that I have such type of nail accessories and I never used them :) Thank you for reminding me!

    As about your nails, I like it better in green, but just because I am not a big red fan, but yes, I agree in the red version the ornaments look way better!

    1. let me know if you like them. i actually think the gold stuff works best on some nude shade, that's the best combination for my pale skin tone, this red is maybe a little too bright, considering i am very very pale ;)

  2. wow! These ornaments look pretty cool and a fun way to decorate your nails and enhance their appearance. They seem to get eaisly fixed on the nails. Quite a unique way of doing nail art!


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