Thursday, April 23, 2015

Nail Look: Ombre Pink With Water Decals

Hey guys! Yes, I'm wearing Ombre nails again. How can I not? They look so pretty, they're so much fun, and this gorgeous weather we've been having just screams 'Ombre'. This nail look is simple to create, yet is guaranteed to draw attention. After a few months of having problems with my nails (they got so short), I finally got them to grow longer (thanks Eveline 8in1), so I'm enjoying my long nails again.

Products used:
Thumb: L'oreal no. 603 (old)
Second: Catrice, 360 Raspberry Fields Forever (old)
Middle: Essence (old colour&go collection)
Ring: essence, colour & go, no.106, Free Hugs
Small: essence, stampy polish, 001 White
Water Decals: Born pretty, 1 Sheet Classical Flower Vine Pattern Nail Art Water Decals Transfers Sticker #H013 (CLICK HERE to purchase this product)
My opinion: I love water decals, they're so easy to use and you can create an amazing look within seconds. I've found that I enjoy black water decals the most, because you can combine them with any nail polish shade, and they go great with everything. Also your nail art won't look over-done or like it's too much. It's great to put water decals while wearing Ombre nails because it really ties the whole look together. What can I say, I adore this water decals design!
This Ombre look is a similar version of a nail look I did before, you can find it HERE. So, are you over Ombre, or are you still loving it, like I am? Thanks for stopping by, don't forget to follow me, and have a great day!

Love, J.

***BornPretty has sent me the water decals for reviewing purposes. All opinions stated are my own.


  1. Replies
    1. thanks...uživo su bile boje još jače, ove fotke su malo čudne zbog svjetla....super mi je što opet imam duge nokte ;)

  2. Jako lijepe nijanse, Essence srednji mi se najviše sviđa :)

  3. thank you for your post on ctfxc--- i hadnt watched their vids in a while and was shocked when i clicked on one today and did not recognize the girl. then i googled and found your posts. thanks for exposing charles for what he is. i feel sad for alli but ultimately it's good that she's not with an asshole. i definitely unsubbed.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Look, it's ok to get a divorce, it's ok to move on. BUT it's not ok to treat someone poorly - someone who stood by you when you needed them the most (Alli and her family helped Charles a lot with his cancer, chemo, surgeries, and he was texting another chick behind Alli's back!). If Charles had been honest with everyone, I'd be ok with his new relationship. But the fact he was with 2 chicks at the same time disgusts me. Wheather or not him and Alli were fighting or not, he was kissing her on camera and playing the devoted husband for the audience, yet at the same time he was texting this other random chick, who, shadily enough, knew goddamn well he was married. Ugh. I just cant stand him. Alli also started dating someone new, but she made it very clear that she met him after she was legally divorced and wasn't messing around at all. To this day Charles refuses to share any specific date s to when he and this new chick started dating - that speaks volumes, or so I seem to think.

  4. Pretty nails, love the designs. xx


  5. lovely gradation of the colors hehe love the decal too - so fancy :)


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