Monday, March 9, 2015

Nail Fail: The Ugly Edition

Hey everyone! The title says it all, this post is featuring the less flattering nail looks. Some of these are here because the execution of a good idea went wrong, some are here because the idea was wrong to begin with. And some are here because the photos didn't turn out well. Anyways, here is the Nail Fail post.

The problem with the look above was the ring finger. In order to dry the nail polish faster on the other fingers, I applied some oil. Somehow the oil got onto the ring finger, and the nail pearls would not stick to the nail polish. They just slid off. So this look was ruined (but it was ugly anyways). The pink nail polish is from an old essence collection, the white pearls are Catrice LE, the pink pearls are essence. The white and black glitter is by Maybelline (Colorama, Polka Dots, no.197). On the pointer I'm wearing glitter from Catrice (old collection, no.40, I'm Dynamite), and on the pinky I used the Maybelline topper and a glitter nail polish by Smart Girls (LE, no.116). Turns out, I'm not a big fan of the smart girls glitter, it's difficult to pack on a lot. Or maybe I'm just over glitter. All in all, I do not like this look - it just looks wrong.
So here I'm wearing a shade by Catrice, Caught On The Red Carpet. It's a great shade, one of my absolute all-time favorites. I wanted to top it off with one of my favorite top coats from essence's Metal Glam limited edition. Here are the results:
What happened was, the nail polish with the gold flakes ruined the base, it pulled it off, and that's why you can see the uneven red coat underneath. All in all, it would be good in my opinion for essence to put this gold flakes top coat in the standard range. You just have to be careful and always apply a transparent top coat first, so the gold flakes do not ruin the base color. I love how this polish looks and I've worn it a lot. You probably remember this polish, it was in high demand when this trend edition was out:
Here is one gold and bronze look:
I didn't like this gold look because I felt like my nails looked like duck feet (if that makes sense). I applied the nail polish wider towards the tip of the nail, that's why it looks weird. This polish is by Catrice, no.910, Oh My Goldness, and here I am wearing 3 (or maybe even 4) coats. So, not a fun polish, and it doesn't look very good layered over other polishes. Also, the pictures kinda suck.
This last look had two huge flaws. The first problem was that the photos came out really weird, my skin looks blue, it's really creepy (the one featured above is one of the better pictures LMAO). The other problem was that this nail polish was too liquid and it spilled towards my cuticles. When this happens, it's impossible to clean it, and it looks really bad (looks messy). I'm wearing a nail water decal from KKCenterHK (CLICK HERE), which I love, but unfortunately, the nail sticker does not have the white parts between the petals. So, it was barely visible over the red background. That's why it really only looks good over white nail polish.

So that's the Nail Fail post. Do you enjoy seeing these fail posts? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for stopping by. Don't forget to follow me. 

Love, J.


  1. This happens to all of us. Not each nail design or manicure can look perfect and great.
    Though, even if you think your nails look like duck feet, I like the gold polish on your nails, I don't see what is wrong with it!
    Have a great day!

    1. The gold polish is almost completely transparent - and I had to put 3 or 4 coats for it to be visible, but it was slow drying. I expected it to be a one-coater when I bought it.

  2. Actually these do not look like nail fails. You have made a good attempt at creating some different nail art. I especially like the beaded one and the gold one. Red nail color also looks nice.

  3. Few of them are really nail fail but few of them are good as well. Everyone needs practice to be perfect on it. Good post, thanks for sharing it


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