Sunday, February 15, 2015

Ombre Nails: Green Edition

Ola everyone! Happy Weekend! Time for a nail look, and it's Ombre nails, yet again. What can I say, I love them, and I don't care if I'm becoming repetitive. I honestly feel like my nails are so boring when they're not Ombre. I love this trend!

Products used:
Base: Avon, Nail Experts, Peeling and brittleness solver -This base dries out my nails and leaves them brittle. I do not recommend.
Colors (wearing 2 coats all):
Thumb: Eveline, miniMAX, no. 808 - This polish did not sit well with me. It's very thick and gives uneven texture once dry. It also dries very slowly.
Pointer: Catrice, 240 Sold Out For Ever - This polish has tiny glitter particles in it, that's the reason why I don't like it very much. It also has somewhat of a pearl effect - I don't like that either.
Middle: Catrice, 590 Jade Is Not My Name - A shade right in between blue and green.
Ring: Catrice, 340 Run Forest Run! - The color of grass. Loving it, this is a true green.
Small: Catrice , 340 Run Forest Run! (small print) - Very dark shade, it looks almost black. BTW, yes, these two last polishes have the same name. Catrice made a mistake and gave two different shades the same name, they made this mistake about three times if I remember correctly.

Ring: I got this gorgeous thing (I love the bling!) at a random store in Zagreb, Radićeva for a bargain.

This nail look lasted about 5 days, and all this without a top coat! However, I always recommend having a topcoat when wearing Ombre, because it helps tie everything together in one look. It would be a great idea to do some stamping on these nails as well, just to tie it all together even better.
If you want to see all my Ombre nail looks, then just click HERE.
Sorry for the bad quality photos, for some reason this nail look did not photograph well *sadface*. So, let me hear it: are you guys getting sick of the Ombre nail looks?
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Love, J.


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