Friday, February 20, 2015

Gold Bubbles On Raspberry Red

Hello guys and happy Friday! Today I have to share with you a fun nail look. I adore these gold nail decorations, they match the berry-red shade of this nail polish really well. It was a fun look to wear, it's great if you want to spice up your work week, but even better suited for a special occasion. By the way, what do you think of my bling ring?

Products used:
Nail polish: essence, colour&go, 175 be berry now!, 3 coats: I wore a base coat underneath, as I always do. This shade is perfect for my skin tone, it's the shade of a ripe raspberry. It really brought out the shade of the gold decorations and really made them pop. This polish has the perfect texture and it dries fast. One coat is enough for full coverage, but I wore three coats because I wanted to see if the decorations would stick without using nail glue (they did). Essence changed up their entire nail polish line, so you could find this polish recently on sale. I only noticed tip wear with this polish, so it did not chip.
Ring: I get all my bling rings in Zagreb, Radićeva Ulica, where they have a lot of fun jewelry stores. 
Nail Decoration Wheel:, 3D Nail Decoration Wheel, #17227
400Pcs Box, Newly Gold Silver Round, Flat Back, Acrylic UV Gel, Nail Art Decoration Hot Selling Wheel (3.52 $)
First of all, these decorations fit my nails perfectly. I only used nail polish to attach them (I would still recommend nail glue, since it's safer), and they did not stick out. I love both shades, however I used only gold ones for this look because it's a better match to the shade of the nail polish. The decorations are reusable, but there's no need to save them since you get a lot in this package. The bottom of the decorations is flat, and the top is round (half a bubble). I loved wearing them, and I think they look awesome in the photos (and in real life). The final look reminded me of something a red mermaid might wear. I'm so happy with how the final look turned out, and I highly recommend this nail wheel, I had a lot of fun using it. It's so easy to use and it looks stunning in person.
You can purchase this nail wheel: CLICK HERE
Check out all their other nail wheels: HERE
Born Pretty store: HERE
Don't forget to use a coupon to get 10% off (find it in the end of this post)
Do you like this color combination? How do you feel about these nail art decorations? Also, do you love or hate my bling ring? Let me know, and thanks for stopping by. Don't forget to follow me, 

Love, Jelena

*** has sent me the nail art wheel for reviewing purposes. All opinions stated are my own.


  1. So pretty! I love it:). I love all those 3d decorations for nails, but I always get them stuck on my hair, my annoying! Does that happen to you too? Love the color combo!:)

    1. Thanks!! ;) This happens to me when I use nail glue. But this time I stuck it in 3 coats of polish, so the edges of the decorations weren't sticking out, they were covered with polish. So this time it was better. These decorations are easier with this problem - if I have heart-shaped or any other decorations with sharp edges (like triangles), then it gets stuck at a lot of stuff. These are round so the problem is 5% of what I usually have - and that's only with the 2 largest sizes, the smaller ones are awesome, I don't even notice that they're there.

  2. odlična, spremna si za party *.*

    1. nisam mislila da će tako ispasti, ali ovi okrugli ukrasi mi se više sviđaju od trokutastih ili bilo kojih drugih...

  3. definitivno samo za special occasion :D

    1. odobravam, al bas mi je too much za svaki dan :D iako moram priznat da mjehurici nemaju nuzno najpozitivniju prvu asocijaciju ^_^

  4. Ajme kako su fora ovi mjehurići, obožavam ih :P


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