Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Essence Longlasting Lipstick: Matt Wanted

Hello ladies! I already talked about a few lipsticks from this line, it's essence's longlasting lipsticks. Most of them do not have a matt finish; however, recently they came out with some matt ones. I already reviewed two matt shades, and now here is the one that's left: no. 18, Matt Wanted.

Type of product: dark red semi-matt finish lipstick
Brand: essence
Product name: Longlasting lipstick, no. 18, matt wanted!
Price: 20 kn (3.8g)
Rating: 5/10
Would I repurchase: Probably not, this shade is not my cup of tea.
My opinion: First of all, I don't think this lipstick can be qualified as longlasting: you can get 4 hours out of it, but not even that much if you're drinking or eating. I like the packaging and the shape of the lipstick because it's easy to work with. Application is easy, this shade (as all of their lipsticks) easily slides onto your lips. I'm not loving this shade as much as I love no. 14 (no.14 is also a matt red shade). This shade is all sorts of wrong for my skin tone. I do not usually wear such dark red shades. It's not an ugly shade, don't get me wrong, it's just sort of a dark, deep wine-red which is not what I usually go for. I just don't wear similar shades, so I guess I don't like how this looks on me (it would look nicer on a tan person, IMO). Another thing I do not like is how much it accentuates the dry parts of my lips. It literally makes every line stand out. And the finish is not a creamy-matt, it's more of a matt with a metallic-shine crust on top of it. This sort of an unusual finish has made a few girls say it's not really a matt shade. It is, but it's like it has a oil-spill effect to it. I'm not liking it. When I wear this shade, I usually apply it, and then dab some of it off with a tissue so that I'm only left with a stain, because that way it doesn't look as heavy as it does when you do not dab most of it off. Below you can see the swatches, and I also compared it to the 'brother shade', the no.14 from the same line. No. 14 is a much better fit for me, and I like it a lot better. Unlike no. 14 which has a strong pink undertone, this shade is all red.
This product is for you if: If you're looking for a darker shade of red, and you have a budget. If you're just starting with matt lipsticks, this range is great for beginners.
You should avoid this product if: If you have Catrice (or better) matt lipsticks - because after those, this one's formula will be a disappointment. It's not a total disaster, it's workable, but there is a notable difference in quality.
Links: CLICK HERE to check out my review of the other two matt shades from this essence line.
Comparison: I compared both red matt shades from this line: no. 18 and no. 14. Personally, I prefer no. 14, it's a better fit for my skin tone, and I like the formula a little better.
Hopefully this post was helpful. I'm not so crazy about this shade, I prefer no. 14. However, this essence line is great because you have a wide variety of good lipsticks for such a cheap price. And brand new shades are coming to the range soon (I'm really excited about some nude ones). However, I prefer Catrice's matt lipsticks when it comes to drugstore brands available here.

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Love, J.


  1. Essence ruževi, osim u limitiranim kolekcijama, ne valjaju. Golden Rose Velvet Matte kupujem za manje para i kvalitetniji su milion puta. A i obični GR u crnom pakovanju, tako da Essence zaobilazim u širokom luku

    1. Nisam sigurna imam li GR blizu sebe sada, pa nekako na njih i zaboravim - inače su meni nešto skuplji od essence ruževa, kojih 5 kuna ili tako (nebitna razlika). Nisam baš zadovoljna GR ruževima u crnom pakiranju koje imam, zato još nisam uzela ove velvet matte primjerke. I ja sam očekivala da će essence ruževi biti loši, ali za cijenu su mi ok, a ovi bez mat finiša su mi super. Doduše, ovaj mi ne odgovara, ali broj 14 mi je skroz ok. Inače mislim da su essence ne-mat ruževi puno bolji i trebali bi se držati toga.

  2. although the shade is quite perfectly-vampy and don't feel temped: I'd like to see something dark and really really matte on my lips :)

    1. yeah, this one is vampy, but it's more semi-matte.

  3. Essence Longlasting Lipsticks are always amazing. I just love all the products of Essence as they do offer the quality products. The product which you have shared haven't given you a good result and I am amazed on it.


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