Friday, January 30, 2015

CTFxC: The Inconsistencies And Moving On

Hello guys! Welcome to what will go down in history as the longest ever blog post, because this is one long ass post, for real. But it will end on a positive note: because this is my last CTFxC related post, and after this I will be moving on from the CTFxC drama. 

Welcome to the 3rd and (most likely) final CTFxC related blog post. 

Today I'm going to talk about the 2 videos that caused a lot of controversy, the ''HOW WE MET!'' and the ''SECRETS ABOUT US!''. In a strange twist of events, I've become like the go-to guide for the CTFxC divorce drama (what the hell, Internet?). 
Today I will share my analysis of the things stated in those two videos, and point out all the inconsistencies that I know a lot of you already noticed. I'm also going to discuss why I feel the tables have turned and what's the main reason why Alli is getting all the love and support, and Charles gets all the hate (and it may not even be Karma). As always, do not consider things stated here as fact, these are my opinions only. Feel free to do some investigating yourself and form your own opinion.

So, before we start, you might want to watch these two videos to even have a clue what I'm talking about. Watch them yourself, you may follow them together with my commentary, and don't forget to leave your thoughts below in the comment section.
The videos are:
''HOW WE MET'' and ''SECRETS ABOUT US'' - these will be called HWM and SAU further in the blog.
Some of the comments below are my thoughts on the videos, and some are people's comments from the comment section of these 2 CTFxC videos, and also from the GG forum (the ones with the grey background).
Let's get into it. First up, the ''HOW WE MET!'' video.

First off, how did they meet? We haven't got a clue. The video is essentially about a first date. But before this first date, they had to have met somehow. We haven't got an answer as to how they met.
This community was around you and Alli Speed. To expect from them blind support towards only you and your new partner seems very selfish. People have some problems being a community again, but around a different couple. That's the main problem: Charles is trying to get the fans of his marriage to become fans of his girlfriend. And that's hard to do in real life, let alone on the Internet.

3rd Allie says:''WE DECIDED that we were gonna go on OUR first date.''

So THEY decided. Together. So....they were already emotionally involved then? I mean, they had to have been flirting for a long time if they decided they were gonna go out on a first date: decided TOGETHER. That conversation had to have been weird. So was he texting and skyping with her while Alli was living with him?

Charles: ''Like a gentleman'', and repeats this claim about himself a few times.

And I'm sitting here like, LIKE A MARRIED GENTLEMAN. Dude, you were married! Were you still making the daily videos with your wife? Were you wearing you wedding ring the night of your first date? Because, what we get from this video is that they went on their first date BEFORE the separation video was published on the CTFxC channel. Charles refuses to give us precise dates, so we can't know for sure.
3rd Allie says she wasn't sure if Charles was ''going to be a creep''
INCONSISTENCY: In the other, ''SAU'' video, they tried to insinuate they know each other from college. If they go way back, then why was she worried? If they've 'decided together' they would be going on their first date, then why was she worried?
If they go way back and know each other from college (SAU), and have many mutual friends (this is what they claim), then why was she doubtful? This makes me think he had to have met her while he was married to Alli, and NOT BEFORE.

Even Melissa notices the inconsistencies in the story about the driver. Funny. LOL

Charles says ''this was the days way before Uber''

This comment raised a ton of questions, since it implies that the date took place way before the separation announcement. And a lot of people took it as a sign their first date took place while Alli was still living in the house. Not sure when Uber came to Florida, but he's acting like this was ages ago; the problem is, ages ago, well, he was married.
So she talks about his ''seducing'' techniques and him kissing her.

He was separated from his wife (according to him), not divorced or divorcing yet, at the time of this first date. Because when the ''WE NEED TO TALK'' video came out, he called it a separation, but it was a divorce, SO IF THEIR FIRST DATE TOOK PLACE AFTER THAT VIDEO, he would have told her he was divorcing, not that he was separated (this is really key information, guys). We have no idea how much time has passed (mind you, from the last we see him kissing his wife until the first we see him with this Allie (on a date after this, a double date), time passed is 17 or so days.
So, having that in mind, he goes on a date with this chick, and he already knows he likes her this much? To make out with her? Likes her enough to be head over heels? On a first date? How long have they been texting and skyping for him to figure it out? Why didn't he take time to mourn his marriage?

HE HAD TO HAVE BEEN UNFAITHFUL TO SOMEONE. Either he was married and going on a date with this girl while his wife remained clueless to the other woman, or he was dating this girl and cheating on her when he was kissing Alli Speed in his videos??

If the date took place before April 7th, then what did he say to 3rd Allie? ''Gotta go home now and make videos with my wife, kissing her and incorporating a new puppy into our family''???
Because, on April 6th (2 days before the split), Alli Speed posted a video where she talks about the things she bought for Charles in Japan, and how they were going to use it together, and in the background you can see a photo from their wedding day, with the words ''FAMILY'' written above (this is fucking heartbreaking).

You know, watching this video, and mind you, I'm about their age, I realize how immensely immature Charles and 3rd Allie are for their age. They're like obnoxious teenagers.

Charles says he wanted to meet her grandparents.
What's he gonna say to them? ''Hello, I'm the married guy taking this chick on a date''? 
Charles talks about his options, about who could have driven him to this date. (He's not allowed to drive)
Do you remember a few days after the separation announcement when Lauren (Alli's mom) helped him take those posters to the post office? If he was already with 3rd Allie then, why did he think it was acceptable to ask Alli's mom to take him ANYWHERE?!

3rd Allie says it bothers her when people call her a ''homewrecking whore'' (HW W).

Well, honey, I've said this before: he told you he was married. AND ONLY ON THE FIRST DATE DID YOU ASK HIM WHAT HIS MARRIAGE STATUS WAS!! WHY DIDN'T HIS MARRIAGE COME AROUND WHEN YOU TWO DECIDED TO GO ON A FIRST DATE? He didn't say ''divorced or in the process of divorcing'', he said ''separated''. That means, darling ''I'm still married''. And if he after that went home to Alli and shot videos with her and kissed her, then you are a HW W. At least that's how I feel.
So Melissa says that she's not a HW W because ''We know the timing''.
Oh yeah, then why not SHARE the timeline with us, if it's all so innocent and all good? Why not say the date of their first date? Why the hell not? Share the timeline with us, and let people form opinions.
Charles says ''when we first started hanging out''
Which is not consistent with how they said in the ''SAU'' that they know each other from college.
Charles says ''when the video went live, it's not real time'', and 3rd Allie says ''it's just when you chose to talk about it''.

Was 3rd Allie already involved with Charles when the ''WE NEED TO TALK'' video was recorded? Did she already date him when he announced the divorce? A lot of people would find that to be very shady.
That video was shot then, not months or weeks before, because Charles's beard is consistent with the next day. And if you think his marriage was over long before, then go and watch the videos: HE'S KISSING HIS WIFE A FEW DAYS BEFORE! So, yeah, the ''real time'' was a day, 2 days TOPS between when the video was shot and when it went live. That ain't much wiggle room. Or Charles wishes to say he straight up lied to all his viewers that ''mean so much to him''? Nobody asked Charles to fake his life for the camera. He could have said the truth. Or maybe he could have said nothing. But in the few days before the separation, he made a pregnancy joke, he's kissing Alli, telling her that he loves her, etc. If they were really over, why put on a charade? There was no need for that. Nobody likes to be lied to, especially the viewers when all this time he kept saying he ''wants to be completely honest''. The videos were extremely misleading (if only from Charles's standpoint) considering what was happening in his life at the time, and maybe that's the reason people don't trust him anymore.
And if we people are so damn confused, then why don't you just explain it to us? And, 3rd Allie, who the hell is she to even discuss the marriage - there are two people who can speak for that marriage and what went on: Charles and Alli. NOT YOU. 
Did anyone else find it absolutely repulsive when the 3rd Allie talked about the marriage between Charles and Alli? Or is it just me that's bothered by this?
I find it very important to note how HE AND 3rd ALLIE BOTH TALK about the separation announcement and say ''that's when YOU'', and ''that's when I chose to talk about it''.

HE chose to talk about it. Not him and his wife. HE alone.
Alli Speed (as it seems from this conversation) was not a part of the decision-making process to talk about it, is what I'm reading from this. Charles made the video without her, not giving her a chance to say anything.
3rd Allie says ''and I knew you guys were going through something tough''
(past tense, meaning, at the time it was happening, she knew they (both Charles and Alli) were going through it). So she was already there. She was dating him. 

Remember when that video came out, and Charles looked so sad and upset - it was all fake, because he was already dating this one! 
How else would she know (she used past tense)? She must have already had her first date with him before the break up unfolded for the Internet. And she claims (in the other videos) she never watched CTFxC, then how does she know about who ''you guys'' were? She had to have known about the marriage, and she says she knew that they had to ''share'' something ''so personal''. Share where? She knew they had a show and an audience. So how involved was she in the marriage before it fell apart? This whole statement is not consistent with what she says in ''SAU'' how she didn't know anything about the CTFxC.

Just a friendly reminder, after the ''We need to talk'' video, Alli was the one going through tough stuff. Charles was getting the sympathy and the love, and Alli was getting ALL THE HATE. It was BAD. And if you think you can imagine how bad it was, it was like 30 times worse. She was being accused of every disgusting thing you can think of. If you believe (now) that she left because she found out about 3rd Allie, than what she went through becomes so much worse. She even touched up on this topic in an interview she did.
Sorry, I realized I never linked to Alli's interview in XCENTS Magazine:
So there you go. ;)

The other guy (Phil) says ''they (the audience) want you to be open''...''you guys don't want to be open''...and then the 3rd Allie says ''*cause* they're gonna rip us apart''

IF YOU DID NOTHING WRONG, NOBODY WOULD RIP YOU APART!! So this is one more indicator that they did do something wrong, i.e.: started the relationship before the marriage was over. Huge indicator!
3rd Allie says ''when you look up to somebody''...

People aren't upset because they 'looked up' to Charles like he's a god or something. People are upset because they don't like being lied to. None of this is in accordance to Charles saying he wants to be ''totally honest with the viewers''. People are upset because we watched a loving couple for almost 5 years, and the wife was replaced before our eyes, in 13 days. That's why people are upset.
3rd Allie talks about ''how do you explain to people why things didn't work out?''

Yeah, you CLAIM you didn't watch the CTFxC videos. So how do you know anything about that? That relationship had 2 people in it: Charles and Alli, NOT YOU. She feels like she knows the situation and she knows so much and she's got their marriage all figured out: and I'm like ''sit down. you haven't got a clue''. Maybe you just know Charles's version, but that's only one half of the truth (if even that much).
AND DON'T BELIEVE for a second that they were separated for months (or weeks) and that people in real life knew, and that just the internet didn't know. ShayCarl is close friends with Charles, and he didn't have a clue. He called Charles the same day, and was visibly shocked. And the last time they saw Charles and Alli, the Shaytards were convincing them to have a, obviously, the separation was not present to people in their daily life. 

Melissa says ''When you met Allie, you were ready (to go on that date)''

First of all, this is not consistent with their claim that they don't know how they met. Or their claim they know each other from college? This Mel's statement is a clear sign they do not know each other from way back, this is a sign they met DURING his marriage (according to Mel).

Mel says ''you were ready''

We see him kissing his wife, and then we see him on a double date with this 3rd Allie, and the time difference between those 2 events is about 17 days. HOW DO YOU GET READY IN 17 DAYS OR LESS? HOW? CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN IT TO ME PLEASE??????

Melissa hasn't been very nice to Alli. I feel like she blames Alli for the hate Charles is getting. Like, for instance, this tweet by Melissa (which Charles shared on his FB):
Melissa's like ''Now that EVERYONE has moved on...''
Like it's Alli's fault that there's no positivity surrounding Charles. She seems to be insinuating that Charles would not be receiving all the hate if Alli got a boyfriend after 2 days as well. Or maybe it's Alli's fault she didn't date someone new while still shooting daily videos with Charles? Alli is moving at her own pace, and whether she's moving fast or slow, her actions have no influence over what people say to Charles. After all, Alli's the one that's been keeping quiet, Charles is the one mentioning the divorce constantly.
''Allie, you're allowed to be happy.''

Yeah, you are. However, you should have waited until his marriage was over, so you can be, as you put it, 'happy'. What would it be to you to have waited some time? Why wasn't waiting ever an option? Is it because Charles is incapable of being single and he needed to have a new squeeze so that God forbid he doesn't have to be single for 1 day??? You should have waited until the marriage was over. That is something a kind person would have done.

I mean, a lot of times in the comments you hear people say that it takes a long time to go through a divorce, and that they had to have filed for divorce back in 2013. That's bullshit, because public records show they filed for divorce a month and a half AFTER the ''separation'' video:
3rd Allie talks about her DUI.

Don't even listen to the excuses. No matter what happens to you, no matter what someone does or says to you, there is no excuse. If you have your keys with you, you do not get drunk. If you do get drunk and have your keys with you, you take a taxi home. Or call someone to pick you up.
Note one thing about this: she talks about how it has effected HER. She never once mentions the danger she created for other people. She never once mentions the lives other than hers she endangered. It's all about her. People are killed by drunk drivers, unfortunately, every day. And the families of those innocent victims don't want to hear ''my douche boyfriend broke up with me''. She didn't hurt anyone. She got lucky. But there are still no excuses for her behavior.

Also, she claims this DUI was ''the best decision of her life''. Is her life that shit that a DUI is a light spot?
She talks about how she ''took time for herself''. Her DUI was in late August 2013, and we see her taking to Charles in early November 2013. So how much time for herself did she take? It's like she and Charles hold the world record in bouncing back and moving on...a day and I'm over it! LOL

She talks about asking him about his marital status.
She says she knew he was married, and then on their first date she asked him if he was still married.

When she agreed to go on a date with Charles, she had no idea he was separated (if he ever was?). She agreed to the date, knowing he was married. She went on a date with a married man.
And I mean, what's he gonna answer you on your date ''yeah, I'm still married''??!! You're on a date, he's gonna tell you what he thinks you want to hear! Why would you even believe him what he says.


At the end of it, she says he told her ''it's a little bit more difficult to put it out there in public''.

Meaning, after their first date, he might have gone back to Alli, and kept making daily videos with her. I mean, let's just say that's true. Why would she believe his words? If a guy told me. ''I'm married, but I'm separated, but it can't be made public'', I'd think ''Bullshit. He's still with his wife, I'm something on the side''.

And how did this relationship go on? She's going on dates with him, and he goes back home and kisses his wife and makes videos with her??
This comment about ''it's difficult to make it public'' makes me think it could easily have been weeks or months before the separation announcement that these two started dating. He could have been ''sitting on two chairs'' for months before he (or Alli, more likely) decided to end their marriage.


Charles says: ''It's all out there for you guys.''

No, it's not. 
Now for the second video, ''SECRETS ABOUT US!''

Had she heard of CTFxC or WTK before she met Charles?

First of all, these two claim they don't know how they met (yeah right!), so how can she even answer this if she doesn't know when or how she met Charles? LOL
She claims she never heard of CTFxC, yet (we have screenshots) she liked a photo of him congratulating his wife on their wedding anniversary. I mean, WTK don't seem to be famous, and they get a lot of traffic and fans because of Charles (at least it seems that way to me). In fact, isn't that why the other band members started vlogging?
It seems to me she had heard of CTFxC, since she said she knew he was married.
''How did you meet?'' ... ''We have no idea.''

Yeah right. Even if they don't remember the first meeting, one of them has to remember something! When did they start to notice each other? Charles doesn't text and skype with all the WTK or CTFxC fans, so how did they start doing this? In the other video, Melissa says ''when you first met'', and 3rd Allie says ''when we first met'',so they have to know, right?
''lots of mutual friends'' ... ''in college''

Riiiight...Charles has a lot of FB friends, but she does not. She should remember how they met. And if they were just friends on FB, then why not talk about the first time they met in real life? Are you telling me seriously they started a relationship, and have no idea how they met? That sounds so dumb.
3rd Allie: ''One of the biggest things Char told me when we first met''


She said that when she first met him, he told her he does have seizures.

Which means: they didn't meet in college, because Charles only started having seizures when he was already married to Alli.
Inconsistencies !!!

Just wanted to point out, that vlog when Charles thought he might have a seizure while he was shopping with Allie, and he took a bunch of medication and called her over... You know, these things happen. What upset me was - she continued to shop for dresses. And for the rest of the video, Charles seemed so spaced out and out of it. Made my heart break. If that was Alli, the shopping trip would be so over, and she'd take him home to relax. I'm not saying 3rd Allie is a bad person, I'm saying Alli was a lot more nurturing.
Again, claiming she didn't know about the daily vlogs.

She liked his FB page, where he mentions CTFxC in every other post. And she claims she never noticed it? I don't know who's buying this story....
They say they texted for a while, then they facetimed or skyped or whatever.

But was his marriage over when this was happening? Where was Alli during all this? Was he still kissing her in the videos? 
3rd Allie says that her being on camera made their relationship easier. And he says ''back in the day when she was Squiggles.''

But we see her in videos on April 21st (double date, golfing, in his friend's vlog), and on May 12th. long has the relationship been going on BEFORE she was on camera, before she was Squiggles? Was it while he was still filming with Alli? The more they talk, the more questions we have.
They talk about the little girl that wanted to meet 3rd Allie and no one else, and all of a sudden it's ''one of Charles's favorite memories''. Because his fans or people that wanted to see him don't matter, right? *Rolling my eyes*
Charles starts reading Steve Jobs quotes.
I am not an Apple person, but really, do people exist that still like Steve Jobs? Don't they know anything about him and what he was like? I'm surprised people like him. Maybe they need to learn more about him:

They talk about the negative comments they get.

Alli doesn't get negative comments any more. But she didn't put someone new in the videos in a blink of an eye. Maybe the negative comments would stop if you just told the truth? I mean, you do this for a living, might as well be honest. Maybe the main difference is, Alli Speed is officially introducing her boyfriend. She's using the word ''boyfriend'', and she's talking about this. Charles never once talked about this in his videos when 3rd Allie first showed up. She was there as Squiggles. And when he showed her face, he said ''This is Allie, AKA Squiggles'' (btw, it creeped people out back then when they realized the two women share the same name). Never did he say in the videos ''I have a girlfriend''. He talked vaguely about moving on, literally days after the separation announcement, when most viewers were still rooting for the marriage to work. There were photos on his Instagram, and some on his Facebook, but he never addressed the issue in his videos when she first started appearing. I don't know if he called her his GF now, months later, but when she first came out, people were confused. They kept defending him in the comments like ''he's allowed to have female friends''. It was all sort of hidden. And Alli is being open, so maybe that's why people like her better. Or maybe because she's slowly easing the boyfriend into the audience: first she was just talking about him, showing an ear, trying to get us to like him and to see how much he means to her. And when the boyfriend (Chase) was first shown in a video, she introduced him straight away and explained who he was - there was no big secret. Charles just threw this new chick there, it was obvious they were dating, yet he never made any effort to get the viewers to like or accept her. She was there, but he did not address the situation. She was a replacement in the eyes of the viewers and that's maybe the main reason she gets the hate. She was the same character on the show, but a new actor. A lot of people thought of it as disrespectful.

Her grandmother googled Charles.

So obviously she had to have found out that he was married. Found out about the wife. And she thought it was good to date this guy?! Really? 
So they say they never really saw each other except on Skype. So how do they go way back to college then? Inconsistencies.
And when he told her ''Wow You're gorgeous'', where was Alli? Did he shoot a video with Alli that day? This is so two-faced to me, I can't stand it. Why was he skyping with her if he was still living with his wife and trying to work things out?


Charles released two tweets, first this one:
 And then this one, taking ShayCarl out of the dare:
A unicorn butt tattoo? Any tattoo on anyone's ass is a very bad decision. But this one? Even if he were to get 2 million subscribers, so what? I thought this was incredibly stupid and immature.

But what I found interesting was how little he knows his BFF, ShayCarl. ShayCarl is a Mormon, a Later Day Saint. This religious community (to the best of my knowledge) does not allow tattoos. Also, Shay has 5 kids, and a wife. His wife would not be too happy with a butt tattoo. So, he just randomly included Shay in such a dumb idea, and then he took Shay out of it when Shay said he's not going to do it? What happened?
Seriously, a unicorn butt tattoo? Ugh.

So, Alli has a boyfriend. His name is Chase. As I'm typing this, I'm waiting for the latest vlog to come out that might be featuring him (it's out and he is here OMG MUCH EXCITE!). 
So, what do we know? Hm...they go way back. Like, she knows him longer then Charles. 
So someone (most likely this woman Rachel, because it was taken on her profile, however we don't know for sure if it was really her) tried to stur some shit up in the last few weeks. A wife of a friend of Charles' tried to stur shit up by posting these two photos below (while pretending in the comments that she doesn't personally know Alli or Charles, yet she was in their wedding):
This Rachel woman was also seen in a vlog with Charles and the 3rd Allie sometime like 2-3 months ago.
Saying how this is ''proof'' that Alli did something wrong (yet she isn't able to say what it is that Alli did wrong)? These are two photos, dated year 2007 (back when she didn't even know Charles). We have no idea if they even communicated during Alli's marriage. And also, cheating on Charles with this guy would be pretty damn difficult considering Chase lived in South Korea for almost the entire duration of Alli's marriage. All I know for sure is that Chase is fucking adorable. 
I mean, I'd get together with a guy I was in love with in high school if I could, so I guess that's why I'm so excited about Alli's relationship - it seems kind of insanely romantic. She's not with someone new who she doesn't know. She's recycling from her past. Recycling is good. I approve. LOL

Guys, Alli explained how she and Chase met (in the best possible way) in her latest video, so check it out HERE at 6:19
To sum up: They dated ages ago, broke up, and then reconnected when she was legally divorced. No big secret, no hiding, just the truth.
As I was typing this post, Alli released a vlog which features THE CHASE. I think he's so sweet. He's very handsome and funny. I love how she's been slowly introducing him to the audience: it's been three weeks since she spoke about him in the Q&A video, and she posted two photos on her IG. And now she's slowly showing him to us. Also, it's really no big secret who he is, because she started following him on twitter and IG, so that's how most people found out his name. 
As to why nobody's attacking Alli, why nobody's doing investigatory work or trying to find ''proof'' which might make her look bad; or why nobody is analyzing the timeline of her relationship with Chase:
She waited until her audience was ready (months after her marriage was LEGALLY OVER did she even mention Chase). He is still not in the vlogs (sorry, he appeared while I was typing). She has confessed she has a boyfriend in her videos. She has been honest with her audience and said that it's ''not some big secret'' and that she ''doesn't have anything to hide'' and that it was time. She handled the situation in such a classy, considerate way towards everyone included (especially the audience), so that's why people are rooting for her and supporting her and being nice to her.

Anyway, I'm just loving how she's handling it all.

Let's be clear about this: nobody's out to get Charles, or to hate him just to hate him, not even me. People are noticing the lies, and they're trying to point it out, yet he's reacting very poorly to any advice. Honestly, I watched the CTFxC vlogs for Alli, she was so interesting and amusing, and time just flew by with her. I am LOVING all the content she's putting on her new channel. Without her, I can't watch Charles. He's way too immature for me. With Alli I feel like I'm finding out so much: when she's travelling she makes the videos interesting and always has some fun fact to share. If Charles travels somewhere he just makes fun of how different they are from us. I think he made a huge mistake, and that Alli was the person the community revolved around

I feel like I understand the situation now. I wish Charles no ill will. I will continue to support Alli and watch her videos. However, I will no longer be making these CTFxC blog posts (most probably). I mean, if Charles does or says something horrible about Alli, I might again resort to sharing my thoughts with you guys.
But I just don't think I will be making more blog posts about this. I am ready to move on. (But I would still love to discuss this all in the comment section below.)

I will continue to follow Alli Speed's videos because they give me joy. I feel like Alli handled the situation the right way. She quit the stupid daily vlogs when her marriage was over. She took time for herself. She kept her head high. She did not trash her ex in any comments. She was a champ. She was a class act. We should all aspire to be more like her. I cannot in words explain how awesome she is. And it shows. And people see the honesty and want to be nice back to her.

This is all miles away from Charles's immature ''Squiggles'' antics, and bringing Allie into the vlogs without saying they were dating. He caused a ton of confusion. And I'm not even going to talk (again) about what a low class move all the comments he's made have been. The hate you get Charles, it's not Alli's fault. She doesn't have some magical hold over the CTFxC audience. It's all you. People are responding to you. To the nasty comments you're liking, to the deceitful things you've done. To the bad attitude you have towards the whole situation. Do not blame Alli for the shitty position you're in. It's all you. And it's not her duty to help you now, or to say or do something for you.SHE HAS MOVED ON. 

On this note, I salute all of you. Thank you for embarking on this crazy adventure with me. Thank you all for all the investigating you guys have done, and for screenshotting for me and emailing me all the info. You've all been awesome. 

Again, I wish you all the very best. I hope you are all happy and well in your endeavors.
Love you. Thank you all for your kind words. Have a nice day. :)

Why yes kind Sir, you are free to leave a comment below.
However, if you just insult or attack me, I will delete those comments. You can support Charles, that's fine, but do so without attacking others. I have no need to keep mean comments. That's my prerogative.

Thanks to all the people who sent me the screenshots used in this post, also thanks to the lovely ladies of GG for sharing their inspiring insight with us all.

Love, J

****Please note that all the things stated in this post are my personal opinion only, and feature information from the internet that may or may not be true. Please take this with caution, and use your brain wisely. This post was written so I can express my opinion on what has happened in this youtube show. Please regard it as my opinion only, not as actual fact. Also, you may do some investigating yourself. This post was not written with the purpose of bashing Charles or anyone else, but for me to get some things off my chest that have made me incredibly sad. Obviously I do not own any of the photos featured in this post. I have not personally met any of the people mentioned in this post. Just stay positive and enjoy your day.


  1. Good post you've made some interesting points but 'to be honest I don't think either of them did anything wrong to each other. I do how ever think it was handled by Charles completely wrong with the timeline and how he chose to tell certain things. What I think people don't realise he not be legally aloud to talk about what happened or maybe Alli Speed asked him not to she's seems like a very private person and I also believe Alli Speed to be a very intelligent women and wouldn't stay with a man who she believed or even suspected was cheating. I also believe that they were separated before it was announced, I think the tattoo and presents where last attempts to repair their marriage, people do silly things as a last resort. Even Alli said the separation wasn't a overnight decision. I may be completely wrong he may cheated but like I said I don't know. The thing about liking and commenting on photos I think to accuse him of cheating because of that (not saying that's the only reason he's being accused) is a bit far fetched. It's the world we live in everything is online where anyone can see. I personally like lots of photos and comment of other people's posts doesn't mean anything.
    I think calling Allie Wesenberg a "homewreching whore" is completely disgusting! You may not like her that completely fine but really come on! That stating your opinion that's bullying and needs to stop. Yes she has a DUI and yes I think that is aabsolutely a stupid irresponsible thing to do. But she obviously feels terrible about it. Nobody likes to be reminded of it move on. Nobod was hurt and there's no point going over the buts and she could haves a.

    Anyway I didn't write this to start an argument with anyone I just wanted to state may view on this and I just believe there is a giant part to the story missing.

    1. Please excuse my spelling and missing the odd letter.
      . *That isnt stating your opinion that's bullying and needs to stop*

    2. She wasn't talking about me specifically, there are thousands of people in comments calling her a HW W. She gets this from a lot of people. Probably because Charles did not say when their relationship started. And the reason he probably didn't say it is because it probably started while he and Alli were still very much married.

      The thing is, even if Charles and Alli were separated before the news of it came out, and Charles started the new relationship, Charles still has troubles to face if he confesses the actual timeline. Reason is:
      that would mean he was lying to his viewers. Charles has always said he wants to be completely honest, and this whole story sort of showed just how aggressively he edits the videos, and that he isn't being honest with the viewers. That's probably why people are still upset with him: not because I wrote some post, but because people realized that while he was on camera, he was pretending. He wasn't honest. So if people wanted to watch stuff like that, they wouldn't watch the ctfxc, they'd just turn on the tv. You know what I mean?

      I think one thing we can all agree on: Alli has handled the stress and negativity of the situation much better than Charles. She's the one that walks away from this with her head held high.
      Also, the was she introduced her new BF and talked about him and explained the situation is a thousand billion percent better than how Charles handled it - I guess that's why she's getting the positive feedback: people feel like she's being honest (while still keeping a little of her life to herself), and people feel Charles is still very much hiding things.

      Thanks for your comment and for sharing your thoughts on the situation, enjoy your day.

    3. I didn't mean to apply you were the only one calling her that sorry if it seemed like I did.

      Before the announcement they both played the part of married couple and in that way we were lied to. I truly believe that they were separated for a while before we knew, because personally I'd notice certain things that seemed a little to how they were a few years ago.

      I also think he should of not tried to hide his new girlfriend at the beginning however I kinda understand why.

      I forgot to mention the rude comments made towards Alli Speed from Charles. I honestly doubt he deliberately set out to insult her I think he got angry and frustrated not at Alli but with everything thing that was happening. The comments where he was thinking someone that insulted Alli, again a stupid move on his part but I honestly believe that he fed up with all the hate his new girlfriend was getting (still no excuse) so when a comment deflecting hate was a relief maybe? I don't know however I don't believe him to be a horrible nasty parson. But hey I could be wrong he could be a complete assholes for all I know.

      I don't think people should judge any off them based on what the select to sure even if they say the want to be open and honest, in life there are thing you just don't want to share.

      Again this not to start any argument. I'm not on with side I enjoy both channels and I believe that they are good people caught in the Internet life.

      Ps. I apologise if this doesn't make sense I'm not the type of person who writes this much.

    4. I understand what you're saying, but I feel, if Alli was able to never ''heart'' a mean comment about Charles (and there are plenty available to her), then Charles should have stopped with it as well. He knew when he first left comments that people were screenshooting them, but he still continued. That's how I feel.

  2. I agree with the above poster, no need to call her a "homewreching whore" even if you dislike her.

    And like the above poster I feel that Charles made a lot of wrong decisions from the start of the break up, he should have been more honest about things, and he should have included Alli in the "we need to talk" break up video, if not with him then at least as a seperate part at the end after his speech.

    1. You see, that's one of the things I will never ''forgive'' Charles. OBVIOUSLY Alli had something to say to the viewers. Obviously she also wanted to share her thoughts. But Charles posted the video without her.
      I sort of saw that as an ultimate stab in the back: he did not let her explain anything. And he spoke on her behalf. He still does this, he often says ''me and my ex wife'' - but he really should just stick to sharing HIS side of the story, and stop portraying it as THEIR COMMON OPINION.
      I thought that the fact he made the videos without her was a huge stab in the back, but that's just my opinion. Personally, I strongly feel that Alli wanted to speak on the ctxfc channel, but Charles didn't let her.

      Anyways, thanks for sharing your thoughts, have a nice day.

    2. It's his channel :S, also personally I think neither of them did anything overly serious, it seems overly complicated suspicious bullshit because of how little we know about the whole thing. The way he reacts to some of the commenters is because he probably is mad that people would say some of those things, because it's not the generic hate, he's human, I too sometimes react on a similar level to comments made to me that I would consider a bit out of order to talk about.

    3. Yes, but Alli had to hear mean comments as well: how she must be leaving Charles just because he has cancer,etc.... and she could have snapped and said something back. but she never did. not once.
      So the reason Charles looks bad here is because he respond to lots of comments about alli, and she isnt doing the same thing: if she was able to stay classy and quiet (and mind you, she had it MUCH worse than Charles), then Charles should stop making these comments as well.
      If they were both trashing each other in the comments section, his behaviour would be acceptable. But that isnt the case. Charles is always saying or approving of bad things about Alli. And she is keeping quiet. So he's making her look bad over and over again, and she's not saying anything bad about him. I just think he needs to stop with that.

    4. I totally agree Alli handled the disgusting comments way better. The thing about life everybody reacts differently to certain situations even it's completely wrong.
      I would like to mention after the announcement while Alli was getting hate Charles did ask that the haters treat her and himself with respect. But still I'm not condoning what he said. Personally I lost some respect for him.

      Btw thank you for turning this into hate filled argument. I respect your opinion.

  3. honestly i think that charles didn't introduce the homewrecker as his girlfriend out of fear that people will notice that he's a cheating twat . tables have turned i am happy that he gets what he deserves .

    1. I too am happy he gets the negativity - in the few videos that came out after the separation announcement, he seemed so sad and bummed, and alli was not making any videos, so people were supporting him and saying insanely hurtful things to alli: like, that she's leaving him because he has cancer, that she had to have cheated, that she's a goldigger. insane.
      and charles HAD TO HAVE KNOWN alli would get the hate when he chose to shoot a video without her and offer the viewers only his side of the story.

      I feel like all the things that are happening to him are the result of Karma.
      Karma is a bitch, and I can tell you. I am a bitch, but she is way worse than me. LOL

      Enjoy your day.

    2. I agree the negativity he's getting is brought on by himself to a certain degree, although some comments I've seen on YT, FB, IG and twitter about hin 'deserving' cancer are way way out of order and darn right disgusting.

    3. yeah, the cancer comments are out of line.

  4. So I have accidentally deleted a comment which said:
    ''Let's be clear about this: nobody's out to get Charles, or to hate him just to hate him, not even me.''

    Definitely not you, the person who has written a 15,000 word essay trying to pick apart someone you know very, very little about. Spending hours meticulously trying to find mole hills to turn into mountains. Sheeshkabab.

    So, I'm not writing all this with the PURPOSE of making Charles look bad. I'm simply sharing how I view the situation, and I see Charles as the bad guy in this story. Charles' fans try to make it seem that I'm on some crazy vengeance trip and all I want is for Charles to be portrayed as a bad guy. That is not the case. I just wanted to share how I view the situation. People have NEVER been quiet about this. When the news of the divorce first broke out, people went to Alli's channel and accused her (without a shred of evidence) for the most horrible things. I am simply using a different platform: I'm doing THE SAME THING WE'VE ALL BEEN DOING: sharing my thoughts on the situation. But instead of doing it in the comment section, I'm writing about it here.

    Thank God we all have brains, and you're allowed to form your own opinion and don't have to agree with me at all. Why don't you just open your own blog and write a post about how you think Alli handled the situation wrong, and discuss the timeline of her new relationship and post screenshots of her tweets and comments? You are free to do it.
    Just take a look at the comments on Charles' IG, twitter, videos, facebook: EVERYONE's discussing the divorce and the timeline. I am simply doing it HERE.

  5. I see, you're actually removing comments you don't find suits your blog comment section where you clearly want to state your opinion and claim to want to know others opinions?

    1. If you had read the entire blog post, you would see that in the end it says I am removing mean and nasty comments. your comments is still here, but I delete the really nasty ones. I have no need to keep them.

  6. What interview is that the alli talks about the negative comments? and where can i find it?

    1. here you go, there are 3 pages:

  7. What do you think about how a lot of Charles' friends and band members unfollowing Alli Speed on Twitter?Or how Alli Speed wasn't at Travis' wedding? I get that they weren't Alli's friends first, but still that's disrespectful.

    1. it came to picking sides: they're in a band and they chose charles. also, charles does not wish to be close to alli speed anymore or see her places (at least it seems that way to me). because 3rd allie has said she knew of wtk, some say that they believe charles was cheating on Alli with this one while they were on tour, and the band members knew it all and no one gave alli speed the heads up. the band members have embraced the 3rd allie, meaning that they chose to stop hanging out with alli speed.

      Personally, I think she's better off. All the guys in the band are lame, she doesn't need them in her life anyways.

    2. I dont think it was disrespectful not to invite Alli to the wedding, she is not friends with them in the same way and it would be awkward to have her there with Charles and A3. Not sure if she even would have gone to the wedding if she was invited.

    3. this comment above is exactly what i was thinking. i think it would have been rude towards both charles and alli had she been invited, and they would both be extremely uncomfortable.

  8. You have to remember that Chase was living in Japan when Alli started to date him again back in June last year, and since Alli is not a daily vlogger it was easier to hide him.

    Charles on the other hand is a daily vlogger, and when people started to suspect that he was seeing else and when they started digging around for evidence, it became more and more difficult to hide her from the vlogs. And when the first picture of them together was posted by someone on Twitter, he knew that it was time to slowly introduce her.

    1. I do not think Chase was ever living in Japan, he is living in South Korea.
      And I don't mind someone being hidden, nobody is expecting daily vloggers to bring cameras to first dates - it makes sense that they only share after a few months, when they know the person better, etc. But for Charles I think it was much too soon (days), and it was obvious they had been communicating during his marriage, which makes this shady as fuck (or maybe i'm just conservative).
      I do agree that it's difficult for daily vloggers to hide things, but then again Charles and Alli successfully hid their marrital problems, so I guess he could have hidden her longer if he had wanted to. To me it seems he was eager to incorporate her in the business/vlogs.


  9. Basically people are giving him $$$ (views) so he can lie on YouTube. I saw Charles run past me while I was in line to see Travis at his clothing tent at Warped Tour before all this and I was genuinely excited, I looked up to this dude in a way. But he ran off back behind the stage where their set was earlier, with some other guys so I didn't get to meet him. And i'm extremely glad for that, knowing what kind of person he is now I have nothing for him. I had stopped watching long before I hit the unsubscribe button I couldn't sit through the vlogs anymore with Charles shoving his relationship with A3 down everyone's throats. It's so ridiculous all of it, just like you said if they where being honest they would get ripped apart because there is obviously something to hide. Unlike Alli Speed he has brought up the divorce multiple times and has tried desperately to defend himself in every way possible, I feel like that is due to the guilt and the comments that aren't buying it fueling his guilt leading him to make another shitty video full of lies. He isn't making it for his viewers to try and help them understand it's for him to try and justify his shitty actions and ease his guilt. Also if you have seen Seth Rogen's "The Interview" Charles reminds me of Kim Jong Un in the movie on so many levels hahaha. He's depicted as a master manipulator, tries to make everything look perfect while he's starving his people. Kinda like Charles starving his viewers from the truth with his fake grocery store of lies.
    And on another note Alli Speed is a bad ass! And as are you with the fantastic posts! :)

    1. Exactly my point: Alli had no contact with Chase while married, and we have proof Charles and 3rd Allie were (at least) talking and what not. I just think he checked out of this marriage long before Alli ever did, so it angers me that he thinks that jumping right into something new is acceptable. Also, even if he and Alli were separated for a month or so before he shared it, there was no need to deceive the audience. Charles shouldn't have kissed his wife or tell her that he loves her on camera- he screwed over the viewers when he did that. But he messed up the community himself when he did not let Alli share her side of the story on the ctfxc page: she was there for 5 years, and he did the announcement without her? Lame. I've said this many times: he's going to have a lame world record, but his life is going to fall apart. he needs to put down the stupid camera.
      Thanks for your awesome comment, sending you an internet hug ;)

    2. So when you are married you are not allowed to talk to other people/girls ? It doesnt really matter that he was talking to her before the breakup, after all they were just talking. I know they ended up dating but hey you gotta start somewhere. It's mazing people invest all this time speculating in someones divorce, I get it they are popular youtubers/vloggers but still seems way to much to how much time people spend over this. Both of them are happier now, let's be the same for them :)

    3. I think they did a lot more than talking ... ;)

  10. I absolutely LOVE that you are one of the few not afraid to call out the bullshit rather than just nod in agreement with everything he says/posts. You actually have a screen shot of a comment about how I felt about everything. I'm Eri :)
    It's sad that this will be your last blog regarding Charlies (that isn't a typo, better fit in my opinion) but I get it. I stopped commenting on videos and his twitter and instagram accounts because it seems like no one wants to accept logic and when you make sense you get attacked and called a hater. I still watch Alli's videos and I love them, I admit I believed his crap when the split first happened and I made a comment about how she was wrong but after everything..after seeing all the shady behavior I saw everything for what it was. He CLEARLY cheated on her and there is so much proof of this. Part of me wishes that Alli would make a video and just say fuck it. This is how things REALLY happened. It saddened me to see so many of their mutual friends side with him, especially Shay...Charles is his friend so I understand him being friendly to the new chick but I feel that as quickly as he did it was not considerate of Alli's feelings. Like.. dude..there's talk that he cheated on Alli with her, someone you know very well and you're not gonna let a good amount of time pass before just snapping pics with her and being besties. It was in bad taste. I hope Charles loses way more followers and that more and more people open their eyes to his crap. Thank you again for telling it like it is and not being mindless follower.

    1. Thanks, I do however get some hate for it. However, it seems a minority of people have sided with Charles and most is siding with Alli. What has made me sad is how bad Charles is looking and how sad he seems. I really hope things look up for him, because this isn't what anyone wanted. I wrote more on my twitter, but he is looking very sad right now. I have said what has happened, and a lot of people found out a lot from my blog. But I think now it's time to sort of move on and let Charles be. It's been a year (almost), and he hasn't gotten 1 new subscriber - but he has lost a lot. He is getting desperate and it's sad to witness. I hope he gets better, but I don't think he will while 3rd Allie is here - she is toxic for him.

  11. I agree, he is looking off lately. It seems he has gained new subs though. I think him not looking well has a lot to do with how he eats lately. While he was with Alli he ate healthy and now it seems that's gone out the window. as had refraining from anything that may bring on a seizure. Seems he's had a few this month or last. I don't wish to see him in bad health but I don't wish him success with his channel. He has done nothing but lie to his subscribers and I can't support the success of a person who not only lies to people who admire them but who does it so comfortably. It seems like he truly doesn't care that he lies. Part of me wishes that Alli would just make a video letting us know the TRUTH. I feel like she's got the short end of the stick in terms of being cheated on and then being made to look like the bad guy when the announcement was released. I wish everyone would get Alli to 1 million subs. Sorry, but I don't feel Charles deserved it at all.

    1. It's not just eating, he stayed up until 6am to edit a vlog? He should be taking care of himself. Seeing him like this makes me sad, because he is looking very bad, but also seems genuinely miserable and sad.
      I am ok with him gaining subs now. Time has passed and it's been almost a year and he hasn't gained any new people. His views are also down, which makes me sad since it must be really rough for him. I do not think his channel will be successful because the content isn't good. For me, I watched because of Alli Speed - whenever I think of fun stuff from the old vlog, I think of her. So even if he gets 2 million, I dont think he will get a lot of views.

      I also think he's being very greedy -many people have a lot less than 1,4 million, and they're not looking for subscribers. I think he should be happy with his current number. Alli has a third of what he has, and she's not promising any crazy tattoos if she gets more. I think the whole situation is sad, really.

  12. 2m subs? LOL Charles wants more Youtube money so he made that dare. That guy wants to live a rockstar life. I think it would be better if he just stopped vlogging and find a job and try to recover from his cancer.

  13. This turned into a longer comment than I'd anticipated. I even had to split it into two parts! Try not to read it in a hostile voice because it's not intended that way.

    Eh. My stance is the same now as it was a year ago: aggressive agnosticism. I don't know what happened and neither does anyone else who wasn't directly involved. Charles did and said some thoughtless things and this is perfectly in keeping with the image I've had of him since day one. He's an ineloquent spaz.

    To sum up my thoughts on some of the issues raised in your various posts, we disagree more than we agree. We agree that the circumstances surrounding the divorce are a bit strange, and I attribute it to Charles and Alli's reluctance to lay it all out for people to scrutinize. I'm just speculating (the most any of us can do), but it seems to me that both of them wanted some measure of privacy after the announcement. Alli got it by more or less removing herself from the Internet. Charles stayed on the Internet but tried to keep aspects of his life from the viewers, which a considerable portion of the viewership found to be less than they deserved. There may be gaps in the story, but I'm more comfortable with letting the questions go unanswered in lieu of conclusive evidence than trying to plug things up with conjecture. This was my attitude back when Alli was getting most of the hate, and it's still my attitude now that Charles is bearing the brunt of it.

    You've said that you think Charles moved on too quickly, but I haven't really understood on what grounds and in what way you meant that. It might not be what either of us would do, but we're not the standard of acceptable behavior. Some of your arguments for why he cheated seem to run along similar lines: people do not and should not move on as quickly as he appeared to do. Ergo, infidelity. I get that getting back into dating a few weeks after getting divorced may not be the best choice in terms of mental and emotional health, but that's an observation rather than a prescription. In other words, waiting longer than a couple of weeks may be advisable but it's not a rule and he's not "wrong" for dating again as soon as he did. By the same token, it may have been inadvisable for Allie to start dating a guy who recently got divorced, but not actually wrong.

    1. Actually, turns out he started messing/hanging out with/dating Allie3 while his and Alli's marriage was still very much alive. Also, Allie3 did not start dating a 'divorced man', as you put it, she started dating a MARRIED MAN. Huge difference. I wonder how you feel about Charles trashing Alli in the comments, and her not saying anything negative? As for the moving on too quickly - Charles had an engagement go wrong before, and he started dating a new person right away, and look how that turned out. I also think that him dating someone so soon was a clear sign (to me) that he was with this person LONG before we found out about her. I do not have to approve of anyone cheating, why should I?

    2. I've seen evidence that he'd communicated with Allie on Facebook at some point. That's all I think anyone can claim to actually know. When you say that she started dating a married man, are you counting from their initial contact online or from their mini golf date? If the first, I'm not convinced that they were dating at that stage. If the second, his married status was a technicality as he and Alli were already separated, if not divorced already.

      How do I feel about Charles trashing Alli? This is what I was referring to when I said that Charles has said and done some thoughtless things. Encouraging people who were saying disparaging things about Alli was a really dumb thing to do, even if (as he's said) he was only encouraging the well-wishing postscripts. Personally, I lean toward it being a passive-aggressive way of standing up for his new girlfriend, but that's just me playing armchair psychologist. Alli's choice to say nothing has been more productive in the long run, even though it drew a lot of ire in the first couple of weeks. Charles seems to have lost some of his Internet smarts in the wake of the divorce.

      Yes, it may have been inadvisable for Charles to start dating again so soon, but this does not translate into it being wrong. It may be an indication that Charles was interested in Allie before the divorce (if even that), but it doesn't constitute proof as far as I'm concerned. You don't have to approve of cheating (I certainly don't), but I don't believe it has been established for certain that cheating happened. It's a possibility, and I believe that that's the furthest anyone can take this without going beyond the available evidence.

    3. I see your point of things, and I understand you, but I think that him communicating with Allie so long before the separation has to mean something shady has been going on. Sure, there is not solid, or any kind of proof that they did do more than talking, but to me, the indication is too strong.

  14. I don't really see how it's wrong for Allie to be living in that house or be benefiting from the channel. I understand how it might feel kind of weird or unpleasant for someone who was really invested in Charles and Alli as a couple, but I think it'd be unreasonable to demand that Charles to sell the house and burn the channel because Alli's not part of the picture anymore. It'd also be unreasonable in my opinion to demand that Charles keep any girlfriends out of the house and off of the channel because he used to share those things with someone else. As for Allie getting money from sponsorships, I can't really blame her. She's found herself in a position to get paid to receive free stuff. While I may take issue with her possibly faking opinions about products, she's no different in this regard than any other YouTuber pushing Netflix, Audible, Loot Crate, NatureBox, etc.

    I hope you don't think I'm trying to be offensive here because I'm really not, but there's just a lot of stuff here that doesn't seem to be grounded in anything other than the preconceived notion that Charles and anyone who knows him and doesn't spurn him must be a bad person. The t-shirt and ShayCarl's tweet about grudges could have been coincidences (they also could not have been, but none of us can KNOW that they weren't), the mix-up about separation versus divorce could have been Charles flubbing the terminology (see my initial comment about him being an ineloquent spaz) or Shay misunderstanding what Charles meant (we didn't hear their conversation), the removal of the wedding video could actually have been at Alli's request (again, we have no information), he could have been expressing Alli's actual viewpoints when he spoke for the two of them (because Alli said nothing - again, we don't know), and so on. I'm glad you didn't think the "recycling" of titles and thumbnails wasn't a big deal, because I really think it's an issue of Charles still being the guy picking them. They're based on what he thinks will attract viewers and that probably hasn't changed much in the past year or so. People wrapped in Christmas lights is a relatively common photo motif and there are several examples to be found around the web.

    My final point isn't directed specifically at you because I don't know exactly where you stand on this, but I'll never understand how people who were so surprised at the announcement of the divorce and didn't have a clue that Charles and Alli were going through problems and were considering splitting up can still be so confident in their ability to "read" the vlogs and tell what's really going on in people's hearts and heads.

    1. I am obviously not the only one who shares this stand - since Alli left the channel, Charles has only been losing subscribers (he is still not back to the numbers he had before she left), and his views are going down considerably - he's under 100.000 (unless he puts a 'sexy' thumbnail). So, people just don't like him and his new chick, and that's where we agree.

    2. Is that an ad populum? I can't really tell. But yeah, the views seemed to be climbing for a little while, but has been on a downward trend overall. He seems to be losing subscribers about as fast as he's gaining them. This is really beside the point, but I think it would probably have been a good idea if he'd packed up his things, put the dogs in the car, and gone to stay with Shay for a few months after the divorce. Aside from allowing him to get away for a while, it would also have left the viewers in a clearer position as far as the status and format of the channel was concerned - a kind of relaunch or spin-off, so to speak. Depending on how stable his condition is at the time, he could go couch surfing from YouTuber to YouTuber. This is actually still a possibility if people are right about him being stressed out and depressed.

    3. I agree with you on the fact that he should have done something different for a while - he should have ''rebranded'' the channel - if nothing, he would seem less like a heartless bastard who move don in a blink. even if he was sad at all about the divorce, the viewers never got to see any of it, which is why he's facing so much negativity nowdays. Also, I do not think Charles' medical condition allows him to stay with someone for a while, since at this point he is having seizures every week (I think? not sure)

    4. I'm not sure about once a week, but then it's been a while since I watched regularly. I do know that the tumor is shrinking steadily. I'd be more concerned about him having access to his medication, and that having seizures around YouTube friends who haven't dealt with it before might be a bad situation.

  15. allie has said before that her "job" knows of what she does with charles and has asked not to be mentioned in their videos.. but i dont ever see this bitch workin (not that i've really watched their videos in a few months). but im under the impression that she never had a job and was just LYING so that people wouldn't get mad and say she taking alli speeds money.. and so they wouldn't call her a FREE-LOADING, FAME-SEEKING, GOLD-DIGGING, HOME-WRECKING BITCH like i just called her.. your thoughts??

    1. OMG my thoughts exactly! To be honest, I think she did have a ''job'', but it was more of a part-time thing, like, maybe 3 -5 hours a week. I think she stopped doing that when she got a whiff of the cash alli speed left behind. but we'll never know, because ''the job'' doesnt want her to share hahaha

    2. lol! on another subject, (which u dont have to reply to if u dont want) ive also been under the impression that many of the people that u see commenting everyday on charles' video, mainly the notorious "hardcore" supporters, are actually charles and allie on sock accounts commenting on their own channel.. mainly to discredit info such as the kind u bring us to skew people views in a certain direction.. this is all speculation and assumption of course, but i can name 5 or 6 of the everyday people who comment and tell u that they're not just regular fans. they seem to have inside knowledge into charles' affairs and they protect him as if they're his PR agent or lawyer.. in my honest opinion, charles/allie have over 10 sock accounts that they use to monitor their own channel, which they have the right to do, im just saying its pathetic lol

    3. ohh and as i said, i havn't watched or really been on that channel in a few months so what im talking about pertains to a few months ago.. i think the comment section over there has gotten alot better now

    4. I agree with what you said about sock accounts. charles is reading the comments all the time, makes sense to have more accounts. i think that's really lame.

  16. I really hope you start posting more blogs on Charles and Allie's actions, calling them out. He's obviously well enough these days to move into a brand new house in St Petersburg to be closer to Allie's family. There's also speculation about him paying for her braces. She's gotten sponsorship deals because of him, eg. a brand of sunglasses. I can't remember the name. Think it starts with a "v".

    Charles may have his off days, but if he were seriously ill, packing up an entire house to move would be the last thing on his mind. There are also rumors that he's close to proposing again.

    He's basing his new housing decisions on her. Would he move to St Petersburg if she weren't around? If her family didn't live there? What happens if they break up? Another move, another house? They've only been together a year. The honeymoon period has barely worn off. Buying a new house is different from renting a cheap apartment her and there.

    Had he married Ally Rhodes (Alli #1), he may have been twice divorced by now instead of just once.

    I saved an old message that Jeff Takeover wrote on his YouTube Channel after Charles and Alli Speed first got their own place upon returning from Spain in 2009 I think it was. Remember how Charles used to claim he and Jeff parted on great terms?
    Here is what Jeff wrote back then:

    @musicalmeal i totally get what you're saying and
    i really super tried to not let it get to me but it's
    difficult? i get asked not even joking every literal
    single day about my former partner it gets to you after
    8 months you know?
    i tried super hard to not bring this
    person up and discuss them even though they feel the
    need to tweet and facebook negative things to me
    basically imagine your best friend in
    the world got a new g/f and she didn't like you so your friend
    of 8 years told you to fuck off its upsetting right?

    Does that sound like good terms to you? The last part he writes is the most pertinent. I get the impression Charles re-arranges his entire life based on somebody he barely knows. He did it for Alli Speed and now he's doing it for Allie Wessenberg.

    Don't get me wrong: I like Alli Speed. I think she's intelligent and has a certain on-camera charisma this new Allie lacks. But that doesn't change the fact that early on is relationships, Charles tends to make some pretty big decisions based upon what his new gf likes/wants.

    1. Thank you for your comment.
      I think the ctfxc vlogs are so boring and uninteresting without Alli Speed, so that's why there have been no new posts - there's nothing to talk about because life without Alli is so boring. However, I will talk again if Charles does something horrible (he probably will).
      To an extent, I understand Charles moving away, there are a lot of memories in his old house (personally, I dont understand how 3rd Allie was comfortable living in his married home - to me that's shameless). Also, he was living there because it was close to Alli Speed's family (they were 2 doors down), so I understand him moving. Basically, he's doing the same thing - he moved there for Alli Speed, now he's moving to a new place because it's convenient for a new chick. I dont mind him moving, I just think it's weird that he's moving with this chick who may or may not have a job, who he has started dating during his marriage. I hope her name isn't on the papers, because she doesnt deserve it.
      To me, his illness is not important in this discussion -if he acts horribly towards someone, I'll call him out on it, just like I'd call someone out who currently doesn't have health problems. His cancer is not an excuse, even though he likes to think it is.

      As far as jeff goes, Charles always claims he's on good terms with people, to make himself look good, even when it's not true. In fact, he's doing the same thing with Alli Speed - and it's pretty obvious they're not on good terms, yet Charles claims they are.
      I too agree Charles always changes his entire life, what he likes, how he acts, to suit the person he's with, even when they're only together for a short time. I think it's sad he cant be his own person.

      As far as his health goes, he's not on his deathbed, but time is running out (prognosis says he has about a year and a half left, that's the average lifespan). I think the fact he doesnt talk about his illness shows how dishonest he is with his viewers. I mean, there is this huge thing happening to him, this huge health crisis, and it's never even mentioned.

      I didnt click on the vacation video, but I saw the thumbnail for it, which shows Charles in the water. That's so immature - you see, EVERYONE who has seizures is instructed to stay out of water because they have a high risk of drowning. I think one of the people in his party should have said that maybe he shouldnt be in the water, safety vest or not. It's very irresponsible. He could have had a seizure.

      I get a lot of messages from people now that Charles is moving - from what people have been telling me, they're very upset that 3rdAllie gets to live in the house bought with money that came from the business that Alli Speed worked on. People dont like that she is moving with him and that she gets to enjoy his lifestyle, knowing she contributed in no way in his wealth.Allie Wes has contributed to ctfxc in no way, in fact, since she's come he has only lost subscribers and viewers. i hope his family gets the house and stuff eventually, and not 3rd Allie - it's upsetting to me she lives with him, and she's only been here barely a year, and she started dating him while she KNEW he was married. in my opinion, she doesnt have morals.

    2. Polish Rainbow, thank you for taking the time to respond.

      It's not the moving again that's necessarily "bad", but rather, I think if he were more mature (haha), he'd be cautious when picking a location. I don't know where Allie3's family lives in St Pete's; however, choosing yet another home a short distance from his girlfriend's family will only lead to more awkwardness should they break up. In the end though, it really doesn't affect my life personally. It's his decision to make.

      It's possible Charles is lying to himself. If he can live normally (ie. the example you gave about water and seizures), then in his mind, he is normal. It's a form of denial.

      Remember how Alli used to chide him for being so irresponsible, falling off a wall, and making jerking movements in his wheelchair when exiting the hospital. Alli sternly advised him that "jarring" movements after a seizure probably weren't the wisest thing to do.

      The only reason I brought up his health is because of the letter you posted saying that one of the factors that motivated you into stopping these updates was how bad Charles was looking at that time. I thought that perhaps you'd do another update knowing that he's not in a horribly bad way just yet. He's happy (or pretending to be happy) and is well enough to move around.

    3. I do have several questions that perhaps you can answer:

      1) How did people find out about Chaz (Charles' Father) having mistresses? I tried googling "Chaz Trippy affairs" and "Chaz Trippy Mistresses" and nothing relevant came up. I don't watch the vlogs regularly. Is it that obvious on Twitter? Has someone in their family mentioned it?

      2) Do you remember an old vlog where Charles was showing us all the family pictures over the years of he and Melissa together? He noted how he never smiled in any of them. He looked quite sullen.In many of his school photos, it looks like he's plastering on an insincere smile (the eyes don't reflect any happiness).

      I get the impression that Charles' family life isn't anywhere near as lovely as he'd like us all to believe. As you pointed out before (I think it was you anyhow), we barely saw the Trippy clan until Char started having seizures. It was usually Alli's family we saw. Somebody else speculated that Char might see his family as white trashy.

      What do we know about his childhood anyways? Has any former friend from his yesteryears spilled any dirt? We know that as an adult, he's seemingly terrified of being alone. He jumps from relationship to relationship. We know he possesses certain narcissistic qualities.

      I can't understand if you don't care about this question. I'm simply curious is all.

      3) As his tumor condition gets progressively worse, what is the normal course of treatment to prolong his life? So far, he's had it fairly "easy" with his Chemo. When I say easy, I mean he's not bedridden, puking his guts out, losing his hair, and barely able to move. He can still function reasonably and vlog. At worst, he gets tired more easily and occasionally, feels a touch nauseated.

      Would they switch him over to a much stronger Chemotherapy drug combined with another surgery? I admit that I don't know much about treatments for this type of brain tumor. I have noticed that his seizures appear to be happening far more often than they used to.

      Sometimes I wonder if somebody ruining his world record would open his eyes. After the record is officially ruined, he might not feel so desperate to upload vlogs on time every day. He's spending his last few years editing and vlogging. When he and Allie3 were on vacation, he spent long hours in his hotel room uploading instead of savoring every moment just living life.

      I have to wonder whether Ma and Pa Trippy have ever said anything to him to give him a wake-up call. Their son is dying, and they're doing what exactly? I don't know them and for all I know, of camera, they're frustrated with Charles too.

    4. Ok, I'm with you on the location thing. Because look how awkward it was for him having to live across the street from the Speed family. However, I think he also has some family at St.Pete, and he needs them to help take care of him, (since he can't drive and stuff), so maybe it isn't solely based on 3rdAllie? But I'm not sure.
      As far as the illness goes, yeah, he could be lying to himself. Whenever he has a seizure, he always tells jokes and talks about funny things, he never once gets serious about it. i saw in one video recently that it pissed off the 3rdAllie, she was teling him ''you have to be serious''. Actually, I see now Charles is looking a lot better than he did a few months ago - he isnt retaining so much water. Right now, he's actually looking pretty healthy.

    5. Let me see if I can answer some of your questions. ;)
      1) So, one of the alleged mistresses went 'crazy', and she posted a bunch of comments under one of Charles' facebook pictures. She wrote about how (this was right after he split with Alli Speed) a son is a cheater just like the father, that his father was on the loose for 20 years, etc...stuff like that.Then going to her own profile, you could see a lot of pictures of her with Chaz, holding hands and attending a lot of functions together, and you could see them together at some of her friend's pictures. I actually do not know if Charles' parents are officially divorced, but it seems Chaz does have a chick girlfriend/mistress. The thing that pissed that woman off into posting comments was that she had actually broken up with him and he had a new chick (allegedly). I never wrote about it on my blog because I felt bad for Charles' mother - she had 2 kids with a guy who (allegedly) cheated on her (and did it very publicly). I think the photo of the woman's rant and some of the pictures of her with Chaz can be found on the GuruGossip forum. Anyways, looks like Chaz had been unfaithful for a long time (again, no proof to it, it's just some pictures, but they are pretty straight forward, and it's easy to see that Chaz was in a relationship with that blond chick for a while).

      2) In my opinion, Charles' and Melissa's childhood life wasnt very happy - the father was away a lot on tour and stuff, and if he did have other women, it must have been very hard for the mom. But we really don't know. I think it's so wrong to cheat on the mother of your children while she's waiting at home for you. But again, we can' really know what went on. In comparison, the Speeds seem very happy and caring and tight-nit. I think Charles and melissa didnt really hang put a lot until they were in their 20s.
      Charles' family wasn't in the vlogs as much, not even when he got that ill. Because the Speeds helped take care of him a lot. The family is there now because, well, Charles needs someone to care for him, and the Speeds are no longer there.

    6. 3) As far as his condition goes, what he has is terminal, it always is. grade III or IV gives you 5 years to live, tops (he is grade III) I believe. The clock has been ticking, and he's now down to 2 years tops I believe. There are always people who beat the odds and live maybe 7 or 10 years. But a few do. What he's doing is really the only way. He's on chemo, and that stops the tumor growth, but when he gets off chemo, it starts to grow again, uncontrollably.
      The whole point of his chemo is that the tumors stop growing, or for their growth to be stopped. But when he gets off chemo, the tumors start growing again. There is no win-win here. He is either on chemo suffering the side effects, or he's off chemo waiting for the tumors to grow.
      I think another surgery may be an option, should the tumor be located somewhere they might remove it. However, having had 2 brain surgeries already, the risks are high, so I think the main reason he's on chemo a lot is because they're trying to prevent one more surgery.
      It would be very helpfully if Charles was honest and spoke of his condition, hell, even I'd watch the vlogs then. This way, all we can do is speculate on the course his doctors are taking.
      His seizures are more frequent, but that's how this illness always is - the longer you live, the more seizures you get, the more tumors you get, and your condition goes worse and worse.

      As far as the world record goes, I have to be honest and say I dont know if anyone's even come close to it. I dont think anyone did, it might be broken one day, once Charles stops uploading, but most people have something happen in their life, and they take a break. To be honest, I think the whole world record thing is so stupid - he has the stupid record, he should be relaxing and take some time off. Nobody cares about the stupid record. His entire life might fall apart, and he'd still upload the stupid video? Come on?! In fact, from the business side, I think he might get more views if he would upload less frequently - nobody wants to stalk him every single day, because he's not interesting.Anyone else who has whatever job takes a break at least one day a week and doesnt think about work. He never takes a break, he has never taken a break in the last 6 years - now isnt that sad?
      Honestly,I dont know how nobody from Charles's family hasnt insisted to this day that he should take a break and stop the obsessive daily uploads - doing anything every single day for 6 years, having an obsession like that - it cant be would be difficult and bad for someone's mental health if a healthy person was dealing with it, let alone Charles with the way his health is right now.

    7. Polish Rainbow:
      Do you think Chaz's mistresses accusations of Charles being a cheater were merely speculation due to the rumors at the time or do you think she had inside information, being connected to Chaz and all?
      If you ask me, her comments are potentially quite damning. If she wanted to lash out at Chaz, why not use his channel to do it? But to also go after the son? Either she's purely vindictive or she knows the cheating allegations against Charles are also true.

      I can't see Allie3's family being anywhere near as devoted as the Speeds were to Charles's care. When Char was first diagnosed with the tumor, Lauren flew down straight away, even before Alli got there if my memory serves me corrected. She didn't have to do that.

      What does sort of surprises me is if Charles did cheat, why the hell would Melissa back up his relationship with Allie3, by acting like a little cheerleader in the background of his "How We Met" video? Would she be chill with being cheated on, I wonder? Or did Charles con her into believing Alli had it coming?

      When I spoke of breaking his record, I meant if some hater/hacker toyed with his YouTube so his video wouldn't appear on time. Mind you, Charles has connections at YouTube. He'd probably get them to tinker with the date of the upload thus maintaining his perfect record.

    8. Personally, I think it was more of a jab based on speculation, I doubt she really knew anything relevant regarding Charles and Alli's marriage.
      You're right about Lauren flying out to see Charles - I think she arrived before his own mother (not sure though). That's why the comments he made about Alli angered me so much (that she cursed, she was a drunk, she was never there to care for him) - she was there. his entire family was there! that's why it's so disgusting to see him talk poorly of any of them. i mean, they were there for him, he will never get as much support from anyone. i personally doubt Allie3 would be there if the money runs out.

      I think Melissa stands by Charles because she was always intimidated by Alli Speed's intelligence. Also, Melissa has her own channel which survives solely on Charles's fanbase, so she had no chose but to back Charles, no matter what he did. Besides, they're brother and sister, so....
      You know, Charles almost lost his record last month (I think it was last month, but it could have been earlier this year)- he uploaded within minutes of the time running out, some people were calculating and his fans were freaking out. he kept apologizing for the 'late upload'. some people asked for the world record to be stopped because according to them, the time ran out - of course, Charles' fans attacked that person, ''how dare you, he has cancer, bla bla''.

  17. Oh. By the way, just to be clear about my above comment, I know her has a serious brain tumor. I'm not denying that he's sick; but he's not on his deathbed just yet. He's been packing up boxes, helping to move. Didn't he just recently take a vacation with new Allie?

  18. Polish Rainbow:
    Oh yes. I noticed today when visiting his channel that some of his videos from 2-3 weeks ago are under the 100,000 views mark. We're talking 75,000 views. I haven't seen this happen since the CTFxC first started taking off. It's becoming an increasingly regular thing for his vlogs to barely crack the 100,000 mark. He's done for. I don't think his brand can re-surge. Do you?

    He underestimated the power of Alli Speed. She's obviously quite happy to be away from him. For once, she has somebody who's capable of an intelligent conversation and savors new experiences as she does. When Alli and Charles went to Spain, I remember she'd get impatient with him over how unadventurous he was.

    He barely made any real effort to learn Spanish for her. He complained at her wanting to go dancing with him. He was "vegetarian" then and would give her a hard time when she'd eat meat (the vegetarianism was short lived). Then, when he was diagnosed with the brain tumor, it was Alli again who researched the brain and what different parts of it did. Charles couldn't be bothered even though he's the one with the effing tumor in his head. I always knew they wouldn't last, though was still shocked when it did end (it came about sooner than expected).

    I 100% agree with you about his obsession with vlogging. My take on it is that it makes him feel powerful in a life where he otherwise has very little. Even if you take the band into consideration, he's just a bassist. Not even a spectacular one at that. He's known mostly for his Vlogs; not his music. The band gig came later. Remember the small apartment he used to have in '09? I think he knows on some level that he's not the brightest bulb in the shed. Nobody has said "OMG, Charles is so smart". It's usually Alli who got those compliments. If he ever did, it was from extremely young viewers. He's dumbs himself down further to appeal to them. Then there was Alli having to explain the moon to him and that it wasn't a star.

    1. His views have gone down a lot - a video under 100.000 views? yikes! and he has almost 1.5 million subscribers - it means he bores the very people who chose to follow him! I think he might get views if he were to talk honestly about his health struggles, but I doubt he'll do that - he wouldn't be capable of a serious conversation anyway. The thing is, the divorce came as a shock to everyone - no one saw it coming. And at that point we saw that the show has no touch with real life, it's all phony - and his subscribers have no intention on forgetting or forgiving that. People follow vlogs because they want to see someone else's life, they dont follow it to see lies someone tell them.
      I agree with you that Charles was not intelligent enough for Alli Speed. He is also very immature. He's that guy you want at a frat party (occasionally), but nobody wants to talk to him in a serious environment. I have to be honest, when his diagnosis came out (that it was terminal), a part of me was a little happy for Alli - because I knew she'd get a chance at a new life with someone else - even then I saw how much of a terrible match they were - I mean, he couldnt even sit down for a serious conversation about his own life, let alone about anything else. he was getting on her nerves, and he was doing the same to me. It's not like I mean it's good thing he has health problems (it's not, obviously), I'm just saying, the health problems brought their separation about sooner, and that's good, because they were a very bad match from the get-go.
      I agree with your comments about the band, and especially that Charles dumbs himself down to appeal more to his pre-teen fan base. I think that's why Alli left - what grown intelligent woman wants to date a 12year old??!!

    2. What happened to my response to this? I posted it and now its disappeared.

    3. I dont know, i didnt delete it, i got an email about it, I'll copy-past it here:

      Polish Rainbow:

      Here are some examples of his low viewership as of the date and time I post this (May24th 9:06amEST).
      My Dog Can Drive Day2157 - 83,735 views despite being posted a month ago.
      Getting Laid In Public Day2176 - 94,220 views also despite being posted a month ago.
      The video a day earlier, Three Hot Girls, garnered 96,379 views.
      Always Wanted To Do This Day2179, garnered 97,461 views
      That's Weird Bro Day2183, total views? 86,875
      Hot Blondes at Rock Show Day2201, view count 80,305 posted 2 weeks ago.

      Those are just a handful of many in the minus 100,000 range. It would seem one third of his recent videos haven't cracked it. The other two thirds range between 100,000-200,000 on average. Nothing like the 400,000-600,000 he used to get with Alli Speed. He keeps trying to cheat using increasingly sexual thumbnails (eg. Gotcha Surprise Day2182).

      I have my sneaking suspicions that a sizable portion of his so-called subscribers are sock accounts or inactive. Remember when Charles was in the hospital and they were gunning for 1mil? They were off something like 30,000 and suddenly, practically overnight, they hit their target. Now what are the odds all of those new subscribers are legit, as opposed to hardcore fans creating meaningless accounts to help them out?

      Alli was so young when they first met (19?). Many girls naively believe they can reform a guy. And let's face facts here: most guys do grow up. They don't remain emotionally stunted like Charles. A young Alli might've believed with all of her heart that in time, her beau would become more an adult. She said in her divorce video that they'd always had fights, even in the beginning.

      Charles doesn't respect boundaries. Early on, he vacuumed a napping Jeff. Jeff got mad and said "Charles Stop!" and Charles just laughed and kept on doing it. He'd toy with Alli's Nintendo DS, and she'd get pissed off. She's yell "Charles Stop. Charles I mean it!". He threatens to push her into their pool. Same story.

      Predictions on the future... eventually, the doctor will tell him "There's nothing more we can do". Charles at that point will suffer a breakdown. There's a possibility that on his deathbed, he will try to make things right by telling the truth and burying the hatchet with Alli Speed. Either that or he'll ask Allie3 to vlog his death and superimpose sappy music over top as a final act of online "glory". My hope is the latter. Doing stupid rambling blogs is hardly an accomplishment.

      He could have donated actual time to volunteering in Cancer wards. Instead, every donation has effectively been a self-promotion, requiring little effort on his behalf (eg. the CTFxC cancer ribbon shirts). He posts the t-shirts, somebody else makes them, ships them, viewers buy them, he makes a donation to appear chivalrous while the shirts advertise his channel.

      A real hero is Terry Fox, who tried running across Canada on an artificial leg to raise money for cancer in the early 1980s. He quit near Thunder Baym when the cancer returned full force and ultimately killed him. That man was an inspiration and every year, Canadians and many other countries still do the Marathon of Hope to raise millions for research.

      In contrast, Charles posts idiotic vlogs. He's supposedly an "inspiration" to others. He hasn't even come to terms with his own mortality yet. Every so often, he kind of sorta opens up to us. Kinda. Mostly "woe is me".

      Posted by Anonymous to The Polish Rainbow at May 24, 2015 at 3:08 PM

    4. Wow, the views are really down....from a business point of view, he needs to re-invent himself, or do something, because this is looking really bad. And those that do have views have an ass thumbnail.

      I agree with everything you said, also I know about Terry since we do run it as well in my country.


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