Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Ombre Nail Look: White To Purple

Hey guys! Well, we all saw this coming: one more Ombre nail look from me. Does it seem like I'm always wearing Ombre nails? But can you blame me? My hands look so fun (or crazy? I'm gonna go with fun). What I'm loving about this look is the super shiny top coat that tied it all together.

Products used (from thumb until pinky):
Base coat: essence, Studio nails, XXL nail thickener: This base peels off in chunks if you wear it alone. I do not think it does much for my nails. I got it during the last sale, so it should no longer be available.
essence, nail art, Stampy polish, 001 white: This polish is great for stamping, but not great when worn alone. It cracks easily and is very streaky, and the texture is like rubber.
Maybelline, mini colorama, 26 candy bar: This is an old polish, but it's better than I remember (I'm trying to use up some of my older polishes). Surprisingly, it gives even coverage. I love this shade of bubblegum pink.
Catrice, 030 Meet Me At Coral Island: An old polish with even coverage. This shade is closer to orange than to coral.
essence, colour&go, old pink polish: I loved this old line better than the new one. And now the new one will be on sale (all the polishes are leaving), and the new polishes are coming out. I love essence polishes, there are great ones in their collection. This one has the best texture and covers in one coat.
Catrice, 120 Plum Play With Me: Another oldie, I'm wearing two coats. Gives even coverage, but it's too dark, the purple color gets lost and all you see is black.
essence, Studio nails, better than gel nails, top sealer: Loving this top coat! Top coats are very important when you're wearing Ombre nails - they tie everything together. This one dries insanely fast and it's so shiny.

Olival, Olovka za njegu noktiju i zanoktica: Ova olovka mi je OK, ali nisam pretjerano oduševljena. Privremeno mi nokti izgledaju bolje, ali ne primjećujem neko značajno poboljšanje stanja mojih noktiju. Jedna zamjerka: jako se sporo upija. I ima snažan miris po eteričnim uljima (nije za svakog).
So I wore yet another Ombre nail look. What do you think? To me, these look fabulous! I'm so wearing Ombre tomorrow as well! What do you think of this color combo? 

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Love to all, J.


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