Monday, December 29, 2014

Essence, Match2cover! Cream Concealers, Review

Hello! Today I'll talk about a great concealer with light to very light coverage that I'm using on a daily basis. Effortless blending is the main thing I love about this product. And while some love to hate this concealer, it perfectly fits my daily needs, so I have no problem recommending it. Continue reading to find out why this product is great for you if you have to put make up on in a hurry.

Type of product: light coverage cream concealers
Brand: essence
Product name: match2cover! cream concealer, shades 10 natural beige and 20 soft beige
Price: 23 kn /2.3g (shade no.20 is going on sale soon)
Rating: 8/10 (if you need light coverage), bad rating if you need more coverage
Would I repurchase: Yes
My opinion: Let me explain why I love this product and what I use it for. I do not have significant flaws on my face, a few blemishes or redness here and there. And most of the days, if I'm just running errands, I do not put on foundation, I only use this product and setting powder. This product is perfect for me because I'm always late (sorry to the people who have to wait for me), and I usually need to apply make up in a hurry. That's why this product works for me so well: the texture is very creamy and light, and it's so easy to blend. I just dab it here and there and it effortlessly blends into my own skintone (that is, no.10 fits me better, no.20 is a bit too dark for me). Anyways, I hide all my blemishes in under 2 minutes. I have oily skin, so this will eventually slide off my face in 4-5 hours. But by that time I'm usually back home and taking my makeup off. Shade no.20 is leaving the range in this current sale, I believe the reason is because the colors are a little bit too dark for light skin girls. The shades in no.10 are a lighter nude shade with a yellow undertone, and a very light nude shade, while in no.20 there is a darker tone (for tan people) and a nude shade with a pink undertone. Testers for these products are available, so please, don't be gross and dip into the items someone might purchase (women in Croatia do this gross thing all the time, btw). I usually do not mix two shades together, but use individual shades (works for me). I do not use this under my eyes (too creamy for that), instead I use it for blemishes or red corners of my nose, etc. These concealers do not provide a matt finish.
Conclusion: This product suits my needs perfectly, and that's why it's found its way into my daily routine. If you have zero to mild imperfections, this might be a product you'd enjoy. If you have significant imperfections and need high coverage, I don't think this product will make you happy. It's great for in a hurry, also great to take anywhere with you, so you can fix your imperfections withing a minute. I'm loving it. So, though they are not what they are advertised to be (not high coverage, and not matt), they fit my needs just fine.

This product is for you if: If you need light coverage that blends easily and is great for when you're in a hurry.
You should avoid this product if: If you need long lasting or high coverage, or if you have significant flaws to cover.
Swatches: Colors are accurate, but these are the non-blended shades. Texture is light, so they blend into your skin tone easily.
See how creamy the texture is and how easy it is to work with. No need to warm it up between your fingers, it slides right on:
Have you tried this product? Loving it or hating it? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for stopping by.

Love, J.


  1. Nisam probala ovaj proizvod,ali sam čula da ga povlače iz prodaje. Kupuj zalihe :D

    1. povlače samo ovu drugu nijansu broj 20. Ta mi je malčice pretamna pa ju neću ganjati na rasprodaji hehe ;)


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