Wednesday, December 3, 2014

3 Nail Looks That Prove I Can't Paint

Hey beauties! So, some time ago I got these nail art brushes to review, and as I was doing that, a painful notion came back to me: I can't paint to save my life. How sad is that? :( I mean, I guess my expectations were too high, I was expecting some nice looks, but instead I got this average mush - and it's all my fault. Nevertheless, in this post you may find three nail looks that should have looked at least 3 times better. But, I suck, so...

The first look I did was a skyline look. I used:
Deborah Milano, Pret A Porter, no.29, Blue Paradise
essence, nail art, stampy polish, 001 white (sponged on)
black acrylic paint
essence, better than gel nails, top coat
To apply the acrylic paint on to my nails I used this product from KKCenterHk:
N.Nail 15 Pieces White Pink Wood Handle Synthetic Fibre Nail Pen, JR1180 LINK HERE
It includes 15 different brushes and pens that you can use to create your nail art. My experience with these brushes has been positive: they're easy to clean and maintain, and there are lots of different brushes so you have all the tools you might need. I would not recommend using these with nail polish, because I don't think the brushes can handle being cleaned with acetone. Overall, the brushes are good, it's me that sucks. I guess I'm no Leonardo Da Vinci LOL. What I also like about the brushes is the design: white and pink is such a cute combination.
So, if you're thinking about getting a set of brushes or getting into nail art, let me tell you: prepare yourself for learning. Because it's not a piece of cake and you do need to practice a lot. 
Here is one more desperately bad nail look I did, that's supposed to be a penguin, btw. Actually, I think the little guy turned out OK, in a few practices I think I'll get a lot better. Nude polish used here is by Eveline cosmetics, shade 496, and the confetti top coat is by Maybelline, Polka Dots, shade 197.
And here is just a random nail look. Here I just wanted to test some new acrylic paints I got. Working with acrylic paint is easy, you just have to make sure to seal it in with a top coat. In my experience, top coat does not mess up the design (like it does if you do stamping and do not wait for it to dry). 
I also used the dotting tool from this set in a nail look I posted HERE, but I'll put a photo below as well:
So, what do you think? Did you try painting something on your nails, and it turned out NOT like what you expected? I might file some of the looks in the 'nail fail' category haha. Thanks for stopping by, don't forget to share your thoughts below.

love, Jelena

***KKCenterHk has sent me the nail art brushes for reviewing purposes. All opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Nimam pojma, zakaj praviš da ti ne gre naredit lepega nail arta :) meni se zdijo vse tri kreacije odlične!

    1. hvala :), mislim da sam očekivala malo presavršeni izgled, kao kod water decals...

  2. aj molim te, skyline je fenomenalan, tek bi pingvinu trebalo malo dorade ali ti ovo ide odlično, uz malo vježbe bit će i bolje :D

    1. pingo izgleda kao da sam mu pojela nosić hehe ;) imam novo pronađeno poštovanje za tebe...i za raggio di luna hehe

  3. pa ovaj prvi mi je super, ne zanm ja bi li to sa svojim necrtacim sposobnostima uspjela nacrtat :)

    1. prvi se još da obavit dobro, uz malo vježbe, i ako taj dan smanjiš unos kofeina, da se ruka ne trese hehehe

  4. Your to severe wit yourself. I think your manicures look great, each of them has something interesting on it and let's face it, painting such a small surface like our nails is quite hard. But practice makes the difference! :) Have a great weekend!

    1. thanks so much...I think it would be easier to do if you would do the large surfaces with nail polish, and just do the details with acrylic paint (like with the penguin). enjoy your weekend ;)


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