Friday, November 21, 2014

Nail Fail: Nude And Pink

Ola! When I wore this look, it was THE BOMB! It looked so good in real life. But when I saw it on photos, I was less than impressed. What the hell happened? Why wasn't I able to capture it on camera? *Insert sobs*

I used the following products:
Eveline MiniMax nail polish, no. 496: One of my favorites. The shade looks very lady-like and it dries very fast. Only one coat is necessary for full coverage. If you love nude shades, this one is for you.
Essence, colour&go (old collection): I can't say this enough, I just love the old polish bottles so much more than the new ones. This polish really shows all the amazing things essence has to offer: I've had it for a long time, and the texture and shade are still flawless, not to mention that it dries super fast. Go essence!
Ugh, I'm so sad this look will go into the FAILS category. The photos just don't do it justice. You know, I've noticed I do a lot of dotted looks. Do I need to go to dotting rehab? LOL

Stay gorgeous!
xoxo, j.


  1. krasan je ovaj stari essensic :D a svidja mi se i kombinacija cak i po ovim slikama

    1. u zadnje vrijeme mi samo pucaju nokti, pa mi ništa ne izgleda dobro na kraćim noktima....samo nude nijanse nosim hehe

  2. Super je! Više mi se sviđa ovo više nude-manje roza kombinacija :D


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