Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Essence 'Hello Autumn' Eyeshadow Palettes - Review

Ola loves! It's been a long time since I was this excited over a limited edition. Essence released a limited edition 'Hello Autumn' which was wonderful to behold: all the shades I adore, and all this in the cutest packaging ever. You can check out the entire collection HERE and HERE. Today I bring you the reviews of two eyeshadow palettes that are a part of this beautiful collection - they're so cute, right?

I love these palettes. The packaging is sturdy and strong , this is the same packaging as the Catrice Nude and Matt palettes. You get a sponge applicator with the palettes, but I've never been a fan of those so I don't really use them. I suggest using eyeshadow base with these palettes because it really makes the colors pop and last longer. When it comes to pigmentation, each shade is different. Some have stronger pigmentation, others have very weak pigmentation. When it comes to the shades that are not that pigmented, it makes a world of difference if you apply them with a wet or a damp brush. No two shades are identical in these two palettes, though some may look similar. Both these palettes offer shades with sparkle and glitter particles, so they will not suit you if you're trying to avoid glitter. These shades really stand out. Application is very easy, and the shades are easily blendable and easy to work with. Overall, I've fallen in love with these palettes. Price: 32,90 kn
Essence, Hello Autumn, eyeshadow palette, 01 Walk in the park
This one is my favorite out of the two. I love the Ombre look of the palette, and I think you all know I'm a nut for golden and bronze shades. The texture of the eyeshadows is dusty and this palette contains lots of tiny sparkles and glitters and shimmer. Now on to the individual shades, and swatches are below:
1: White and shiny (has tiny sparkles that shimmer in the sun), with a pearl-effect and a metallic-like shine, has weaker pigmentation (suitable for brow-bone area)
2: A gold shade with a bronze undertone, good pigmentation, contains tiny shimmer particles
3: This is a 'true' bronze shade, though a bit lighter; has good pigmentation, a metallic-effect, and contains tiny gold shimmer
4: Copper bronze shade, great for the crease area, contains tiny shimmer particles
5: Brown with a gold shine, has a metallic effect, good for the outer V-corner
6: Brown-oak shade, with metallic effect and silver sparkles (has a silver shine), good pigmentation

Essence, Hello Autumn, eyeshadow palette, 02 Keep calm & go for a walk
At first I wasn't sure if I should get this palette or not (since I'm not a big fan of green eyeshadow), but the bronze shade (no.3) makes it worth it to me. I think this palette is visually less appealing than the first one (or maybe that's just me, since I love bronze shades), but it's still cute. A lot more glitter and shimmer in this palette, though. Individual shades review and swatches are below:
1: Shimmery white shade with a pearl effect and a strong metallic effect, very strong white tone, good for the inner corner of the eye, very dusty
2: Yellowish golden shade, with a metallic effect, dusty, somewhat weaker pigmentation
3: A dark bronze with gold sparkles, has strong pigmentation, contains tiny shimmer particles, this is my favorite shade from both palettes
4: An 'evil' shade of green (a villain's shade), strong metallic effect, easy application, good pigmentation
5: Weak green shade, contains lots of gold sparkles, has a metallic-like effect and oil-spill effect (color-wise), has the weakest pigmentation in this palette, suitable for the lower lash-line
6: Black with a blue glow, contains visible gold glitter, has super strong pigmentation, and it almost has a matt-finish
What essence says about these products: ''The eyeshadow palettes offer six long-lasting autumn colors in the combinations gold-brown and beige-green with various effects ranging from semi-matt to metallic. The double-ended applicator is included in the set and guarantees easy application and blending.''
Comparison: Though some shades may seem similar on the promotional photos, or on the swatches, no shades are true 'twins'. For instance, shade 3 from 02 palette is not the same as shade 4 from 01 palette (shade 4 is brighter), and it's still not similar to shade 5 from the 01 palette, because shade 5 has weaker pigmentation.
Shade 2 from the 02 palette is not the same as shade 2 from the 01 palette (this one is more golden), nor is it similar to shade 1 from the 01 palette (this shade is more white, and it's better pigmented).
The shades that are the most similar are 1 (01) and 1 (02), however, 1 (02) is a tad whiter (better pigmentation), and 1 (01) is more nude, or beige white.
I'd say if you're into eyeshadows that have a matt finish, or if you want very strong pigmentation, you will not find what you're looking for here. However, if you're a palette nut like me, if you love gold and bronze shades, this is something to buy. I think the 01 palette will be great to take with me when I'm traveling.

The rest of the collection is also to die for, everything is cute and hard to resist. This collection has already hit Muller stores, and it's just arriving to dm's in Croatia. Will you grab anything? Other than the palettes, the things that have caught my eye are the eyebrow sets, blushes and the gorgeous bronzer. Overall, this has to be the prettiest essence limited edition in the last 2 years. Would you agree?

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Love, J.


  1. This eye shadow palette really has some gorgeous colors. I have to look up for it, because I like it very much!

    1. I love the colors...this is my favorite limited edition by essence in a very long time


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