Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Catrice Absolute MATT Eyeshadow Palette: Swatch And Review

Hey everyone! When I saw the promotional photos, I knew I had to have this product: the gorgeous Catrice Absolute Matt Eyeshadow Palette. I already had Nude (but I skipped Bright because it sucks, LOL) so I needed this to complete my 'collection'. When Nude came out, I immediately said how happy I'd be if there was a matt version - and here it is! Yaay! I am a palette 'nut', so naturally I love this product and I've been enjoying it so much!
Type of product: Eyeshadow palette, 6 matt shades
Product name: Catrice, Absolute Matt Eyeshadow Palette, 010 Eyes Wide Matt
Price: 39,90 kn (6g of product)
Where to purchase: Muller (Croatia)
Rating: 10/10
Would I repurchase: Yes
My opinion: Let me start off by saying I've been really enjoying this palette and I use it almost daily. It's just what I was looking for: the colors are soft and easily blendable. Now, when it comes to palettes, I love them all, so it's hard to be objective, but I'll give it a try. The packaging is sturdy and you can bring it with you without fear of it breaking. All the shadows have basically the same texture, which is quite powdery (soft surface and a bit dusty). At first I was afraid that there would be a ton of fallout on my cheeks while applying these shadows. However, I was wrong and have no fall-out problems. All the shades are matt and give a matt finish which I adore. The colors have the same durability as any Catrice matt eyeshadows (which is pretty good). I always use eyeshadow base though, so I can't say how they behave without the base. Application is easy. Now, on to the individual shades:
1: A soft white matt shade. I do not use it under my brow (too light for me), but I do use it for the inner corners of my eye. The shade isn't very pigmented, so it's great for me, since I don't like the chalk-look. This shade is barely visible on my skin if I apply a thin layer.
2: A nude-pink shade. Barely visible on my fair skin. This is the shade I use under my brow: it's a very nice matt highlight shade.
3: A light brown with a hint of a rose undertone. This shade is very light (none of the shades are very pigmented, they're light, which makes them easily blendable and great for everyday; also great for when you're in a hurry and want a little smokey eye, but don't want to look like a panda).
4: A nude brown shade, with a purple undertone (visible in the sun). This shade is everything, it's my favorite in the palette.
5: A true brown, great for inside the crease.
6: A dusty brown-black shade (again, not with strong pigmentation). It seems black, but again, lacks the intensive pigmentation to be very black, so it still looks more brown-ish.

Conclusion: I love all my palettes, but I've been using this one a lot. It's just what I was looking for: great for an everyday look, the shadows are really matt (which I love). The ''lack'' of pigmentation is a plus for me, since I needed some matt eyeshadows with light pigmentation to use in a hurry. The shadows are easily blendable, and, despite I was afraid this might be the case, there isn't a lot of fallout on my cheeks. Also, you can apply just a little, or you can build up the colors for a more dramatic look. Overall, I'm happy with this palette because I got exactly what I was looking for.
This product is for you if: If you love matt eyeshadows, if you're into the Kylie Jenner look, or if you love Catrice eyeshadows.
You should avoid this product if: If you don't like matt eyeshadows, if you're looking for shimmery eyeshadows, or if you need eyeshadows with very strong pigmentation.
Swatches: I'd say the swatches are true to real colors. The eyeshadow base goes through the middle of the swatches - it makes a slight difference.
Links: My review of the Catrice NUDE palette HERE
Catrice Limited Edition Palette review HERE
Here is the brush that comes with this palette, it's quite similar to the brush from the NUDE palette. Nice try Catrice, but I honestly take out these brushes and I never use them. They're just not my thing.
As far as comparisons go, I do not have the BRIGHT palette (because it sucks), but I do have the NUDE one. Honestly, there's no point in comparing them: one is full of matt shades, the other is full of shimmery shades. I love both palettes, so pick and choose what you prefer. Obviously, all the shades are different.
So, this product arrived in Muller about a month ago, but they still did not have testers out. However, I think they put out most of the testers last week, so hopefully now you can check out this palette before buying it. I know many of you loved the NUDE palette, I wonder if the MATT palette will have the same effect. Will you get it? Are you excited about this palette? Let me know, and thanks for stopping by.

love, J.


  1. It's a great palette, I have it too and I'm using it all the time :)

    1. glad to hear it, this is my favorite product from Catrice, I'm so glad I got it!

  2. nisu cak ni toliko losa na ovim swatchevima, ali nisam sigurna da mi trebaju pa cu zasad preskocit

  3. Dobro izgleda na swatchevima, meni je totalno ostalo u glavi da sam čitala sa nije baš nešto. Morat ću je swatchat i sama da se uvjerim :).

    1. Meni je ok, jer sam trebala mat sjenila koja nisu jako pigmentirana (za svaki dan, i za neke ''lakše'' look-ove. ali tko to ne traži, neće mu biti dobra....100 cura, 100 ćudi ;)

  4. imam nude verziju i obožavam je, koristim je skoro svaki dan :D
    a ako kupim i ovu, ti si kriva, te dvije najtamnije nijanse su mi odlične ;)

    1. ova je meni 100 puta bolja od nude verzije, jer sam ja luda za mat sjenilima. moj moto je ''skupi sve palete'' bwahaha


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