Monday, September 15, 2014

Red Polish, Gold Water Decals

Hello guys! Today's nail look was so much fun to wear. I love this dark red polish shade, it's perfect for autumn. The water decals look gorgeous in real life, and they're very durable. I've worn them before and love them! Sadly, I haven't snapped too many good photos when I wore this look. Nevertheless, I decided to post it anyways.

Products used:
Base coat: essence, studio nails, 24/7 nail base: I'm not really a fan of this base, though I like how this looks by itself - it's a sheer matte shade.
Polish: L'Oreal, Resist&Shine, no.603: This polish might be the reason why I am not in the mood to purchase any new L'Oreal polishes. You see, the shade has good pigmentation and texture, but the polish leaves red lines on everything you touch. Even 4 days later, when you know it's dry! Like, if you pull your nail over paper, cardboard or plastic, you're left with long red lines (like lines from coloring pens) that will not wash off. Not cool L'Oreal, not cool.
Top coat: essence, studio nails, better than gel nails, top sealer, high gloss: a great top coat

Thumb: smart girls get more, no.117: I love their glitters, however, it's difficult to apply a thicker layer. Still, it's very sparkly and dries very fast.
Pointer&Pinky: essence colour&go, 67 Make It Golden: an oldie but a goodie. Too bad this is no longer available. It's by far my favorite glitter top coat.
Water decals: N.NAIL Golden Dots And Stars Pattern Nail Water Decals [NNAIL-WDHHC046-Gold] from KKCenterHk: a perfect product! Durable, easy to use and look amazing. 10/10
For another look with these, click HERE.
To purchase this product, click HERE.
The ring is from Accessorize
So, are you feeling these golden water decals? Do you like gold on your nails? Ugh, today I have to clean my room and rearrange all my make up. Wish me luck LOL. Until the next post, follow me on FB, Twitter or bloglovin'.

xoxo, jelena


  1. skroz su zanimljivi :) sviđaju mi se zlatni detalji na ovoj pozadini :)

  2. Red and gold looks always very classy and elegant. I love the shape of the decals too!

    1. thanks, I love the decals as well. I think they would look nice on long stiletto nails as well.


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