Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Huge Catrice Dupe Alert: Lipsticks

Hey guys! The newest Catrice products are slowly making their way to our stores, and I was so excited about the two brand new matte lipsticks (MATTador and MATTraction). I do have other Catrice matte or semi-matte lipsticks (limited editions, etc.), so I was very excited about these two new ones. However, it turns out - I already have them! When I went to the store, I brought with me my other Catrice matte lipsticks (to compare and see), and they're exactly alike.

So, let me say what's going on here. Do you remember a limited edition from the end of last year, it was called ''Feathers and Pearls''? Well, this Catrice limited edition had three semi-matte/matte lipsticks available. I got two shades: Roaring Red and Josephine's Joy. This limited edition was extremely popular and the lipsticks were amazing. I brought these two shades with me to the store, just to compare them with the newest matte aditions (I had a gut feeling, what can I say). The two new lipstick shades Catrice has released are 350 MATTador and 360 MATTraction (what great names, right?). Anyways, let me break it down for you:

Roaring red is the exact same shade and texture as MATTador.
Josephine's Joy is the exact same shade and texture as MATTraction.
Just look at the photos and judge for yourself.

Let me be very clear: these lipsticks are AMAZING, that's not the issue here. The shades are classic stunning reds. The texture is matte, but doesn't dry out lips. And they're long lasting. However, all I wanted to do is give a heads-up to all of you that already own these lipsticks, but you just don't know it yet.

A part of me is happy: I was smart enough to remember that Catrice sometimes does this, and saved myself from getting the exact same product. I am also happy that these amazing and beautiful shades are available AGAIN for all of you who missed them in the limited edition.
A part of me is sad: I will not be getting two new lipsticks. *insert sad face*
Anyways, look at the photos and tell me what you think.
Comparison of these two lipsticks HERE
My review of Roaring Red HERE
My review of Josephine's Joy HERE
I sincerely hope this post was helpful to some of you. To the rest, these two shades (MATTador and MATTraction) are amazing and gorgeous and you should make them a part of your collection. I guess I'm not very angry with Catrice; I would have been angry had I purchased this again. I guess they do a lot of limited editions, and when they see that some products are very good and popular, they introduce them to the standard range. If you're a Catrice fan, follow me on BLOGLOVIN, because I got my hands on the GORGEOUS Absolute Matt Eyeshadow Palette, and the review is coming soon. 

Thanks so much for reading, leave your thoughts below.
Love, jelena


  1. nemam ove stare ali zasad preskacem i ove nove iako su mi krasne nijanse, previse ruzeva pogotovo crvenih imam

    1. to bi i ja trebala reći...ja preskačem ove nove catrice ruževe, u tanjem pakiranju...zasad. LOL


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