Friday, August 15, 2014

New Essence Matt Lipsticks: 14 'Adorable Matt!' and 15 'Oh So Matt!'

Hello! These two new lipsticks from essence are available now as part of the 'New in town' edition, but they will be joining the standard range soon. The shades are no.14 'Adorable matt!' and no.15 'Oh so matt!'. I like them a lot better than the rest of the range, because I love the texture and the matt finish. You will not regret buying these.

Type of product: Creamy textured lipsticks with a non-drying matt finish
Brand: essence
Product name: Longlasting lipstick, shades no.14  adorable matt! and no.15  oh so matt!
Price: 19,90 kn
Where to purchase: Currently at Muller, later in all essence stands as part of the new range update
My opinion: The packaging is great - sturdy and safe. The shape of the lipstick is my favorite, it's easy to work with and control, so you can apply it on your lips directly (without having to use a brush). The texture is great, they're creamy textured and light, they glide on your lips, and do not have a dry texture (so it's easy to apply them). Both shades don't dry out the lips and don't emphasize the dry parts of the lips. The nude shade is a nude dark- soft pink, almost the same shade as my lips. It's not too light, so you won't look like a ghost. It's a very sheer-shade, not as pigmented as the red one. The ''red'' shade is more of a darker-hot pink, but on the lips is looks more red than dark-pink. These two lipsticks are the first matt finish lipsticks from this range. I do not like glossy lipsticks, so these are perfect for me. The red shade is great to have and looks very lady-like and it's not in-your-face bright. The nude shade is barely-there, so you can live without it, but it's great for everyday. I would not call these lipsticks very long lasting. They are much more long lasting than any others from this line, but they will not survive food or drinks, so touch-ups are needed after a few hours.
Conclusion:  I am very happy with these lipsticks, I like them better than the glossy-finish ones. Application is ridiculously easy, so these are great for on-the-go. You know how some matt-finish lipsticks can be difficult to apply? Well these two do not have that problem. The nude shade is not very visible, it just gives your lips a nice matt-finish. The red shade is a stunner, and it's my favorite. In comparison to the Catrice matt lipsticks, Catrice lipsticks have a richer texture and are better pigmented than these.
This product is for you if: If you like matt finish lip products and want great lipsticks for a low price.
You should avoid this product if: If you want to avoid having dupes, you should note that the shade no.14 'Adorable matt!' is a dead-ringer for Wet'n'Wild's 'Smokin' Hot Pink'. The shades are almost exactly the same; however, there's a difference in texture: Wet'n'Wild has a dry texture, so it's more difficult to apply, and essence has a nice creamy texture, so it glides on the lips and is applied easily. Also, the Wet'n'Wild lipstick makes your lips look more dry, while essence doesn't look drying on the lips. I like essence better.
Links: More essence lipsticks HERE
Are you excited about these matt lipsticks? I know a lot of you love these essence lipsticks - they are great for such a low price. Thanks for stopping by, don't forget to follow me on all my social media sites, links are on the right side.

xoxo, Jelena


  1. hm mislim da cu ih preskocit, njudasta nije moja nijansa, a ovakvih crvenih ali boljih vec imam

    1. pametno zboriš. i meni treba takva kontrola. ;)

    2. hehe skuzih da se mogu kontrolirat dok ne odem u trgovinu kad moram kupit nesto, onda pocnu ulijetat stvari za koje znam da mi ne trebaju

    3. ti i ja se jako dobro razumijemo. ;)

  2. Adorable Matt is really pretty. We finally got Essence over here in Scotland - oh how I rejoiced! But I've only tried the polishes so far. Some of the other make-up looks really interesting too :-) I really like their selection of polishes and the price too ;-)

    1. their polishes are great, huge selection of colors, for a great price, and the quality is good as well. sometimes their polishes are more long lasting to me than Essie....


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