Friday, August 1, 2014

Essence, Hello Autumn, Limited Edition Preview

From September until October 2014 a new essence Limited Edition ''Hello Autumn'' will be available. Obviously, I am an eyeshadow palette nut, and will HAVE TO get these two gorgeous palettes. Eyeshadows in the palettes have various effects, ranging from semi-matt to metallic. Loving it! I also adore the eyebrow sets. Btw, all the nail polishes from this edition are thermo. Photos below:

So, are you LOVING the eyeshadow palettes? I mean, they're just stunning! I do not NEED them, but I just have to get them! As far as lip creams go, they have the same packaging as the old matt lip creams, so maybe they have the same formula as well? It seems like they're very similar. Thanks for stopping by, see you later ;)

love, Jelena


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