Saturday, August 9, 2014

Catrice Lipstick, 370 'In A Rosegarden', Swatch And Review

Hello ladies! A few new Catrice products are available in stores NOW. Even though I did not like this lipstick when I saw it in photos, in real life it's so beautiful, I had to have it. Another amazing lipstick by Catrice. Ladies, meet 'In A Rosegarden'.

Type of product: Creamy, well pigmented lipstick with a shiny finish, a darker nude-rose-pink shade
Brand: Catrice
Product name: Lipstick, Ultimate Colour, 370 In A Rosegarden
Price: 31,90 kn
Where to purchase: dm (now), Muller (coming only in September)
Rating: 10/10
Would I repurchase: YEEEEES :)
My opinion: What a stunner! Very creamy and a dream to apply. Catrice packaging and the shape of the lipsticks are always superb. The lipstick does have that sweet smell that all Catrice lipsticks have, but I like it and I got used to it. This lipstick has a creamy, shiny finish. It's not transparent, this lipstick gives color and good coverage. It sort of looks like the shade Kylie Jenner has been wearing lately. It's quite long lasting, but if you eat or drink, it will be wiped off. It does not dry out lips and doesn't emphasize the dry parts of the lips. You just apply it, and it looks perfect.
Edit: I should probably point out that this lipstick does contain teeny tiny pieces of glitter. You can see the glitter (and feel it, a little bit) when swatching the product on the hand. However, once applied on the lips, the glitter particles are difficult to spot, but they do give this lipstick that 'shine' quality. Something to consider (you can spot the glitter in the first photo below). EDIT: The more I use this lipstick, the more glitter particles come out. So if you do not like glitter in your lipstick, avoid this product. It's difficult to notice it at first, try swatching a sample in the store (a sample that's already been used a few times), and then you might see the gold glitter I'm talking about.
Conclusion: This is why Catrice is my favorite brand - such great products for such a good price.
This product is for you if: If you are a girl.
You should avoid this product if: If you're more into matt-finish lipsticks, because two new ones are arriving (not available in Croatia yet, at least I haven't been able to find them).
Swatches: Some in sunlight, some in shadow. There's a light and a heavy swatch - heavy swatch is what this shade looks like on my lips.
Links: This product on the Catrice website HERE
More Catrice lipstick swatches HERE
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Love, J.


  1. Samo sam ovo htjela čuti "the glitter particles are difficult to spot" :D
    Divan je! Obožavam njihove ruževe iako ih ne posjedujem velik broj, no ova dva koja imam su san snova. Podsjeća me na "020 Maroon", najdraži ruž ikad, ali mi se ovaj tvoj čini topliji i malo ciglasitiji, i to mi je baš super <3

    1. Jedna druga blogerica (iz njemačke) je napisala recenziju u kojoj piše da ruž uopće nema glittera u sebi. tako da, toliko je nevidljiv. ne bih niti ja to skužila da nisam osjetila male čestice kad sam isprobavala ruž u dm-u (ja sam prva spazila ove proizvode, valjda su ih tek iznijeli van). Inače, najbolji način za spaziti taj glitter je da naneseš ruž na ruku, pobrišeš papirnatom maramicom, a onda gledaš maramicu pod svjetlom. Obožavam Catrice, a dolaze još 2 nove mat nijanse, Catrice mat ruževi su mi daleko najdraži


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