Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Preview: Catrice, August 2014 - Nails

Catrice is releasing some new products in August, and here are some photos to show you what's coming.

These Luxury Lacquers, Liquid Metal edition, come in a new square bottle. There are four shades with a glossy finish and four with a matt finish. I think these will only be available in Muller stores. I'm excited about the matte ones.
These Luxury Lacquers are from the Million Brilliance edition. All shades look gorgeous, but my favorite is the blue one.
If this product really works, it will be one of my favorites ever - an Ombre Top Coat. I guess it's a type of sheer nail polish (I guess?) that darkens the color a bit. You know I love Ombre nails, right?
All the nail polishes look amazing; however because I have so many Catrice nail polishes already (over 40), I really should restrain myself. So, what do you think of the new polishes? Are you excited? Do you like the new square packaging?

xoxo, Jelena


  1. ajmeeeee opet će me bacit u delirijum ;)

    1. jedva čekam vidjeti koji od ovih šljokičastih lakova su mat. Imam puno lakova (ne kao ti, ali previše za moj ukus) pa me ''obične'' teksture nešto ne pale u zadnje vrijeme. ali ovo nije gotovo - čekaj da vidimo koje nove proizvode će essence izbaciti u jesen... O.o


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