Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Preview: Catrice, August 2014 - Eyes

Catrice, my favorite brand, is kicking the summer off with some exciting new products that will be arriving in August. There are a lot of new stuff, so I've divided the photos into a few posts. I'm really excited about some of these products, and it seems the brand has been listening and are giving the customers what they've asked for.   

I love the packaging of these Absolute Eye Colour Mono Eyeshadows, the quality of these eyeshadows is amazing. I have nothing but positive experiences with them. Just look at the stunning shades they're releasing - the entire first row is breathtaking. I also love the dark purple. Sensational, right? I wish I could have them all...
Now, I love the concept of these eyeshadows - I am a sucker for anything matte. However, I am not a fan of round packaging, it's a weird quirk of mine (square packaging, please LOL). But that's not important. I wonder if this wine red shade is as gorgeous swatched as it is on the photo. I am so happy they're releasing so many matte products.
OMG Have they been paying attention?! I have been shamelessly saying how much I'd love the Nude eyeshadow palette - if only there were a matt version of it. And here it is!!! This will be the first thing I purchase. Catrice eyeshadows are a lot of fun and this will turn out to be amazing as well, I'm sure of it. Thank you Catrice for making my dream come true. I'm so excited about this palette! I love the shades they chose for it.
All these lashes look amazing - there's something for everyone, no matter what your style is. My favorites have to be the ones in the brown packaging, these will be great for opening my eyes up and making them stand out.
I'm not sure if these eyebrow products are for me, because lately I've mostly been using powder products to shape my eyebrows. I'll wait to see what other girls say, then I'll make a decision. Hm...I wonder if I might use these as eyeliners? Hm.....
This is interesting - lash growth serum. Having used this type of product in my life (but from a different brand), I can say that they do work, I have seen results. However, you have to be diligent and apply it every night. I will be testing this out for sure, we can all use thicker eyelashes, right?

Anyways, didn't want to write too much, I know everyone just wants to see the photos, right? Or is it just me? So, how are you liking these products? A few of them are on my to-buy list. I'm so happy we're getting yet another eyeshadow palette, and this time it's a matte one, I seriously couldn't be happier. If you want to know the price for any product, let me know in the comments; I didn't want to clutter the post with words, when there are such gorgeous pictures here. Don't forget to follow me, links are on the right side.

xoxo, Jelena


  1. How much is the eyeliner cake??

    1. 3,79 euro. This product will be available only in Muller. You see, in Muller they'll get a bigger Catrice stand (2 meters long), so some of the products will be exclusive for Muller.

  2. joj toliko divnih stvari, ta mat sjenila ću morat pogledati :) i liquid metal i eyeliner cake, ma sve divno izgleda :D

    1. ja ne znam zašto uopće gledam sjenila, kad ih imam previše, ali ne mogu si pomoći, premedena su!

    2. joj šuti, meni nikad dosta sjenila XD uvijek želim još!

  3. I absolutely love catrice! Like they always have the best range of colors and they come out well on all skin types and colors! Love!


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