Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Make Up Bowl, Week 2

The concept of this is pretty simple: every once in a while, I put a few new products I need to test out or old products I haven't been using in a big red bowl, and I force myself to use them that week. Sort of a 'shop your collection' type of thing. Quick reviews and first opinions only!

Catrice, Feathers and Pearls Limited Edition, Eye Palette: This palette looks so pretty, yet it's almost unusable for me. The texture of the eyeshadows is too rough, and this is really not an everyday palette. It's special occasion looks only, which is not what I need. I like the dry/wet eyeliner. I use it wet, and it's super easy to work with. All in all, the palette looks good, but I don't really need it. I will not be reaching for it too often. REVIEW HERE
Essence Quattro eyeshadow, 01 Ciao Bella: These are so much prettier to me than the new Quattro palettes where the eyeshadows are so close to each other and the pots have weird shapes. I can never throw this away, the packaging is too cute. I expected bad things, but this is perfect for everyday. The shades are great for a natural look. Pigmentation is not good, but I don't care. I need to use this more often, it's great for when I'm in a hurry. The packaging is not good though, it's wobbly.
Avon Eyeshadow Base, Light Beige: I got this because everyone's been raving about it. I do not see a difference between this and your essence/Catrice eyeshadow base. It does what every base does - intensifies color, and eyeshadow lasts longer. I do not like the packaging, it's not convenient. It's an ok little product, but it's the same as any other in its price range. I wear it everyday even when I do not wear eyeshadow, so I do not have greasy eyelids. It's ok, it's just not THAT MUCH BETTER than other cheap eyeshadow bases. For special occasion looks, the best I can get out of this is 6 hours, then the eyeshadow collects in the crease. 
Catrice Defining Blush, 060 Rosewood Forest: This is why I love this Make up Bowl project. I thought this blush was wrong for me, and I discovered I love it. It gives a very natural look, and it lasts a long time. I got confused with the dark shade of the product, but once I apply it, it suits me perfectly. I'm glad I re-discovered this product. It's currently my favorite blush. REVIEW HERE
Essence, silky touch blush, 60 Life's A Cherry: Ugh, all the blushes from this range are horrible, but this one might be the worst. The color is too intense, so you can't help but apply too much. And it contains an insane amount of glitter. Stay away from these, try Catrice blushes instead.
Maybelline Colorama Blush, 201: Horrible shade, too much sparkle. Wrote a review of it yesterday, so I won't get into too much detail. REVIEW HERE
Labello Lip Butter, Raspberry Rose: Too sweet for me. No wonder I do not pick it up more often. It's good quality, I just don't enjoy the scent. REVIEW HERE
Make up Factory Lipstick, 150: This is supposed to be Muller's own HE brand. This shade is very dark, something Lorde would wear, but it's not worth the price (100 kn). It spills over the edges, it's difficult to apply evenly, has zero durability. I have 4 other shades from this brand, but I prefer their nudes.
Essence, Stay Matt Lip Cream, 01 velvet rose: Still too light for me, but the texture is good. These products are still available but in a new bottle design. REVIEW HERE
Essence, Stay Matt Lip Cream, 03 soft nude: At first I did not like it because I thought it was too dark, now I'm starting to give it a chance. It's the kind of shade Kylie Jenner can be spotted wearing. I'd only recommend this to people with big luscious lips, because if you have tiny lips, it will visually shrink them. REVIEW HERE
Look by Bipa, lipliner, 11 Peach: Not liking it, it has a weird texture to it, this shade is very drying, and I can never wear it by itself (which I can do with some other lipliners). It has a pearl-like shine to it. Not for me. Good for a Kylie Jenner look.
Avon Solutions, Very Important Perfector: The only reason I gave this product a try was because my Avon Lady gave me a ton of samples, so I thought that maybe she thinks this product would be good for me. It's not for oily skin, I think it would make anyone look oily. It's white, but has tiny yellow spots in it that tint the cream as you apply it. Doesn't hide any flaws. This is maybe for those people with flawless skin. Not for me.
Avon, Ideal flawless, 3in1 cream-to-powder foundation, Ivory: I do not think I'll ever buy any Avon foundation product again. The thing is, it's so important to try the shade on your face and you just can't do that looking through a catalogue. This is super yellow, not for me. I guess I could make it work, if the shade matched me in any way. The product feels nice on the skin, but I'm telling you, finding the shade that works for you is very difficult.

That's it for this edition of Make Up Bowl. Some finds, a little more tosses this week. Any products here that you have and love/hate? Let me know, and thanks for stopping by.

love, Jelena


  1. I like the Catrice eyeshadow, they are exactly my kind of colors! Lovely cosmetics!

    1. I love the way it looks as well, they have very nice palette design.

  2. I love this idea! Great choice such pretty summer colours.

    Jenny x

    1. thanks, I'll probably need to do this again soon. next time I might force myself to try some very bold eyeshadows.


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