Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Get Ready For The Upcoming Catrice Sale

Catrice is coming out with a bunch of new products, but some products are leaving us for good. Last time Catrice had a sale, all the items on sale were the same price: 16,99 kn (about 2 euro). If you're looking to increase your make-up collection, this sale is for you. I always enjoy these sales, and you can score some great products.

Intensif´eye Wet & Dry Shadow
010 Black Or White Swan?!
030 Vanilla Sky Ride
050 Lunch At Tiffany´s
080 Please Gold The Line

100 Glamourose

These are really pretty and I love the color payoff. I am tempted to buy them all. Should I?
Absolute Eye Colour Mono
610 Mint Of Change
630 Fancy A Coppa Tea?
690 Snoop Dovey Dove
710 Lilac Del Rey - I think I'll only get this one.

Liquid Metal Eyeshadow
050 We're The Inner Purple - Yes! This one is coming home with me!
060 Petrol Pan

Prime And Fine Eyeshadow Base
Ultimate Nail Lacquer
02 Pimp My Shrimp
08 Goldbusters
10 I'm Not A Greenager
12 Walk The Lime
13 Shopping Day At Bluemingdales
14 Purple Reign
15 Denim Moore
21 Rosy One More Time
28 You Better Think Pink
30 Lilactric
40 I'm Dynamite
41 2 Million Dollar Baby
43 Miami pINK
45 Kitsch Me If You Can
48 Emerald Bay
56 Minter Wonderland
58 Meet Me À Paris

Ultimate Colour
030 Ginger & Fred
190 The Nuder The Better - I already have this one, it's my 'everyday' lipstick.
270 Matt-erial Girl - I've been going back and fourth about this one, wasn't sure if I should get it or not, but now that it's on sale, I'll just get it. Why not?

Ultimate Shine Gel Lip Colour
010 Love's Di-wine
030 Orangina
070 License To Pink

Ultimate Shine
060 Teddy Brown
200 Get The Nudes Paper!

Infinite Shine Lip Gloss
070 Very Very Raspberry
120 Little Red Dress

Pure Shine Colour Lip Balm
020 Rusty In Peace
070 I don't Red It

Made To Stay Smoothing Lip Polish
040 Let’s Red Loud!
Longlasting Lip Pencil
060 The Perfect Pinkini
110 Tom And Berry

Made To Stay Highlighter Pen
020 Eye Want!
Longlasting Eye Pencil Waterproof
080 These Blues are made for walking
Kohl Kajal
150 Purple Du Soleil
The Giant Extreme Volume Mascara
Waterproof Top Coat

All Matt Plus – Shine Control Powder
020 Nude Beige
Camouflage Cream
030 Rosy Beige - I'm not surprised this one is leaving, it was way too dark.
Mattifying Oil Control Paper
Defining Blush
050 Apropos Apricot - I'll have to swatch this one and see if I' like it, but considering I adore every single Catrice blush I have, I think it's safe to say I'll get it.
Blush Tint
010 Rose Flush - this will be great tint for the lips. Buying!
Prime And Fine Translucent Loose Powder

BB Allround Foundation Multi-Benefit Make Up
010 Light Beige
020 Rosy Beige
030 Nude Beige

Photo Finish 18h Liquid Foundation
050 Deep Bronze
Cover Stick
020 Natural Beige - the packaging of these is so depressing, would you agree? :/ 
Re-Touch Light-Reflecting Concealer
001 Porcelain

Well, that's it. Do you take advantage of the Catrice sales? Thanks for stopping by, and if you spot that these items are on sale, LET ME KNOW. I don't want to miss them! :) Hit me up on my twitter.

xoxo, Jelena

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