Monday, June 16, 2014

Review And Comparison: HM Make-up sponge

Though the shape of this sponge is practical, you're in for a disappointment if you expect a lot from this product. 

Type of product: bell-shaped make-up sponge (for liquid and cream foundation, concealer, etc...)
Brand: H&M
Product name: Make-up sponge by H&M
Price: 19.90 kn
Rating: 4/10
Would I repurchase: I don't think I would. If I want a sponge that performs better, I'll get the ones from Bipa, and if I want a sponge that can't be washed clean, I'll get the one from Muller because the tip is thinner.
How to use: Use it damp or wet to give yourself a natural look when applying foundation. Make up sponges are not for you if you need to apply a thick layer of product, because they absorb a lot of product.
My opinion: Let's start with the facts: this sponge does not increase in size once wet. The sponge keeps its original shape, there are no dents and it does not shed sponge particles (so that's good). This sponge can't be washed clean: I have tried and tried, but once it comes in contact with foundation, it will always look dirty (I've used mild soap and water to clean it). It's also changed color - from a light pink to a brown-orange. But, you can use it, and it will get the job done, that is, it will give you a light, natural looking finish. I've never used it dry, it's not meant to be used that way anyway. I get it wet, squeeze out the extra water, and apply foundation with it. I like the bottom of this sponge - the flat surface of it works great, especially if you're in a hurry. And because of the curves in the middle it's easier to hold the sponge and control it. I do not like the tip, I think it's too ''fat'', and I can't get it to reach some hard-to reach spots. This sponge absorbs a lot of product, but this is a plus for me - I've spoken before about how I do not need a cake-face, and I prefer a natural look with a light layer of foundation - which is what this product provides. Another thing I do not like about this product: on the product packaging you can see that it's made of a 30% something and 70% something, but it's not in english, it's in russian letters, so I can't translate it (or even type it into google translator) - annoying, right?
Conclusion:  Every make-up sponge will be able to get the job done, even the cheap ones. And so does this one. But I'm not happy with it. Maybe because I'm trying out the new Bipa sponges (review of those coming soon), and I see that this little guy just does not perform as well. So my advice is: go to Bipa, buy the new HELLO BEAUTY make-up sponges (in yellow or blue); they cost the same as this one, but they perform a lot better.
This product is for you if: If you like cute make-up sponges and don't have high expectations.
You should avoid this product if: If you already have the Hello Beauty sponges from Bipa, also if you do not like dirty-looking beauty tools.
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Any H&M Cosmetics fans out there? H&M has only recently come out with their cosmetics line in Croatia, and I've gotten a few things. Some I like, some I do not. This little sponge is ok for the cheap price, but even in this cheap price range, you can find better products out there. Let me know what you think, and I hope everyone has a productive week!

Love, Jelena

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