Sunday, June 8, 2014

Essence, Hello Rosy: Simple Nail Look

Hey everyone! :) Here's a quick nail look that I often wear - it's a great look for the summer.
Products used:
Avon, Nail experts, Peeling and brittleness solver, nail base: When I'd wear this pink sand textured polish without this nail base, my nails would chip quickly. This base helps my manicure last longer, and my nails do not peel when I wear it. HOWEVER, once I take off this nail base, my nails are very dry and they peel a lot more than before using this product. So I would not recommend it, though it prolongs my manicure. It's fast drying. Price is 30 kn.

Essence, colour&go, sparkle sand effect nail polish, no. 182 'Hello Rosy': All essence's sand texture nail polishes are a lot of fun to use and wear, and this is a shade I like very much. Two thin coats cover all. I wear this look a lot. You need a base coat underneath to make this polish last longer. It's fast drying. I think I would have liked this polish better if it was just the pink polish, without the red glitter in it, but somehow it works and my nails look very cute. I'm so happy essence has these polishes in their range. Price: 14 kn.

Essence, Nail art, Express dry drops: I use this all the time, to make sure my nails dry quickly. It's one of my favorite products, I highly recommend it. Price: 17 kn
I'm loving all these sandy polishes by essence - they're so much fun to wear (though it's a little tricky to remove them). I hope you guys are enjoying this sunny weather, until the next post,

love, Jelena


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    1. hvala, ovaj mi je divan kada stavim tanja 2 sloja, ako stavim predebele slojeve, tekstura se pokvari i onda to nije to...


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