Monday, June 23, 2014

Avon Products Reviews, May 2014

Hey guys! In this post I'll talk about a few random Avon purchases. I've been trying these products out for a while and am done testing them, so here you can find out how I feel about them. If you're an Avon addict like me, jump on in!

Avon naturals, Hair Care, Conditioning Balm, Almond & Avocado

When I ordered this product, I thought I was getting a hair mask that you leave in for a few minutes, then rinse it off. But that's not it. This product should be applied to damp or towel dried hair. You do not rinse it off. Even though it's not what I expected, I do like this product. It smells great and it helps me fight the frizz. It makes my hair smooth and soft. I'll buy it again. This product gives you similar results as the Balea leave-in mango conditioner (the orange one). Price: 15 kn

Avon naturals, Conditioning Hand Cream, Cacao & Lotus Flower
Overall, my opinion on Avon hand creams is not very good. Though all the creams I've tried have been fast-absorbing, they don't provide much care. And the same goes for this one. This is a nice light cream for the summer, but not for the weather or if you have dry hands. This product absorbs quickly, but leaves a layer on your skin that feels as if you have dry hands. Yeah, I'm not impressed. It is removed completely when you wash your hands. The smell is divine, but that's the only thing I like. If I'd use only this cream for a few days, I'd have very dry hands (yes, even now, during the summer). Price: 23 kn

Avon, Face cleaning rubber brush
This is a little rubbery face brush that's supposed to help clean your face, as well as give you a light massage. Ebelin by Dm has a very similar (almost identical) product, but it's only available in Austria and Germany. So when I saw this baby in the catalogue I had to have it. It's not a miracle worker, but it does a better job than your fingers (that's what she said LOL). It's not aggressive at all, it just rubs the products in. It gives you a light massage and makes sure your peeling and gel do their job and get in all your pores. I like it, and it's easy to wash and maintain. I'd like it better if the little 'spikes' were a few millimeters longer, but it's ok. I also use this product when I'm cleaning my eye brushes, I rub the brush across the spikes and they clean much easier. A must-have, and it's so cheap: only 13 kn. The one from Dm is pink (I love the shade) so that one would be my favorite (check out a review of that product on Taya's blog HERE). When I'm in Austria, I'll pick up the Dm version for sure.

Avon naturals, Honey, Essential balm with beeswax
I like this lip balm. I only use it as a lip balm, even though it's supposed to be a universal balm (for all dry skin). The smell is pleasant and refreshing (a little sweet), not at all intense. The downside is the inconvenient packaging - it's difficult to scoop out the product, best to take it out with a tiny spatula. But, it does the job it's supposed to do and my lips are smooth and soft. The product is not tinted, and it comes in two more flavors. When I don't feel like sensing the tingling sensation I get from Carmex, I reach for this product. Price: 15kn

Avon Clearskin, Blemish Clearing, Daily astringent
This is classified as a facial tonic. However, it's purple, and a lot of their other purple products from this line are meant to be used on the body (if you have acne on your back or on the cleavage). I'd say this is not a face product. It's very aggressive, and it might be ideal if you have body acne. When I use it on the face, the next day my skin gets very dry, a white layer of dry skin appears and it's peeling off. Too aggressive for sure, maybe only apply it if you have acne, and use a cotton swab to apply it to a small part of the face. I think I bought the wrong product, I thought it would be a nice, light tonic for the face, but it's a very strong cleaning product. It contains Salicylic Acid, that should tell you enough. In the past, when I'd use Salicylic Acid, I'd have to wear gloves because it would dry out my fingertips- this product does not do that. If Salicylic Acid is a part of your routine, but it's too aggressive for you, this product is similar, but more gentle than the Salicylic Acid you buy at the pharmacy. If you do not have pimples or acne (just larger pores and blackheads like me), this product is not for you, stay away. Price: 20kn

Avon, Peeling and brittleness solver, nail polish - base coat
I've mentioned this product a few times already. Well, I'm not happy with it. You see, I used it as a base coat, and while it did prolong the wear time of my manicure, once I took off the polish, I'd find my nails are in a much worse state than before I started using this product. My nails would be very dry, and they'd peel a lot more than before. If I'd wear this polish by itself, it would quickly peel off the tips, leaving the nails unprotected. Overall, I do not recommend it, since it made my nails peel like crazy. I'm super disappointed. Let me know if this product has worked great for you, because it did not give me any positive results. Price: 29 kn

Avon, Matte Top Coat, 'Destination Peach'
This is a matte top coat. I'm happy with this product. However, it's not a transparent matte. It has a pearl-like shimmer to it, I guess that's how it works, so you will get a matte look, but it's more of a blurry matte, if you know what I mean. I'll post a look with this polish soon, however I do not recommend it for stamping because it will mess up the design. The name of this polish is ''Destination Peach'', the bad part is, the name is only written on the box, and not on the actual polish bottle, so this makes it difficult to keep track of your polishes. Wear time is very good, at least 5 days. Price: 29 kn

Avon, Love EDT
This is my favorite perfume by Avon. It's light and breezy, a very romantic lovely scent. It's pleasant to wear and it makes me feel like I'm in love. If you cry on commercials and love stories, this is for you. Makes me feel heavenly. A very girly scent, and a must have for any girl in love. Not much to say, I just adore this one - a great purchase for me. Price: 80 kn

Avon, Summer White Sunrise EDT
I am not in love with this perfume. At first I wasn't going to get it, but a friend of mine sprayed it on me, and I wore it and it grew on me. However, I find this product too intense for my taste (it gives me a headache). This perfume lasts all day long, so if I get tired of it, I just can't rinse it off. Not my cup of tea, I like lighter perfumes with softer scents. I should have known better, because it smells the same as in the catalogue, it was a poor judgement on my side when I got this one. I'll give this one away to a friend. Price: 60 kn

Avon, Foot scrub
I love this foot scrub, and it's so important to have it around, now that sumer is here. Not much to say: it gets the job done, but afterwards hydration is very important, so that your skin is not dry. A good purchase. Price: 13 kn.

Avon, Cell phone mask
This product was available as part of the breast-cancer awareness campaign. Since I'm not an iPhone girl, cell phone covers are tricky to find. I ordered this, and in the catalogue it said that the width was 8,5 cm, when actually it's 8,3 cm, and there are stitches on both sides, so the actual width is even less than that. So my phone can barely cram up in there, and it's impossible to take it out. Oh well, something to consider. The quality is otherwise good. Price: 30 kn

Well, that's it for today. So far I'd say my Avon experience has been good. I've had a few misses, but I've also found products that have become a part of my regular routine. Are you a fan of Avon? Thanks for stopping by,

love, Jelena


  1. Informative reviews, thank you so much! You made my mind up about purchasing the Facial Cleanser Brush from Avon ;-)

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