Friday, May 16, 2014

Maybelline Colorama Blush, no. 501 - Review And Swatch

One of my favorite blushes - natural looking and feminine.
Type of product: Powder blush
Product name: Maybelline New York, COLORAMA, Blush, no. 501
Price: around 20 kn (2.50 euro)
Where to purchase: Muller
Rating: 9/10
Would I repurchase: If I lost it, I would buy it the same day.
My opinion: I'm very happy with this blush and I use it often. It has a safety seal, but overall I don't like the packaging because it has an oval front side (not convenient for storage). The packaging holds well on its own, but it is not very sturdy (I would not recommend keeping it in your purse, I don't think it can handle a lot of bumping). No smell or scent to it. The product has very delicate gold shimmer/glitter particles in it, but they are so delicate it took me a few usages to even notice them. The glitter does not show up in flash photography. The texture of the blush is very soft and smooth - so it is easy to pick up with a brush. About the shade - it's just so perfect; it makes me look as if I'm naturally blushed. In the packaging the shade looks dark red to earthy brown, but once applied to the skin it looks like a delicate rosy red. The pigmentation is a little strong, so you have to be careful what kind of brush you use to apply it. The blush is dusty, so if I use a brush that picks up a lot of product I have to take it off or blend it out. I use a very delicate brush with soft bristles to apply this blush, and then build up the product. Be careful, because it's very easy to apply too much of this blush by mistake - and then it's not easy to blend it out. However, these were my problems with the first two times I used it, but now I know what sort of pigmentation it has and what sort of brush to use, so this is in no way a problem for me. Durability is very good, after 8 hours it is still there (even on photographs).
This product is for you if: You have fair skin and want a product that will make you look naturally blushed.
You should avoid this product if: You can't stand even the smallest hint of shimmer/glitter in a blush.
Swatches: These photos were taken when it was cloudy, however in the sun the blush looks a little bit more red. This product can look like three different blushes, based on how much you apply. Do not let the look of it in the packaging fool you, it's not brownish it all, it's wine-red.
I won this product on Tatjana's blog (link HERE), so check her out. She has a great blog and also, I can't believe I finally won something! I'm so happy that I've discovered this blush through her. Have you tried any Maybelline blushes? What do you think? Thanks for stopping by, and don't forget to follow me on BLOGLOVIN.

Love, Jelena.


  1. I'm glad that you love this blush as much as I do. It's really amazing. :)

    1. And I forgot to add, thank you for all your kind words. <3

    2. ;) It's really great, it's in my everyday routine ;)


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