Saturday, May 3, 2014

Make Up Bowl, Week 1

Happy weekend! Let me explain the concept of 'Make Up Bowl': every three weeks or so, I will put some of my rarely-used or brand-new make up items in a bowl, and I will use them more frequently. I want to use the products in my stash more often, and also I will show you the products that I'm currently testing out, and give you a quick and fast review. This is a fun project for me, I'm finding some lost treasures. Anyways, you may have seen this on my INSTAGRAM, where I will post the make-up bowl before I write the actual post. So let's get started!
Balea Juicy Orange Lip Balm: I've been neglecting all my lip balms ever since I've discovered Carmex. This one does a good job, I just hate the time I have to wait for the smell to disappear. Review HERE.
Labello Lip Butter: This is a fun product, I shouldn't have been neglecting it. I wear it when I'm running errands, and the smell is gorgeous. Review HERE.
Catrice 'Yellow Submagreen' and 'Mud Spencer & Coralle Hill': I got these two little palettes during the last Catrice sale. The one with the yellow eyeshadow is pretty useless to me - I do not enjoy any of these colors, and they do not match my skin tone. I will only use the fourth shade in some smokey eyes looks. But the second palette is amazing - I am enjoying all the shades, the coral one compliments me amazingly, the second shade is great for under the brow; all in all, I will use this one often - this was a great purchase. I have already reviewed these products HERE.
Essence Blush up! (heat wave): This product is great - if you use a soft brush, but do not use it with a brush that picks up a lot of product - you will look like a clown. Honestly, this blush just has too much orange in it. I use the pink side of the blush only. The final result is ok, but the product is so dusty (I never noticed that before). Make sure to not wear white when applying this LOL. Review HERE
Maybelline Colorama Blush 501: this is my new favorite blush. Review coming soon. I won this on Taya's blog, and I am so happy. It looks so natural on me. Highly recommended.
Essence soft touch mousse make-up: I bought this so long ago (I think they've even changed the packaging since), and I've never worn it. I expected to hate it, but it turned out great. The shade is a little off for me (that's the reason why I haven't been using it), but the texture is great. You have to be careful not to apply too much. It just makes my skin so soft. This is not for those with dry skin because it will make you look horrible. But works on my skin. It's just the shade - it's a bad match.
S-he stylezone mineral loose powder: I have only been using Rimmel's powder lately, so I've been neglecting all my other ones. I'm not feeling this product. The finish on my skin is not natural, and I feel like it makes my skin look dry (even when it's not). I don't think I would recommend this - there are better products out there. Also the packaging is tricky to work with.
Catrice Camouflage cream: I got this one (I have 2 shades) as soon as they got out, and I never wrote a review - the reason being - I don't see why everyone likes them. While I feel that they're great at hiding color problems (they are very pigmented), they emphasize the bad parts of my skin texture. Like, I placed it one time under my eyes, and when I looked in the mirror, I saw that I had huge creases - the product settles where my skin folds and mades me look horrible. I just don't see this as a product that I might enjoy in the future. Only on some parts of my face, but not a versatile product (for me). More in the review (coming soon, I promise).
Catrice LE Translucent Mattifying Powder: I use this product when I'm not wearing foundation underneath. It has a very soft silky texture and it's easy to apply. It's not the best product I have, but it does a good job. I should use it more often. This is for every-day when I'm not wearing heavy make-up.
Look by Bipa lipliner: I have 4 shades, they are all amazing, I highly recommend these products, they are a dream. Review and swatch coming soon.
Essence stay with me lipgloss: I am not a person who enjoys lipgloss, but this is a great product if you're in a hurry - it takes a second to apply, and the shade is very natural. Do not use it when it's windy because your hair will get caught in it LOL. It's an ok product, but the brush is a nightmare - it's got a very weird shape - it almost works against you. These are no longer available.
Catrice LE Meet Rosy Lipstick: I wrote a not-so-happy review HERE. I tried giving it a chance but somehow I'm not feeling it. It's too dry. When I do use it, I dab it on my lips with my finger, and make sure to check my lips every once in a while (because all the product curls up in one line, especially if I do a lot of talking). The shade is lovely, but the texture is my enemy
Wet'n'wild Lipsticks:  what I can say in short is: amazing texture, color, pigmentation, but very bad packaging. And the shape of the lipstick is bad; so for me, application is very complicated. If these came in Catrice packaging and Catrice shape, I would buy a lifelong supply. The shades are gorgeous, I just have to take extra time to apply them, that's all. ;) Reviews coming soon. 
L'Oreal Contour Khol eye pencil: This is one of those random products that I can't remember if I've ever used, and then I try using it and I remember why. The color is bad for me (it's a dirty mix of blue and green), and makes me look super weird. It's not easy to apply - this one is not being used for a reason. 

What do you think about the idea of a make-up bowl? Do you have products that you hardly ever use? I am loving this, and am forcing myself to go through my stash. I'm also trying out fun new looks, instead of always wearing the same products. This will become a permanent thing for me. Anyways, thanks for stopping by, see you soon, and don't forget to follow me (links are on the right).

xoxo, Jelena.


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    1. ma svako malo bi naletila na neki proizvod koji nisam neko vrijeme koristila, i uvijek bi si rekla da bi ga se trebala sjetiti idući put, i tako uvijek iznova...ovako izvučem stvari koje stoje, ili se sjetim isprobati nešto novo pa da mogu natipkati post ;)

  2. super ideja :D
    ja skoro svaki put kad se šminkam uzmem drugu paletu, kod lakova ista stvar... ovo bi mi dobro došlo da inteziviram trošenje nekih stvarčica ;)

    1. ja sam suprotno radila - uvijek kad se spremam (posebno ako sam u žurbi) koristila bih jedne te iste proizovde. Ovo mi je trebalo da se sjetim nekih proizvoda na koje sam zaboravila...

  3. bravo na ideji, mislim da bi :nam svima dobro došlo tak nešto :)

    1. zabavno je koristiti proizvode koje sam zapostavila...kao što kažem, isprobavam dosta novih lookova ;)

  4. moram i ja ovo početi raditi, imam nekih stvari koje kupim i koristim "svako prijestupne" ... dobar post i super ideja :)

    1. ne radim ovo svaki tjedan, ali svako malo to obavim, tako sam i otkrila neke super proizvode za koje sam bila uvjerena da mi ''ne odgovaraju''.


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