Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mahidevran Sultan Nail Art

Hello ladies! For a long time I was obsessed with a turkish telenovela, called 'Muhtesem Yuzyil'. From all the female characters (and there are a lot), my favorite (and to me, the most beautiful) was always Mahidevran Sultan. She is portrayed by a turkish actress Nur Fettahoglu. In the show the female characters wear gorgeous costumes and amazing pieces of jewelry - but no nail polish (because historically they didn't have nail polish 500 years ago, at the time the show takes place). I always wondered what sort of nails the ladies would wear if they had the option. So I created this look to honor the most beautiful character.

Products used:
All Nails:  1 coat, Catrice LE Neo Geisha, 'Discreet Artist'
Index and Small: 1 coat, Smart Girls Get More, no. 115
Nail Art jewels: random nail art wheel
I know croatian ladies have heard of this show - are there any fans out there? Who was your favorite? Hurrem? Let me know, and thanks for stopping by,

love, Jelena

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