Monday, May 5, 2014

Avon Clearskin, Blackhead Clearing Mask - Review

Type of product: Face Mask
Brand: Avon, clearskin line
Name of product: Blackhead Clearing, Deep Treatment Mask
Price: 25-36 kn (75ml)
Where to purchase: Avon catalogue (item no. 1251 8)
Rating: 9/10
Would I repurchase: Yes.
How to use: Apply (baby blue) mask on clean face in a thin layer, wait until mask turns bright white - rinse with water. Use about 2-3 times a week.
Opinion: This face mask is designed to fight the blackheads - and I sure do have a big problem with these (I have oily skin and clogged pores). I can say that I do see a positive effect when using this mask: it draws the blackheads closer to the surface so it's easier to get them out. It's a little bit difficult to remove the mask, you have to wash your face a few times in a row. Also, make sure not to leave it on for too long because it could dry out your skin. All in all, with every use, my face is getting cleaner!
Conclusion: I love the effect this leaves on my skin - my skin is so clean and smooth. And it is cleaner - the blackheads are slowly decreasing in number and size.
So far I'm really enjoying most of my Avon products. Before this mask I had forgotten about face masks for a while, and I stopped using them (I do not know how the hell this happened). I now see how stupid I was and how important it is to use a face mask regularly in your cleaning routine. Are you an Avon fan? Have you tried their face masks? Or maybe some other mask you might recommend me? Anyways, thanks for stopping by, you can follow me on twitter, instagram and facebook (on facebook I usually write in croatian). Until next time,

xoxo, Jelena


  1. This sounds great. I also have problems with blackheads and I never try products like this, thinking they won't work. I'm writing this one down, if it's as good as you're written:))

    1. I bought one more mask, a black one, and that one's even better (plus, it's fun to walk around with black stuff on my face - creeps my cat out LOL). I bought this product and I didn't expect anything - I thought that it would just clean my face. But, I can't say that it just cleans because I really see results - I wonder how it will be after 2 more months. However, I feel that recommending skin care products is a very ungrateful task - everyone's skin is different, so what works for someone, may not be great for others. Btw, I've seen your skin, you're gorgeous. I need to find out which products YOU are using! ;)

    2. Yes skin care can be tricky:) Oh but believe me, if you saw me now...I had a huge pimple on my nose at the center, which turned out into a disgusting large wound, that just won't heal. I sometimes get really nasty pimples. They almost resemble acne. Most of my skin care you can find on blog under reviews:) But thanks for the suggestion, I could do another post about my skin care products.
      Oh about the black one...I saw it in Avon an thought of getting it already. So the black one is better for blackheads in your opinion? I can just imagine your poor cat, running away:))

    3. Sometimes I'd get a few really bad pimples a few days before my period, and then they wouldn't heal because my skin was a mess those days. Now I'm on some skin-nails-hair vitamins and I do not get these monthly break-outs. Years ago I had really bad acne - the worst you can get, so I always feel for people, I know what it's like to have serious skin problems.
      The black mask is more fun to's black, and turns gray...but once it's grey, there are black spots all over your face - from where each pore is - it's scary to really see all your pores like that. If you want to really know how big your pores are, and how many are there - get it. The great part of the black mask is - my blackheads are black before I use this mask - then I put the black mask on, and the ''black'' (or the oil) is drawn out of the blackheads (so you can see it when the mask goes grey) - and when I remove the mask, I can see my pores, but they are less black - the mask has taken the dirt out. So, the pores are still there, but they are less black (so, less visible). I mean, I think overall this white mask is better for blackheads, but the black one is really amazing as well. I'm enjoying them so much, and I really didn't expect anything from them ! ;)

    4. Very interesting:) I'll definitely buy one of these the next time I order something from Avon. They're not that pricey and if they can help even a little, is better than nothings:) Thanks;)

  2. i meni se desilo da baš dugo nisam koristila maske, sad im se vraćam ;)
    premda iskreno, kad je čišćenje u pitanju uvijek mi je piling bolji od bilo koje maske :D

    1. ja sam sad opsjednuta s maskama, u kratkom roku ću nagomilati tonu proizvoda LOL


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