Monday, April 14, 2014

These Nails Suck - But So Does The Finale Of HIMYM

Products used for this look:
Smart girls get more, no.36 - this polish is watery, but it shows you how a brand doesn't mean anything because this polish is light years better than the Maybelline green from this post. I'm wearing 3 coats, but 2 are enough. Downside - it's slow drying, but the finish is amazing - it's very smooth. I have this polish a long time, and the texture is still great. SGGM has some good polishes.
Maybelline COLORAMA, Neons, no.190 - what you're seeing on these pictures are 3 layers - and it's still transparent. I was wearing a base coat, and this horrible polish STILL painted my nails green! Disgusting. It has a matte finish, and is long lasting, but I would not recommend this polish. I got it on sale for less than a euro, so that's fine. I might use it over some other green polish, but never again solo. One of the worst polishes I've ever tried.

Now, let's talk about the How I Met Your Mother finale. I wanted to wait a while so that everyone had time to find out what had happened, so that noone would be upset because there were
Honestly, if you by now do not know how the show ended, it's not my fault you live under a rock.

So, Ted Mosby turned out to be a creep, pervert, psychopath, and (probably) murderer. He was obsessed with a woman (Robin) that wanted nothing to do with him - she refused to have kids with him (I guess she didn't love him enough), and she slept with his best friend - he even watched them get married. So he finds some poor chick, gets her pregnant, uses her to have kids (but never even likes her). When the kids are old enough (they're no longer babies, because Robin hates children), he kills his wife off (most likely), and then as soon as she's dead, gets back the chick he always wanted. Disgusting. 
Yeah yeah, I know I'm exaggerating (obviously), but seriously, what the hell???!!!
I think the whole show was wrongly marketed - I think the title of the show was misleading. You know, when someone asks their father ''how did you meet our mother'' - than the father usually tells them the story of how he met their mother. He does not use the opportunity to tell them how he wants to bang their aunt. And how he doesn't give a shit about their mother. I mean, the scenario of how the kids are OK with this - it would never happen in real life. His kids would detest him.
I mean, those poor kids just wanted to know how he met their mother - and he won't even give them that. He spends his time talking about how he really loved another person the whole time (even if she never liked him at all), how he only used their mother as a baby-making machine, and is asking his kids' permission to f*** someone else.
Ted and Robin probably killed the mother together. Ted got his kids (which was what he wanted), and Robin gets Ted and doesn't have to lose her good figure. So gross. The show should have been called ''How I killed your mother and now I'll ask you to support me while I f*** that bitch that helped me get rid of your mom (most likely)''. The whole show made us think that it will be a story about how a couple got together, but really, it's a story about a guy who has kids with some sorry girl he hates, and he can't wait until she's dead so he can f*** other people.
Leave your thoughts below, and let me know what you think. Are you disappointed? Do you think Ted is a murderer? Do you think he ever even loved the mother or was he just using her as a baby making machine? Do you think Robin is the greatest slut that ever lived? Do you think the show will now be hated amongst all the previous fans? Let me know.

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  1. joj, imam i ja ovog zelembaća i baš je zeznut igrač :P
    a himym sam odavno prestala gledati, moram priznati da su mi malo dosadili... mislim, ok je za pogledat ali nisam bila jedna od onih koji su umirali čekajući nove epizode ;)
    moj interes leži u malo drugačijim stvarima lol

    1. i ja sam prestala gledati, ali zanimao me kraj.....bolje bi mi bilo da nisam pratila, kraj mi je pokvario cijelu seriju


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