Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Review: Garnier Pure Active Energizing Scrub gel

Type of product: Face scrub/peeling
Brand: Garnier
Name of product: Garnier Pure Active Fruit Energy Energizing Scrub gel
Price: 45 kn
Where to purchase: almost everywhere
Rating: 3/10
Would I repurchase: Nope. I don't see any results and I dislike using it.
Opinion: Honestly, I can't wait until I finally use this product up. First of all, the packaging is horrible, the product spills out and it's hard to get the dosage you want. I don't notice any effects on my skin. Don't get me wrong - it doesn't do any damage, but also it does nothing for me. The gel contains little ''sand'' particles, that are almost impossible to remove. I have to wash my face 3 times to get the white dust off. So when you have to rub your face 3 times in a row to get rid of this product, you leave your face pretty irritated. When I purchased this product, I was looking for a good scrub/face peeling. This isn't it. For me, the little particles inside the gel are too small. I like the smell of the product, though, but that's the only thing I like.
Conclusion: Meh, I'm not feeling this product. There are better products out there. 
I feel like I've been away from my blog for so long - but I've had a few busy weeks and got a little blog-lazy. But I have some really great make-up reviews coming up, so thanks for stopping by, and see you guys soon. Did any of you try this product out? The reason it's taking me so long to use it up is because I just hate using it. I'll do my very best to use what's left so I can purchase a new product - hopefully one that I'm happy with, and one that I'm excited to use. Anyways, until next time.

xoxo, Jelena


  1. I also tried it and didn't see changes :)

  2. ah, nadam se da s idućim pokušajem budeš imala više sreće ;)

    1. vratiti ću se starom bourjois peeling s narančom koji mi je bio fenomenalan.

  3. I have it and I quite like it because it's not a very intense scrub so I can use it frequently and I love the fruity scent!

    1. I'm not feeling it at all - but I do usually prefer really intense scrubs, so it's just not for me.


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