Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Black Widow Spider Nail Look

Hey everyone! This look was inspired by the colors on the black widow spider. I can honestly say, since working on this for a few years, I'm not afraid of spiders, but I am not comfortable when a big one decides to move into my home. But still, they do a lot of good (unless they bite you and you die hehe), so this look is for all my spider friends - please stay in my garden, thanks. LOL

Products used for this look:
Index and Middle: essence, nail art stampy polish, matt, 002 stamp me! black (10/10)
KKCenterHk product: N.NAIL 2.5mm Circle Glitter in Gold (NNAIL-HSA1-2-5mm), available HERE (10/10)
My review of this product HERE
Ring: Catrice, LE Rocking Royals, C05 Of Royal Blood, (10/10)
Catrice, LE Rocking Royals, Velvet Nail Powder, C01 Of Royal Blood (10/10, loving it!)
Small: Catrice, LE Rocking Royals, C05 Of Royal Blood (matte polish)  (10/10)
If you're wondering where my thumb is, I've slammed it a while ago and now I have a weird dent on it. It will take some time to grow out, but if it looks weird on pictures, I just don't feature it. What do you think of this look? Are you into velvet nails? They're so cute and fuzzy, I love them <3 Thanks for stopping by,

xoxo, Jelena


  1. Cute fluffy nails, looks awesome, I love the combination of colors and products!

    1. the red velvet nail looks even better in read life - these fluffy nails are awesome.


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