Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Muller Egg-shaped Make-up Sponge - Review

Type of product: egg-shaped make up sponge (for liquid/cream foundation)
Brand: no brand
Name of product: Make-up Sponge White - Egg-Shaped
Price: 19 kn (2.5 euro)
Where to purchase: Muller only
Rating: 9/10
Would I repurchase: Yes.
Opinion: I wanted to try this type of tool for some time now - I've never tried this type of product before, I always used only make-up brushes to apply my liquid foundation. When I saw this product in Muller, I thought it must be bad. But I've ended up loving it. Sure, this product has its flaws. But the good sides are not to be disregarded. I haven't used a brush to apply make-up since I've discovered this product - so it's won me over.
1. If you wash it in cold water, the sponge stays white. If you put it under warm or lukewarm water, it permanently changes color to dirt-yellow-brown (photos below). Not pretty at all. Since you do have to wash it, and I don't like having my hands in cold water, you have to face it - it will only be white before first use.
2. Can the sponge be washed of the product to look as if it's never been used? Absolutely NOT. Nothing that I've tried has been able to remove product from the sponge. And I've washed it so many times. I do not have a professional washer for this type of product, but if you browse the web, you will notice that the cheaper versions of this tool can never be washed clean. So why waste money on an expensive cleaner? Also, note that the foundation I'm currently using is Revlon's Colorstay - which is notoriously difficult to remove from sponges. So, if your foundation is lighter, you might be able to get it clean (but I doubt it). The product remains forever stained.
3. I've only used this product wet. Once wet, it does not change shape or size, it stays the same. More expensive versions of this tool will become bigger once wet, but this product is good for me, because I have a tiny face, and the size of this product suits me. And it applies foundation so easily. The final result is flawless - light, beautiful look.
4. Does this sponge absorb product? YES. So much. But this is a good side for me - you see, Revlon's Colorstay is very heavy on my face, and I do not need so much coverage. I don't need to hide blemishes, I just need to even out the color of my face - when I use this sponge, it absorbs a lot of the product, so I end up with a smaller amount on my face - which is exactly what I was looking for. If you however need to hide a lot of things, or need to apply a heavier coat of foundation - this product might not be able to give you that.
5. Does it shed or bend funny or have dents? No. It takes a long time to dry, but once dry it returns to normal shape and size after washing. No shedding of sponge particles.
6. Does it smell? Yes. Like that mix of rubber/plastic/inside of a plastic bag. You know that smell sponges have sometimes? I've gotten used to it, and don't notice it any more, so it's not a problem to me.

Conclusion: Overall, this is a great product for a student budget. You will apply foundation faster and lighter than with a brush. The price is amazing, so if you're not sure if you're willing to spend a lot of money on a ''beauty blender'', this product might show you all the good sides of this tool - but also show you what improvements you might expect if you spend a little more money. Personally, I will continue using these. It works fine for me, and I'm on a student budget anyways.
Now, the pictures of what this product looks like after being used (this is a washed product), so yeah, can't be cleaned:
And a brand new one:
Have you tried this type of tool? Do you have a more-expensive version? I think this product is so adorable, and I've seen a difference - no joke, a BAD VERSION of this product is still better than a make-up brush. With this product my whole face looks lighter, more natural and radiant. Let me know if you try this little guy out - you have nothing to lose - it's so cheap.
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love, Jelena


  1. I didn't know Müller has this type of makeup sponge. I bought one cheap from Tedi and it's also great for such a cheap product. But I admit I want to try RT one, I heard that it's even better than original Beauty Blender.

    1. Muller in Croatia got the only recently...they have a stand with a lot of brushes and then on the sides they have all sorts of Muller sponges - until recently they only had the white triangle ones, but a couple of months ago they got this one.

  2. svašta...
    imam već dugo neku s ebay-a i moram priznati da odlično odradi posao, premda sam se u posljednje vrijeme prebacila na kistove
    ali živa istina, sa spužvicom ne možeš pretjerati,i puder izgleda odlično na licu <3

    1. super mi radi, samo mi je bruka da ju tko ne vidi, izgleda kao da je nisam prala 3 godine ;)))


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