Friday, February 7, 2014

Swatch: Essence Blush up! - Heat Wave

Happy Friday! Boy did I find a treat! The new Essence products are slowly making their way to our stores, and I got this lovely thing: Blush up!, shade 10 Heat Wave. It's a gradient powder blush, and the product has a matte-finish, no trace of glitter or sparkle in it (like some other essence blushes might have). The texture is smooth and glides on, and it's easy to blend. The pigmentation is sensational, and you only need a light dab on the brush. I payed 32 kn for this, and it's just gorgeous, I'm in love. Swatches below, I took photos with different lighting so you guys can see it properly. I'm so happy with this product.
What a fabulous product! Great ratio of price and quality and cuteness. The packaging is really sturdy - this baby can handle travel, and even impact. What Essence says about this product: ''colour-flow… the latest hair and fashion trend is finally reaching make-up, too! essence is bringing a cool and unique blush with a color gradient to the beauty stores. the silky, semi-translucent texture with subtle coverage gives your cheeks a gorgeous, fresh look.''
Packaging: 10/10 
Texture: 10/10 
Pigmentation: 10/10 (well, it's a translucent blush, but you don't want a blush to have the pigmentation of a theater-used eyeshadow, right?)

I got this at my local DM store. Now, I found it in one store, but I see not all dm stores have the new products out yet. I guess by the end of the weekend they'll all be stocked up. To read more about which store has this product out (in Zagreb), and what I think of the new essence products, follow me on Twitter. Now tell me, is this on your shopping list? What other essence products are you dying for?


  1. Svidja mi se taj fade efekt, ali boje nisu my cup of tea, iako pomjesane daju stvarno posebno krasnu peachy nijansu :D

    1. da, narančasta nije ni za mene...ali preslatko izgleda ;)

  2. a da je i ovo konacno stiglo :) ja imam odavno onaj iz roller girl kolekcije, cini mi se bar po ovo swatchu da je ono bilo pigmentiranije

    1. Ako imaš taj, ne kupuj ovaj...jedna bloggerica ima oba i kaže da su dupe-ovi. Tj. razlika je u pakiranju, ali kaže da su nijanse identične. Ja nemam staru verziju pa nisam htjela pisati jer ne mogu osobno garantirati, ali izgleda da su taj stari proizvod sada reciklirali i ubacili u redovnu kolekciju. čekaj, da ti nađem link:


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